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What is Terrorism?

July 5, 2006

Israeli soldiers pointing guns at Palestinian girls trying to go to school…


God have mercy on the Palestinian people.


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  1. Subhanallah

  2. Ya Rabb, Taqumus Saaih (O Allah! Start the Day of Judgement)

  3. Anonymous permalink

    how scary would that be for them..

  4. omar: actually, if the Day were to start, i dont think anyone of us in their right minds would want to be around to witness it….

  5. Funny how these pictures never make CNN news…
    I hope the suffering the Palestinian people are enduring is all the punishment they’ll ever have to receive and they just chill in Jannah immediately in the next world… kinda makes the rest of us the ones we should be worried about =(

  6. that is so disturbing… Subhanallah! What a horrifying feeling it must be to have a gunpoint on you?

  7. Anonymous permalink

    wow! (subhanallah) i was wondering while all the 4th of july fireworks were going on that people probably live in places where they hear gunshots, grenades and RPGs like that everyday. Like the overused Malcolm X quote goes ” the truth is on the side of the oppressed(or something like that).

  8. ameen to that.  i hope this gets FC.  =(

  9. for some reason the picture looks fake. The barrier doesn’t seem to be lit properly or in accordance with the surroundings & it looks really odd how it ends at the far wall. The Israeli soldier and the school girls have the same problem. The school girls don’t have legs! It might be a photoshoped image.But that doesn’t mean this doesn’t happen, I bet it does. It makes me especially mad how the other arab governments don’t stick up for their brethrens when they are so close to this injustice. I mean, they have the power & means to uplift the palestinians and give them a better quality of life. Maybe thats just what I precieve from the US media filter, maybe we don’t know how much the arab governments help. I doubt it though, if they were helping, this wouldn’t be happening now.

  10. MsaPirate, you’re an idiot.This is a picture of an Israeli checkpoint, as you can tell by the dark green barrier gate to the right of the girls. I don’t know what you mean by “lit properly,” this isn’t a photo shoot. You can tell that the girls weren’t photoshopped in because their reflection is on the window of the gate. There are tons of pictures like this that someone can find, there’s not a doubt in my mind that it’s real.

  11. Kamran: Well, Imam Ghazali refers to it as a day of Justice, a day when a goat who had no horns will get vengance over a goat who had horns. Just think about the justice that will be served to tyrannts!Allahu ALim

  12. LOL hey kr check this out:insh’Paxson Pronunciation: “in-sh pax-sun”Function: foreign termOrigin: ChicagoEtymology: Chicagoen in shA’ PaxsOn: if Paxson wills : Paxson willing Example: 1. If Paxson wills for the Bulls of Chicago to take the heart and soul of your team, it will be.2. If Paxson will to effectively create 3 first rounders & move up 3 spots in exchange for a tub of lard, it will be.3. Paxson willing, the Bulls of Chicago will return to the promised lands smiting down down upon all baseborn infidels from the east that enscoced upon the throne while the rightful, royal blood lay in pain.

  13. wow. speechless

  14. Anonymous permalink

    upon further review i agree that the picture does look fake. i dont know why but it just does.

  15. MSA PIRATE: the girls don’t have legs because of their uniform…they are wearing black pants…also…the following picture shows what eventually happened… look at the concern of that parent in the following picture…. sigh…

  16. finally a good post.. A picture.. Some words.. and thats it..
    Deep entry though by the way

  17. I hate these people who try to sound overly-intelligent by disagreeing with the blatantly obvious. Sigh, emam, nice follow-up.Hope everything in Toronto is working out for you, insha Allah.

  18. subhan’Allah =(

  19. msa pirate, i saw a bunch more photos of how this scene transpired. its definitely real. basically these girls were going to school and they got stopped by these morons. So in the next couple photos taken by the same photographer, they sit down where they are are the teacher starts having class. They are smiling and raising their hands as the soldiers watch on. Incredible. I’ll try to find the other pictures, it was on someone’s xanga

  20. Have we become so heartless that we question everything and assume it untrue unless proven otherwise?
    One of the things that KR mentioned in his khutbah at DIC last Friday (lol, I’m a KR khutbah note-taker) was how this is an age of doubt and skepticism and our deen is one of certainty and good opinion… and we should have that towards the beleivers. So since KR reported it, and he’s Muslim, I will accept it unless PROVEN (rather than just doubted) otherwise.

  21. Anonymous permalink

    you pose a great question…what is terrorism?

  22. tonymontana00- This isn’t a question about deen and Kr while still a good muslim is still human and humans make mistakes and there are many muslims that are evil, ie…salman rushdie, you see where this is going right. And there have been plenty of ‘fake’ stuff out there that muslims have readily believed in without proof like how speilberg was going to produce a movie on the palestinians or how ‘insert some famous celebrity’ reverted to islam. In this day and age, its very easy to produce something that’s not real just look at special effects in movies.note- while kr is human and has probably made some mistakes, he is not evil.

  23. Anonymous permalink


  24. It’s funny how sometimes a picture can say so much more than a thousand words. It makes people like me sit back and wonder how I could ever be grateful enough for the blessings I have, and how I can ever repent enough for not using what I have to help these girls, and the millions others suffering. The worst part is that you don’t have to go as far as Palestine to see such oppression. May Allah guide us all. And as a side note, I think the debate about the validity of the picture is more than irrelevant, since the point of such a picture is to remind us of the innocent Palestinians who die every day, and whose killers are never deemed terrorists. So maybe we should stay focused….since we all know that the purpose of the picture is a harsh reality.

  25. looks real enough to me. i hope u get FC.

  26. MsaPirate, youre right, there was some emotion directed towards from the anger of the situation in the picture. My apologies, bro.

  27. Anonymous permalink

    Ya Rabbi,The picture itself said many words.

  28. *sniff sniff* I smell featured content!

  29. those bastards….

  30. thought-provoking post…thanks,-Mohd

  31. Asalamu Alaikum,
    I was wondering what/who was the source of this picture.
    Jazak Allah Khair

  32. Nice “Servant of the Beneficent,”  I like how you’re rebuttal starts by calling someone an idiot…a servant should try to embody some of the qualities in his master’s name. 
    It looks fake to me, maybe it is not, Allah knows best.  It is not as though anyone needs this picture (fake or true) to be enraged by the incursions of Isreal against a democratically-elected government, focused on a populace being held responsible for a single action. 

  33. that pobably really does happen but i think the pic is fake… i duno somthin bout it and whyw ould they take a pic of that in the first place?

  34. Anonymous permalink

    I don’t understand why everyone keeps talking about whether or not they think the picture is fake. Is that the only thing we’re getting from this? That’s really not the point here. The fact of the matter is that stuff like this is really happening out there. May Allah help them.

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