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The Most Interesting Muslim in the World

October 31, 2007

kr’s note: wow, two posts in two days… as opposed to every two weeks. Go figure.

One of the funniest and intelligent ads on TV (ironically enough) has to be the “most interesting man in the world” series run for the dos equis beer company. Now, beer aside, the commercials are hilarious. You can also read them at:

With that in mind… here’s a sketch for a more Moslem-friendly commercial campaign. Feel free to add your own in the comments.

When he eats biryani, he never gets any ilachi (cardamom) or lawng (cloves).

The tableeghi jamaat asks him if they can go with him for forty days.

He has four wives… and 400 applicants waiting in line.

He once slapped a hijabi who wouldn’t shut up. That’s right. You heard me.

When he moonsights, he always sees the moon… and he doesn’t need any witnesses.

He once prayed Asr and Maghrib at the same time.

His sweat is pure enough to make wudu with.

He is… the most interesting Muslim in the world.

“I don’t always drink water, but when I do, I prefer zam zam.”

“Stay thirsty my friends… stay thirsty.”


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  1. Sounds like Chuck Norris

  2. yeah he’s the new chuck norris. Lol “He once slapped a hijabi who wouldn’t shut up” I wonder what he would do at our school.

  3. Hey your table of contents is down. I was looking for the old post about Husnu’thann, where a man was complaining about his neighbor who never prays or something like that.

  4. LOLIt sucks I only discover you after you’ve long left Xanga. D:

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