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New Beginnings

October 23, 2008

Don’t call it a comeback just yet.

I’ve been extremely bored these days. The desire to wax poetic (or at least attempt to) has been growing for several months now, and I figure I might give this blogging thing one more chance. I haven’t written in a year now, so I suppose I might have a few things worthy of sharing. Or not.

For those of you laughing and mocking: stop hating. I’m incredibly bored. Find me something else to do and I’ll stop blogging.

Apparently xanga is dead and everyone is on wordpress these days. Being the faithful lemming that I am at times, I’ve decided that this resurrection (this being the 3rd one, for those of you keeping score at home) takes place here. Whether or not this will be successful, time will tell. I think it will be an enjoyable ride regardless.

So here we go.


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  1. sayeed permalink

    first post sucked man. at least you should start with a bang!

  2. Irfan permalink

    Seriously, can someone please find this man a woman!

  3. Welcome Back Kotter, err, Kamran! Nice allusions to LL Cool J and Abdul-Hakim Jackson. I would appreciate being added to your nascent BlogRoll.

  4. Boooo.

    Finding this guy a woman his height would require genetic tampering.

  5. kr156 permalink

    ^stop being jealous because no one reads your childish blog

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