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On Ramadan and the Chicago Bears

October 18, 2006

kr’s note: So Ramadan is nearly over and I haven’t really had any useful posts this time around. Oh well, there’s been plenty of beneficial stuff on other sites all over the web that one can take benefit from… besides, I’ve just been too busy to sit down and actually write something out. I had a few ideas, such as a post titled “On Angels and Devils”, that Inshallah maybe I’ll do later this week… that’d be more of a “what to take from Ramadan” post rather than a what to do post.

kr’s note #2: I’m sorry that during this month I haven’t been making my regular xanga rounds, reading posts, epropping and commenting. Inshallah after this month.

kr’s note #3: I turned 25 on Sunday. Jazakallah khayr and reciprocated du’as to all those who called/emailed/commented/etc for your kind thoughts and prayers. I would have appreciated money even more, but oh well, I’ll take what I can get =). Hmm… am I supposed to be more responsible now? Not if I can help it.

kr’s note #4: For those that are interested, Inshallah we’ll be doing the taraweeh khatm (completion) on Friday night at the Ahmed residence. The address is 6702 Fieldstone Drive, Burr Ridge IL. Isha starts at 8:30 pm.

Before I finish this post with some gratuitous highlights of the ’85 Bears and their victory in the Super Bowl, I’ll say one note about last night Bears game that perhaps has some relevance to Ramadan and these last days. Those of us who watched the game (such as myself, who watched a recorded version so that it seemed live after taraweeh until 2 am last night… I’m such a loser) saw that for the first three quarters, the Bears totally stunk up the joint, playing the worst and crappiest game I had ever seen. The vaunted Bears defense, which was supposed to be better than the ’85 Bears, was getting systemetically dismantled by a rookie quarterback. That allegedly high-powered offense did nothing more than turn the ball over 6 times, with Rex Grossman looking more like a Henry Burris or Jonathan Quinn. But, something magical happened in the fourth quarter. The Bears, who had no business wining the game and deserved to lose the game after being dominated in every phase of the game, dug deep, played outstanding defense (Urlacher is a beast!… 19 tackles!), managed an amazing special teams punt return (yeah Hester!) for a touchdown… and had a stroke of luck at the end when Neil Rackers missed a 40 yard field goal that should have defeated the Bears (on the behalf of Chicago, Neil, we thank you)… and managed to win the game.

In some way, I realized that was an analogy to our own Ramadans–well at least mine. We had such high aspirations and wanted to do so much, but ended up getting owned and performing poorly, with countless deficiencies and missed opportunities. But, there’s still a few days remaining, alhamdulillah. Just as the Bears took advantage of the last 5 minutes of the fourth quarter, we can take advantage of these last 5 days with a few outstanding prayers, some amazing du’as, and a little bit of luck (in the form of Divine Grace) to emerge with something far more valuable than a measley win over the Arizona Cardinals–that of course, being a guarantee of freedom from the Hell-Fire.

May a Bears-like spirit of wanting that win so bad flow through us so that we want that salvation from the fire so bad that we’re able to do what it takes in these few remaining precious moments, get a victory even if we don’t deserve it, and earn for ourselves that greatest of prizes. Ameen.

And now… 8 minutes of highlights from the ’85 Bears Super Bowl domination

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  2. Excellent analogy.  I really needed to read this.  Thanks.

  3. Anonymous permalink

    Happy belated birthday, may Allah bless you with a long and happy life!

  4. wow KR, MashAllah, only you could come up with a great analogy and similarity between the Chicago Bears and Ramadanand thanks for the highlights too, lol

  5. JazaakAllah khair, this was am it good.

  6. Anonymous permalink

    Wonderful! I used this same analogy with my classes today. Thanks for writing it.

  7. Friggin’ William Perry running the ball. Amazing.

  8. Anonymous permalink

    Kamran you are amazing. I dont say that often, or at all and neither do you deserve it but today you do.Good job with the post, I think the defense redeemed itself in the second half not in the fourth quarter. H2

  9. I can’t believe you compared the Arizona Cardinals to hell fire…

  10. Thanks KR
    I needed this.

  11. Hey KR, happy birthday. Keep on shining you crazy diamond.

  12. Nice analogy there…..

  13. Eid Mubarak, Hajji Kammo!! 🙂

  14. Check out my ISNA post I did jigga!

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