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Lethal Self-Defense Tips

July 1, 2006

This is a video, or is it outtakes, of some dude teaching us important stuff… you know like how to break a guy’s knee if he makes fun of your wife while you’re out at a bar. Take notes.

The best part is the ending quote, “I don’t believe in an eye for an eye… I believe in two eyes for an eye.”

Credit to Sir Ilyas Ahmed for finding this.


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  1. excellent. hehehe. i love when they repeat the scenes over and over.

  2. Anonymous permalink

    Haha! I went to visit my parents and Bhaiya yesterday and we kept watching this short version (

    ) over and over and laughing. Ammi got really pissed and said “Mere ku nahi dekhna hain ye ‘BAA-NNNG, BAA-NNNG’.” It was hilarious. These are some of my favorite lines:
    everybody underestimates the kick in the groin.
    lookie look what we have here. Smack his face. Smack his face.
    he tried to kill me. so, i gotta return him the favor.
    i can, of course, kick him in the head.
    somebody’s telling me that about my wife, i’m sorry sir, but im gonna break your leg.
    wrong move! don’t do that to (raises eyebrows) el Guapo!

  3. thats pretty funny. c/mon i need as many subscriptions as possible        

  4. lol awesome video… and GOD OF WAR is an AMAZING game… wait till part 2 comes out…

  5. lol, this guy is nuts… I loved when he bashed the guy’s head on the table and started to sing along with the bashes

  6. ROFL, this guy should be at ISNA or something

  7. Hi kr,I booked my tix for Chicago today, 12:22 PM O’hare on Thursday August 31st!bye kr

  8. Anonymous permalink

    wouldn’t it be awesome if vin diesel made this video, fun stuff

  9. id like to see vin diesel try to fight this guy and then lose badly…with a kick in the groin. 
    i loved his singing motion: “don’t…you…ever…do…this.” haha!

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  11. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…….. he would be great at ISNA security, you talking to sister, i shall return the favor, maybe kick to groin, pain remind him of hell.

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