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I’m Back, Part II

May 14, 2007

kr’s note: So I haven’t posted in nearly two months. Some comeback, right. Eh, if you want to read, you’ll visit and read and if you don’t, you won’t. I think there was a time (ie, during this xanga’s heyday in 2005) when I felt I had to update every 3-4 days with something original and brilliant. Sadly, or perhaps, thankfully enough, those days are over, and I’ll Inshallah post whenever I get around to it. There’s several things to post about, such as my memoirs as a traumatized med student going through OB/GYN and a letter of talaq to the desi race… but we’ll get to that in due time.

As for this post, seeing as how today was mother’s day, being the world’s greatest son that I am, I had the brilliant idea of cooking dinner (along with my brother) for my mom and aunts as a small way of showing thanks for all that they do everyday. I figured I’d go with something easy, oh say, biryani (yay Shan masala mix), and see how that went. I made a few modifications to their recipe–I added peas, mint leaves, put the potatoes in at the end, etc. All in all, it wasnt that bad. Yes, it took us two hours but it wasn’t so difficult like people (read: American born Moslem chicks) make it out to be. If someone like ME could do it, I don’t see how difficult it is… besides, I must say that the biryani was pretty damn good (my mom and aunts gave us props on it). So what’s my point? Girls have no excuse not only to not cook, but to cook well, cause if *I* could do it, anyone should be able to as well.

Hmm, my second coming post already is a semi-bashing one against women… but isn’t it refreshing to know that while the entire world changes, some things are always a constant?

Notice the raita also made by yours truly… that’s key folks, always gotta have solid raita or else the entire biryani is a waste.



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  1. We have the same plates at our house!

  2. Anonymous permalink

    i wonder if women will counter with the argument: if women can give birth, why can’t KR?

  3. Token  North American Moslem Chic(k): My biryani beats your biryani. Any day. That’s right. Son. lol

  4. I got into an argument with my dad over whether or nor we should celebrate Mother’s Day. He wanted me to go out and get something (flowers,etc.) for my mom. But I said we shouldn’t because we’re Muslim. I guess you’re in favor of celebrating it. But doesn’t it seem insincere to just set aside one random day when you’re supposed to honor your mom? I mean there are people who don’t talk to their moms all year, and then call them on Mother’s Day. It’s just not right.

  5. i burned my kitched trying to make toast once…

  6. Really, the argument should be, if KR can cook, so can any other man.  It just takes some practice, an open heart, and a willingness to improve and cooking is a breeze.  This is why my son will be taking cooking lessons at a young age. No more useless desi men…it ends with my child (at least in my family), insha Allah….

  7. That biryani looks legit.  Good job!

  8. No offense, but anyone can cook with Shan Masala. Even if the meal is nearly burnt, the Shan Masala just covers the taste. Laziza has the same great flavour, but is a bit cheaper. And I think, nowadays more ABMCs are taking up cooking than they used to before. Also, the plate should be on the center of the table mat, and the tissue on the plate and the glass on the mat as well. Lastly, I agree with the rest, the Biryani looks good. The second picture is more ‘appealing’.

  9. with cooking skills like that, you might as well get married to a man. GO PISTONS

  10. Anonymous permalink

    Wow…now I want to make you my trophy wife…Btw…I shut down queenrooji, now its DrQueenRooji

  11. i was thinking along the same lines as HassansMomma… and desi cooking is too time consuming lol… fusions are quicker and delicious!.. mmm ingenuity

  12. so that was it?  that was your post?  ahh… but that food does look good.  props to that, yummm.  haha, your last line…

  13. ah the wonders of shan masala…!
    ilmaddict: i’m ignant … what’s a fusion?

  14. fusions are when u take two ethnic/cultural foods and put them together.. like desi inspired asian food or arab-italian .. stuff like that

  15. desi inspired asian — i get … arab italian?? i’ll have to try some to understand!

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