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What is Terrorism, Part 2

July 10, 2006

kr’s note: I apologize for not visiting my regular readers’ and friends’ xangas in the past few days and reading/commenting. I’ve been slaving away as a scut monkey by evil surgery residents. Please accept my apologies and when I find some more time, I’ll visit and comment.

kr’s note #2: What a sad ending to Zidane’s career… but this is funny nonetheless: (props to Omar Waqhar for finding this)

There seems to be some discussion about the veracity of the picture that was the last post.

I hope that these pictures, taken from the same series of photos, will perhaps allay any remaining doubts…

These were taken by a photo journalist chronicling yet another day in the lives of children in occupied Palestine.









 I’m off to bed.


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  1. i can’t believe somebody made a game already. crazy peoples.
    May Allah protect the innocent Palestenians from the oppression and humiliation imposed upon them by the Israeli terrorist regime.

  2. Anonymous permalink

    thats a pretty funny game, there is a report that the italian player MIGHT have called him a “dirty terrorist”

  3. Anonymous permalink

    i dont care what anyone says…
    zidane is STILL a stud…

  4. Powerful.

  5. Wow, I bet many people feel salty for raising the whole “this is a fake picture” issue….

  6. lol, how come there’s no comments on this one?

  7. Anonymous permalink

    man, zidanes just silly *sigh*
    neverthess, im happpy italy won
    oh, funny game

  8. scut monkey!  😛    ameen to the 1st comment.

  9. May Allah have mercy on muslims all over the world… Aameen!

  10. i think zidane should’ve been man of the match just because that was the greatest headbutt ever. and i heard that guy called him a terrorist so i guess he deserved it.

  11. Is white-gold halal for men to wear?

  12. ^^nope. Only silver.
    and Allah knows best.

  13. ^ lets not pass fatwas – White Gold is platinum, by the way, not actual gold. The scholars differ.

  14. it’s not a fatwa. i answered based on what i’ve learned…
    and I’m guessing you’re basing your opinion on this:

  15. silly kamkam squirrel.

  16. AsalamuAlaikum Kamran,You are one of the few xangas that I read, despite my lack of comments. If possible, and when you get a chance, could you write an editorial that deals with the bombings in Lebanon. I’m really interested on what you think of the situation. I’m having trouble finding an article that is not bias. Either way, whatever you decide it’s cool and your blog remains the top 5. 🙂

  17. Anonymous permalink

    Maybe one day i will write a poem title palestine.

  18. Hey Bro,
    I’ve started on IM clerkship with my first month in a outpatient setting.  The good part is that it’s really chilled, almost like shadowing a doctor.  The bad part is that it’s too chilled and it’s just shadowing a doctor. The other downside is that it’s in mundelein.  Yeah, I never heard of it too before this and it’s a 1.5 hour drive each way. blech.
    How’s surgery treating you? And where?

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