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Two Minutes Well Invested

October 1, 2006

kr’s note: My apologies in advance for perhaps wasting 2 minutes and 38 seconds of time for all you hardcore religious people out there… but sometimes, certain things are just so spectacularly awesome that they merit that time investment. My bestest friend in the whole wide world, Hasan Ali, sent me this so all credit for introducing me (and you all) to this video, as well as most of the commentary that follows is from him.

Hasan’s commentary, with a few additions of mine:

this is a very very light and partial viewing guide:

6 secs: DEM-OC-RACY!
13 secs: old white lady holding the US flag, looking confused because the “Support the Troops” rally was yesterday
28 secs: most unlikely “World Sindhi Institute” representative in history
30 secs: confused white girl
36 secs:  little girl asking mommy for candy money
48 secs: fat desi guy screams, “General Musharraf is a strong leader, grand leader” while everyone yells at him. As you can see, they didn’t organize the rally very well if a pro-Musharraf guy suddenly starts speaking… then he starts to mindlessly yell “President Musharraf” a thousand times for emphasis.
56 secs: first sign of young man who was brought to rally by crazy feminist girlfriend, wife, sister, or mother.
1min: did the suit dude on the right think he was gonna go and meet musharraf? If so, he is kinda timid.
1 min 2 secs: guy in black shirt raises his hand, pointing to the sky for emphasis. Black shirt guy and fat desi guy would have started throwing heymakers if not for the cop… this is what is called as a “missed opportunity”.
1min 10 secs: Pro-Musharraf dude says “stay away from me” into mic
1 min 19 secs: guy with headphones changes his recording tape. This is quality stuff he figures, I need a fresh roll of tape. Genius.
1 min 27 secs: back to the opening lady, who’s now begun to chant in Urdu… then realizes no one understands her, so she switches back to English.
1 min 45 secs: old bald guy pumps his hand in glory in an effort to rally the forces to the chant of “women’s rights are human rights”
1min 51 secs: Answer: One of these men is super hot
1 min 56 secs: “What do want”… “Justice”…. “When do we want it” …..
2mins 8 secs: Lady is wearing a super huge tie
2mins 17secs: lady in the left corner of the screen coolly holds up a peace sign
2 min 28 secs: confused white lady still waves American flag

Feel free to add your commentary on other amazing sights and sounds that you were able to catch.

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  1. As much as I don’t like the AANA (the group that is protesting in this video), they have a point – women are treated quite poorly in South Asia and women’s rights in Pakistan are quite deplorable!  And although their methods may not be right, they need to hold such events in order to have their voices heard. 
    KR – I know you meant nothing by this video and it was only meant for laughs, but understand that there is a serious undertone to the issue of women’s rights in this video that could avoid mockery. 

  2. ^i’m not bashing the event or the reason behind the event at all. i agree with your points completelyall im bashing is the complete circus-atmosphere around this, and the mass chaos associated with this particular rally. relax, smile a little

  3. thats the worst rally with the funniest slogans and accents…haha!

  4. i’m confused… would it help if i watched the video with the sound on?go bears!

  5. Anonymous permalink

    i sent this to u first u JERK! ‘CHALAYJOW’!

  6. Anonymous permalink

    i sent this to u first u JERK! ‘CHALAYJOW’!

  7. Anonymous permalink

    hahaha i think my fast is nullified…that has got to be some of the funniest stuff i have EVER seen…i wish i could give you more props cause this was actually a good post…nigger-ul-haq

  8. The level of awesomeness for this video is unbelievable.

  9. Anonymous permalink

    honor should not kill…but i bet your slogans willnigger-ul-haq

  10. When Shuttari sent me this, my favorite part was:
    then he starts to mindlessly yell “President Musharraf” a thousand times for emphasis.

  11. Pfft….He only says “President Musharraf” like 12 times.

  12. that was hilarious

  13. Thanks KR

  14. it’s ok, I don’t read anything here either.I miss you too. Home real soon iA, make dua.

  15. its like they added some of those things in purposefully for us to catch.

  16. A masterpiece. Entertaining, humorous, embarrassing, and touching and all in just two minutes and thirty-eight seconds.

  17. I want Brady Quinn!

  18. This is the greatest 2 minute video ever
    Something I noted:
    1 minute, 18 seconds: crazed old desi uncle shouts at the pro-Musharraf guy… “chalaaayjao! chalaayjao!”… he is about to hit him too, but he’s held back. Darnit. That woulda been a great fight.

  19. genious. they should play this as a super bowl commercial.

  20. I’m annoyed by the video. I’ll figure out why, and maybe, just maybe, write down why.

  21. The white old lady was the best, although she did looked a bit creepy…

  22. haha the uncle was ridiculous… so many things were wrong at that rally.

  23. Anonymous permalink

    I think the problem is muslim men hit the wrong women. And I’m sorry but I can’t ever take pakistanis seriously when they get mad. Leave the ghussa to the crazy hydros. Abey Saley….Tera Baap Margiya Kiya! 

  24. i like how she’s going “what do we want” ‘PEACE’ “when do we want it?” and then that lady goes, “NOW.” in a very stern manly voice. hahaha this video is awesome.

  25. Anonymous permalink

    hilarious video — KR, when are you doing 19th? .. here’s a photo I thought you’d all enjoy ..

  26. oh and i also like how when breaking up the fight between the “president musharraf” guy and the man telling him to “CHALAIJOW,” the authority is trying so hard not to laugh.

  27. haha kareem, that picture is my new facebook picture… pricelessCHALAAYJAAAO!!! hhahahaha, what ikhlas!

  28. How bout them Burrs…

  29. Subhan’Allah beautiful recitation of Surah Taha by Mushari el-Efaasi…i was thinking about going to that rally…hmm interesting. An important point ot make is that these are women fighting for rights for women in Pakistan–surprisingly some women are not treated properly in Pakistan. What is the solution? Some of them are in brothels and are born into them, women being abused physically in some areas. In particular they should get those areas and not the entire Pakistan. Shame on us, shame on the muslims brothers and sisters that we do not know this, I only came to know this because a sister in islam was hiding from her family, if her uncles found her they would kill her so we meet secretly.
    This is off topic but what are we doing about the situation in Darfur? They are our muslim sisters, innocent children that are suffereing right now…and guess what we are doing blinding ourself, but we should not and I am not going to blind myself insh’Allah. Deaf, dumb, and blind yup that describes us even with all the blessings we do nothing for our muslim sisters and children. Not even words! Imagine if all the muslims only from the United States that are 20-30 did something about the situation in Darfur. If i were there and i were to be raped i would want someone to yell our for me, for my rights that Allah(swt) gave me. It is no other than our muslim men raping these women. The ‘islamist’ as these people say.  In fact this is not a 2 minutes 38 seconds of waste of time for anyone religious people. We care about the welfare of anyone who is hurt as Prophet Muhammad(saw) did–even if it was just hardsh words.  It is actually a serious issue not only in Pakistan but in Africa where 30 million people are suffereing from the war of hunger. If we helped our own people it would not be neccessary to involve others or have protests where it was advertised as a womens rights protest. It is not a protest about women practicing Islam, in pakistan it is a good thing to practice Islam..sure in some super modern areas there is more resisitance.Asalaam3laikium

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