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An Ode(n) to the 2006-2007 Chicago Bulls

May 18, 2007

kr’s note: Despite the facetiousness of this note, I want to take a minute to talk about something important. In the words of the famous Kurt Angle (and this is fitting based on what I am about to say), “If I could be serious for a minute…”

Today, Friday May 18th, 2007 is the nikkah of one of my closest friends in the world, the older brother I never had, and (hopefully he reads this later so that it doesn’t jock his ego too much) someone I look up to as a role model… the Don himself, Kazim “KZ” Mohammed (db). Kaz and I have had many memories together, and it probably deserves a post of its own. But suffice it to say that I would request everyone to make du’a for him and his to-be wife and their families that Allah put barakah, rahmah, and noor into this wedding and subsequent marriage. I love you Kaz.

Moving on…

The Bulls lost tonight, finally ending their season in a 4-2 series loss to the Pistons. I’ll be the first to congratulate the Pistons (cause unlike them, we Chicagoans have something called ‘class’, something they’ll never have… reference 1991 Eastern Conference finals when Isaiah’s Pistons got swept on their home floor and walked off before the game ended in perhaps the biggest jagbag move in sports ever and refused to shake hands with Jordan’s Bulls) and say that the better team won. I’m not going to take anything away from them: they have more talent, more experience, and were expected to win. I predicted Bulls in 7, thinking that if we could just win our home games, anything could happen in a game 7 and liked our chances, assuming we had won a game 6 and had the momentum.

Of course, that didn’t happen. Bulls went down 2-0, came home and should have won game 3 but self-destructed in the second half (I witnessed it first hand at the United Center) and fell behind 3-0, made it a series by winning the next two, and ultimately went on to lose game 6 and the series. So congrats to the Pistons, but let’s get one thing clear: these Pistons are not, never were, and most likely never will be a dynasty. I’m sick and tired of these Pistons fans telling me how “great” their team is when all they have to show for it is ONE lousy championship. “Oooh we made it to five straight Eastern Conference finals…”. Whuptee doo, dynasties aren’t remembered for making it to the finals, otherwise the Buffalo Bills of the early 90’s would have also been a dynasty. No, dynasties are remembered for dominating their opponents and winning multiple championships. Jordan’s Bulls, a REAL dynasty, would have never let a team down 0-3 come back and win two games… they would have stepped on the throats of their opponents and finished the series. A REAL dynasty wouldn’t have its star point guard whine on national TV about how the refs “aren’t letting me use my power, that’s like my power, it’s like saying a fast guy can’t use his speed” (which goes down as perhaps the most idiotic comment I’ve ever heard this year). Let’s get this straight: the Pistons are a very good team in a very crappy conference. They basically are a good Western conference team (on the level of the Jazz) that has the fortune of playing in the East. Until they win multiple championships and dominate their opponents, all Pistons fans need to stop deluding themselves and using the word ‘dynasty’. Enjoy your little runs to the finals before getting annihilated by a better team from the West. Maybe if Rasheed cries some more, Billups does another national TV interview complaining, Maxiell throws elbows into people’s heads, and McDyess makes that whiny face that makes you want to punch him… maybe if you do that, you’ll get some more recognition. Until then, as Mike and Mike from ESPN radio would say, “Just shut up.”

As for my beloved Bulls, I have mixed emotions of joy at their taking another step in growing up, dethroning the defending champs with conviction, and gaining valuable experience… but at the same time, I’m filled with frustration at how a team can play like they can beat any one in the NBA one night, and then play like they’d beat by the Celtics or the Grizzlies the next night. This Jekyl-Hyde identity crisis that my boys went through this year drove me nuts. True, they had a revamped roster that included two rookies, but the alternating flashes of brilliance and patheticness they displayed this year was enough to make me jump for joy one minute, and look for the Valium the next. But I digress. Overall, I’m happy for this team and how the nucleus players (Gordon, Hinrich, Deng) developed and still are young (mean age: 23!) with a lot of improvement yet to come. I love how Skiles was able to mesh together veteran players and get the most out of his role players. And perhaps most of all, I love Tyrus Thomas. He reminds me of Devin Hester: every time he gets in the game, you hold your breath because you know he’s going to do something incredibly exciting or incredibly stupid and turn the ball over. This kid needs a year or two to develop his game (read: a freakin jump shot) and he’ll be a better version of Amare Stoudemire.

In short, as much as I am disappointed by how this series ended (I wished we could have been the first team to buck the 0-82 record of teams down 0-3, especially against the Pistons… oh man, that woulda been great… to make all these village Pistons fans shut up forever…), I’m extremely optimistic for the future. We’re basically one big man who is a low post scoring threat away from becoming an incredibly scary team that can compete for the next 6-8 years for a championship with this present nucleus. And we have to pay our dues along the way, just as all the great teams before us did. We have to remember that Jordan had to lose three years in a row to the Pistons before finally destroying them in 1991 and starting the Bulls’ dynasty that will always remain the greatest sports dynasty ever. Inshallah, this is a prelude to a second coming of that.

Some final thoughts:
–We need to resign Luol Deng (aka “Blood Diamond”) and lock him up for years to come.
–We need to seriously think about moving Ben Gordon because as much as I love him, we need to see what we can get for him. He’s always going to be a borderline-great player, and that’s only because despite all the talent in him, he lacks the height to be truly great. But what if we could get a Jermaine O’Neal or Al Jefferson… or gasp, a Pau Gasol… or if we want to throw in the kitchen sink, even a Kevin Garnett… just thinking about that makes me happy.
–Duhon, Nocioni (Chapu), and PJ Brown (he of the second coming of Jordan’s first half in the 1992 finals) are trade bait and we oughta see what we can get for them
–I heart Tyrus Thomas and Thabo
–Ben Wallace needs to stop being such a baby and “boy” to his old Pistons teammates. *We’re* paying you 60 million Ben, not Detroit. And freakin show up ON TIME to the game!

Of course, all of these problems can be solved if (Inshallah) the Knicks (wooo, go Knicks!) win the draft lottery… and the Bulls get Greg Oden. 2% chance eh… weirder things have happened. If that happens, instant dynasty. Inshallah.

Finally, some pictures:

‘Sheed whining to the refs once again about how even though he tackled a player he should never be called for a foul… wah wah wah, what a sissy… seriously, have you seen a bigger whiner (maybe McDyess), it’s like the guy is convinced that it is against God’s Law for him to be called for a foul of any kind….


This picture captures the series in a nutshell… the Pistons classless flagrant fouling the Bulls and playing dirty and then getting mad at the refs for it. He HIT HIM IN THE HEAD, its a foul! Good Lord. This isn’t football… oh wait, then again, can’t expect Detroit people to know much about football, seeing as they have the Lions as their reference source for football.

Kirk getting called once again for a foul because he looked at Billups the wrong way

I hate Detroit. As a wise man once said, “Detroit is nothing more than a place for those travelling between Chicago and Toronto to use the bathroom and refuel their cars.”

With that said, I’ll be in Detroit this weekend… ironically enough.


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  1. Haha nice commentary on the pics. Congrats to Kazim.

  2. I am truly sick and tired of your useless vernacular against the ma’soom Pistons.That said, stop blaming Billups for Deng’s nefarious looks. Its not Billups fault that Deng looks like an bandar(ape).but the most tragic thing about this, the most horrible aspect, is that you hate on Detroit, while you have asked me multiple times to make du’a you get residency in Detroit!bogus.

  3. ^ann arbor, not detroitstop using big words like vernacular when you cant use them correctly in a sentence.

  4. Anonymous permalink

    haha…love the ending to the post

  5. lol…that part about refueling the cars is so true..whenever we would travel from Chicago to Toronto and back, we would stop in Detroit and refuel cause gas is cheaper south of the border….
    btw….you should check out the new xanga themes…it’s quite awesome…

  6. Very true and very amusing.  I like the last line about Detroit being a pit stop, hehehe.
    Are you coming here for Misbah’s walima?

  7. ^yes, memorial day weekend, inshallah. i was also there this weekend, mainly in troy

  8. Anonymous permalink

    Mashallah…I wish I could follow the bulls, but I don’t…

  9. haha nice little quote at the end.

  10. awesome post!

  11. Nice post. If the Bulls had any brains, they would Select Spencer Hawes this year. He’s going to be the 2nd best C/PF in this years draft, and he may drop. White boy is 7 feet, can shoot, and reboudns with the best of em. If we’re thinking for the future, Ben Gordon has to go. I seriously, HONESTLY, like him. Alot. But he just isn’t the guy. He is Scottie Pippen, when we need him to be ‘MJ’-ish. I don’t know if that makes sense. Either way, the Bulls are DEFINETLY in the right direction. With the drafting of Hawes, and when Ben and PJ become geezers in 2 years, we should have a lineup that will consist of at least these four guys: Hinrich, Deng, Thomas, and Hawes. Honestly, I think if Thomas bulks up, and isn’t so crazy while he’s on the court, which comes with playing time, he’s going to be a solid hybrid PF in this league. And as far as BG goes, Al Jefferson makes no sense because he is soft as a tissue, Jermaine O’Neals best days are behind him, and KG has WAY too much mileage. Yeah, he came out of high school, but not many people realize he is in hsi mid-30’s, meaning after this year, he is a 2 year rental. The only thing I can see is a Memphis-Bulls trade. Gasol and the #4 pick for BG, the 9, and compensation. Everybodies happy. Anyways, yeah, i can go on(lol),but thats already kind of long so I’ll stop. Nice post.

  12. Oh and reading back through, a couple points: :]1. Tyrus Thomas will not be Amare. I’m sorry. ;] Amare is my favorite player in the league, and he is in a league of his own. MashAllah, the man is 7’0 feet 260 something, and he has a 41 inch vert, and the speed of an NFL safety. Wow.2. I don’t know if the whole ‘Ode(n)’ thing is a hint, but please don’t tell me you want Bill parrish the 2nd? ;] Oden will be a solid player in this league, but the only thing he will be drafted for so high is his height, ups, and age. He is solid in college, against 6’7, 200 pound centers, but he won’t be able to go crazy in the NBA. In fact, I’m willing to put a (halal) bet on Oden. Spencer Hawes will be a better player than Greg Oden in 3 years. Hawes has the handles, the ups, the size, the aggressiveness, and most importantly, a fluid low-post game.

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