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Shameless Plug

July 27, 2006

I’ll have Part III up soon, I promise.

In the meantime, help a brother out. Go over to the link below and vote for my poem  =).  Vote often and use different computers to jack up the ratings =).

It’s the “See My Prophet Smile” poem that I had posted a while back. Here’s the link to my old post when I had it up on the xanga.

I know, it’s shameless… c’est la vie.


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  1. Anonymous permalink

    there i voted for you…now you owe me Red Lobster…

  2. tell everyone to go there local libraries and vote from there….

    some of them change there ip’s

  3. i refuse to vote for you because its SO long. its not a poem, its an epic. god dang, kamran .

  4. Hehe it’s still at one vote. Funny.

  5. I voted for you! It’s def. your top 10 best posts ever.

  6. I voted for you kammy…Kammy, pray for me and give me strength to deal with all these nasty old men that I have to deal with every day…

  7. Hey check out the poem posted above yours (A Battle Inside! by Salihah Mahmood). It deserves five stars as well.

  8. mauhahahahahhaha

  9. AssalaamualiakumPray 4 our Muslim sister Mona Solomon…
    she is having brain surgery to remove a tumor from her brain…doctors say she has a slight chance of survival…but Duas r more powerful than any doctors diagnosis….

  10. May Allah cure her ^ of all her illnesses, ameen…
    This is so wrong. Becuase of this very post you have the highest rating and that too much higher compared to others…with that in mind I chose not to vote, though I did like it. I think you should submit it in the Prophet Poetry Competition, eventhough you chose “Muslims” as the category, it does fit under “The Prophet”. If you win first prize, you could arrange for a little kiddie to go for Hajj or Umrah, [since you always seem to be broke (eww slang)].

  11. Yeah, this is pretty shameless.

  12. hey kr fantasy football?let me know man common

  13. i accidently voted for the one before urs

  14. 😀 plugging aside, I did vote for you.

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