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Three Minutes Well Invested

October 8, 2006

edit, Monday 2:00 pm: All I want for Eid this year is a red leather jumpsuit so that I too can do the “Goli Maar!” dance…. and be a KILLLAAAR

Well folks, I thought last week’s video was awesomeness defined. Well, it still is because I watch that video at least 5 times a day and I’m still finding new things to laugh at. But this present video is a serious challenger to last week’s video and its status of sheer awesomeness.

Credit goes to Saima Ahmed-Faiz (hahaha…. did you end up hyphenating or taking Sal’s name?) for finding this video.

I’ll have a more serious update sooner or later =).

Brief comments:
–ah, so that’s what happened to Michael Jackson’s old suit from the Thriller video
–desis dressed as zombies doing choreographed dance… now THAT is quality entertainment
–one of the zombie’s red mask is about to fall off
–why does it take 3 minutes for this girl to finally realize they’re monsters and start running?

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  1. YES!! i was hoping you’d post this up!! the best are his dance moves. that shoulder thing he does at the end. ohh myy. this video is awesome. I didn’t think that Musharraf one could be beat. but i was wrong. i was sooo wrong.

  2. Anonymous permalink

    Hahaha! I must say, I can’t take credit for discovering this gem. My cousin Shams from K`zoo, MI emailed it to my cousins and me. Though the entire thing is absolutely incredible, here are the moments I hold most dear:
    23s-26s: first, what appears to be a corpse puppet head startles our heroine, then the Goli Maar man waves his head around madly30s-33s: awesome dance sequence50s-55s: sideways chop/headbang combo move that appears again a few times1:33s-1:40s: another great dance sequence2:28s-2:31s: random “Singin’ in the Rain”type jumps and twirls3:15s-3:24s: hip thrusts shots that switch back and forth to quick shots of our “Killar” doing an awesome solo dance move
    – Saima

  3. this makes as much sense as a dancing elephant on top of a buddhist monkey holding a clown in its teeth.

  4. oh my god. i’m in shock. hahah r u seriousssssssss?
     i can’t say much about this video, except that the dance moves are craaaaaazy awesome.
    michael jackson aint got NOTHIN on this guy ..u kno vhy? cuz he’s a KILLAR ..killar..killar.. !  : P

  5. all hail south indian cinema!

  6. Anonymous permalink

    this is a lame post. lame video. last one was unbeatable.haha.
    ramadan post please

  7. When I saw this on YouTube, I liked the comment that said “I can’t believe Michael Jackson copied this guy.”

  8. OMG!  thats such a funny, and embarassing video for indians.  They really are zombies…hahaha!  The worst choreography for the song also goes to this video.

    Yeah dude, Ramadan is half way through.  we want a good post to reflect upon for this month.  Something to motivate us to come back even stronger.  You got the ability to do it… go for it my man

  9. fobulous

  10. look at all the pressure for a Ramadan post.  thats what you get for being a celebrity, so i’ll add to that.   c’mon already!  haha, amaaaazing video though, i couldn’t stop laughing.  brilliantly hilarious i tell you, just brilliant, hah.

  11. btw, this is why i check your xanga more than i even check my own now.  craziness i tell you!

  12. Gotta love Tamilians

  13. My goal in life is to go to the villages in Jainagar and disco dance wearing tight leather pants!

  14. I was drinking some tim horton’s french vanilla and the stuff ALMOST sprayed out of my mouth and (I was afraid) even my nose, that’s some crazy video…

  15. Is it just me, or is the pelvic thrust in those pants makruh?

  16. at first i was avoiding this video.. but then i was sitting in my room when all of a sudden i heard GOLLII MAARRR.. and i was like oh what now?!!? turns out my dad was sitting there laughing his head off while watching this thing.. uhh yeah.. lol.. i have no idea how he found this video.. daddy’s can be pretty interesting… very very amusing..

  17. globalization

  18. ah, so that’s what happened to Michael Jackson’s old suit from the Thriller video
    hahaha! I think “Gohli Maar” might be the new catchphrase to replace “My Challenge”!

  19. I want my 1 minute and 19 seconds back.

  20. Did you know that Gohli Maar is the name of a city in Karachi??? 
    Unfortunately, I think they just renamed it to something more civil.

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