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The Only 25th Birthday I Care About

March 19, 2007

So after returning for a series of posts for several weeks, I’ve once again regressed into not posting. I think this time it’s a result of this OB/GYN rotation destroying any creative impulses I might have and its time-demands preventing me from having the time to actually write my thoughts down. Nonetheless, while xanga itself seems to have died down, I still have some posts that I ought to find the time to finish, if only for the sake of having such thoughts preserved for myself.

While there are many things I could talk about in a post after 3+ weeks (such as the three year anniversary of this xanga, ie, 3/11/04)–and I’ll Inshallah get around to it in a few days or so–today (March 19th) is a day of significance in my life, and something which I think is important to others as well…

…because you see, today would have been the 25th birthday of my beloved brother, Mohammed “Hammoudi” Hussein (rahimahullah) who passed away in 2004.

I had set up a birthday alarm and saw this email reminder a few days ago:

Second Reminder for Mohammad Hussein’s Birthday on Monday March 19th   Inbox
Birthday Reminder <> 
to kr156
show details

Mohammad Hussein’s ( birthday is on Monday March 19th. Mohammad will be 25 years old.

Click below to choose an eCard and we will send it on Mohammad’s birthday…

Kind Regards,


Three years later, I still miss my brother.

Please do me a favor: take some time out today to read some Qur’an, make dhikr, or make du’a and send the barakah from that to my boy.




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  1. xanga is seriously dyingAmeen for the du’as for Mohammad(R)/ a young brother named Zuhair Munshey passed away in Michigan recently as wellInna lilahi wa inna ilahyl rajeoon

  2. Inna Lillahi Wa Inna Ilaihi Rajiu’nMay Allah (swt) illuminate their graves with His Noor, Mercy and Blessings. Ameen

  3. jazakAllah for the reminder. we all miss him.

  4. rahmatullahi ‘Alai.may we be reunited in the highest heavens with those that have preceded us in faith.

  5. Inna Lillahi Wa Inna Ilaihi Rajiu’nmay Allah grant him Junnah and provide for him space in his grave farther then the eye can see…ill remember to keep him in my duahs…

  6. Ameen
    I’ll see you all on the other side (Jannat), inshaAllah

  7. Anonymous permalink

    may Allah swt grant them maghfirah and may the same be conveyed to the entire Muslim Ummah to come till the day of judgement, ameen!

  8. Anonymous permalink

    May Allah swt grant them forgiveness and His pleasure may the same be conveyed to the entire Muslim Ummah, ameen!

  9. 3rd and 4th weekends of May, you ready? I know this one’s for you =)

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