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Ranting and Raving About the Bears

September 30, 2007

I need to vent:

I am so mad right now that I don’t even
know what to say. I want to swear and throw things and break stuff
right now. I don’t understand how a team can become so bad in the span
of one offseason.

My thoughts. no particular order:

–Benson is a joke.
we traded the wrong running back. he has no heart, doesnt even look
like he cares that we’re losing and he’s sucking it up. i see no effort
or desire on his part to make up for mistakes. everyone fumbles, but GO
MAKE UP FOR IT, dammit

–watching Griese was like watching the john shoop offense once
again, dink and dunk. with that said, it was better than grossman… and it was working well until that first int in the
end zone end of first half… then he threw that second int which was
berrian’s fault (see below), and the third int was just like the spirt
of rex taking over griese with a crap-for-brains move throwing into
triple coverage

–yet again we see no using devin hester on offense except for
that same bubble screen/quick throw to the WR that the ENTIRE LEAGUE
HAS SEEN ON TAPE. even the fox broadcasters, as idiotic as they are,
LEAGUE. hester, as sick as he was on that return, needs to hold the
ball and stop getting boneheaded unsportsmanlike penalties. but WHY ARENT WE USING HIM on screens or reverses or pitchouts… someone needs to be fired
–why wasnt a single pass thrown to greg olsen??? why was john “im so lousy” gilmore in the game so that he could drop open passes. my god, all
preseason, they were all about olsen saying how awesome he’s gonna make
this team and they don’t even use him??

–berrian and moose were terrible once again. berrian had at least
3 drops, moose another one near the goal line (right before berrian’s
drop that led to the int). i saw bradley in there for a few plays. how
come our receivers just suck this year? they werent spectacular, but
they weren’t dropping passes like this last year. maybe they were fasting and were tired… or maybe they’ve been unmasked for being just ordinary receivers that would be no better than number twos/threes on most teams
–i dont understand why our defense plays amazing first half and
then sucks it up second half. they cant even use the excuse that they
were on the field too long. i dont know what happens to them… its
like when the offense doesnt score, they play fired up, but as soon as
we score once… they get all relaxed. HOW MANY OFFSIDES DID WE HAVE???
how hard is it to NOT line up in the neutral zone. bunch of retards

–i want ron turner’s head on a plate… he must be the most
overrated off coordinator in the league. last year he looked like a
genius cause we ran up the score against people… but he has no
creativity. all he does is the same plays that everyone has seen on
tape. he has no idea on how to use his personnel and create mismatches
to exploit. all he wants to do is run the same plays, and then run the
same runs with an o-line that can’t block crap

–how does an o-line that dominated opponents last year suck so
bad? i dont understand how you can get so bad and so old in one season.

sigh, i have a bad feeling that this is gonna be a long year. the history of super bowl losers the
following year is never good. i think we walked into this season way
too cocky, i didnt see the same feeling of desire and wanting it as we
did last year. we got the pack next week in primetime and they’re just
rolling… looks like we’re gonna be 1-4 going into minnesota… it’ll be a
miracle if we get to 9-7 and possibly get a wild card.

i need a hug.


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