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Sunnah Back

February 24, 2007

kr’s note: So I started my OB/GYN rotation this past week. It’s been a… uhm, different (yes, that’s a good word) sort of “experience” these past few days. What I’ve seen and done so far (and freakin its only a week with five more to go… ya Allah…) has been more than enough to scar and traumatize me for a long time, possibly the rest of my life. I’ve shared some of these reflections with some of you thus far, but I think I’ll refrain until later to actually post about them, perhaps similar to the Surgery Memoirs (see Table of Contents, too lazy to cut and paste old links) I did a few months ago.

Anyway, with that as a background, I’ve had no insightful thoughts this past week as I’ve tried to turn off as much of my brain as possible to tank through my time at the hospital. So I apologize in advance if anyone came here for some inspiration. However, I think I might have the next best thing since one of the residents keeps playing this stupid Justin Timberlake song that was immensely popular a few months ago. The song is terrible… forget the lyrics, it’s not even a good song musically and harmonically. There have been several parodies made of this song by people from all over (one of my favorites is this video done by some medical students titled “Study Back”…

…anyway, I just felt that further ridiculing this song with another parody would perhaps be the best thing I or anyone could ever do for it. For anyone who actually likes the original song and are offended by the mere idea of anyone parodying it… you should be shot, but that might be a waste of bullets.

“Sunnah Back”

[Verse 1]
I’m bringin’ sunnah back
Them other brothers don’t know how to act
I think they’re posing… stop talking to her, akh
So turn around and I’ll pick up my miswak
There’s naan in the fridge


Hijabi babe
You see this tasbih
Baby I’m Allah’s slave
He’s gonna whip me if I misbehave
I wanna make sure I’m ready for that Day

Take ‘em to the chorus

Go away girl,
pray Fajr and don’t miss it
Come to the back,
pray Zuhr and don’t miss it
SGP [spicy gyros pizza]
Pray Asr and don’t miss it
It’s on me
Pray Magh’ and don’t miss it
Don’t you see who I’m prayin with
Pray Ish’ and don’t miss it
No lookin at hips
Shaved my head, all of it
It’s a Sunnah smile
Shaytan, be gone with it
Go ahead child
Shaytan, be gone with it
And get your sunnah on
Shaytan, be gone with it


Get your sunnah on

[Verse 2]
I’m bringing sunnah back
Them other brothers don’t know how to act
Come let me finish the half iman you lack
On Mondays and Thursdays I like to fast
Take em’ to the bridge



[Verse 3]
I’m bringing sunnah back
Them other brothers’ cotton socks are whack
If you’re in ruku better straight yo’ back
Cause Iblis will mess with you and that’s a fact

Take em’ to the chorus



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  1. dude wth, give me credit…I sent you that song!

  2. here are two props for effort and finding the time during your rotations. :)I miss you buddy boy.

  3. haha in my wierd moments i kind of like that song.. its either like it.. or get angry everytime i hear it at work. but this version is really neat haha.. good stuff

  4. Salaam,
    I felt bad for giving you 0 eProps….These eProps are for the Sunnah Back song, maybe I can get my Boy Imran Khan to make a song out of it and put it on YouTube

  5. brilliant

  6. haha that was da bomb!

  7. not bad

  8. yes, ob/gyn = eww. Why any self-respecting male goes into that field is beyond me. Great parody… you wrote it?

  9. spicy gyros pizza!  oh yeaaaa!  nice one… i suppose.

  10. Ah, you recognized the song. Great movie.Sorry to hear about the peds bro. Man, now I don’t know if I did well either!

  11. the song was ok except the hijabi babe line.
    i would never go into obgyn because of the smell, and not to be all graphic, u have to dig ur hands in to “feel around” the organs.
    Subhan’Allah it is amazing to see how the body responds to different mechanisms.

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