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Today’s Feel Good Moment and an Announcement

May 28, 2006

kr’s note: Just updated the Table of Contents. The total posts since March 2004 is around 260 posts. Wow, I need to stop posting… come July, that’s what might happen…

1. Today’s Feel Good Moment

Normally I don’t post about what happened in the course of my day since not only do I hate it when others tell me what they had for lunch, but I think it would be presumptuous of me to think that my readers should spend their valuable time to read about my unimportant day. Sometimes, however, certain things happen that deserve mentioning…

A few days ago, I was having lunch with a friend (for those keeping score at home, I was having a chicken philly cheesesteak at East-West… hehe) when my phone rang. I didn’t recognize the number, but I picked it up anyway. I was greeted by the friendly and innocent “as salaamu `alaykum imam, how are you” from a young man in a Latino accent. I replied to his salaam, told him I was no imam, and he began to tell me that he had a dilemma that he needed my help with. I think he called me that because as the conversation went on, I remember that I had met him after I had given khutbah at Downtown Islamic Center a few months ago. Anyway, so I enquire about his problem, and he tells me that he got engaged to another Latina convert sister a few weeks ago and they were planning the wedding. I congratulated him and prayed for their happiness and union and asked him what’s the matter. He said that someone had told him that the witnesses to the marriage had to be Muslim, and asked me if this is true. I said that yes, the basic requirements for marriage are the ijab (request for marriage), qubool (the acceptance), and the presence of two Muslim witnesses. The exception to this would only be if there’s no other Muslims in the area, then there can be room to have non-Muslims at the witnesses.

The brother was so depressed after I said this, and I could almost hear tears in his voice as he said: “Most of my family is still Christian, including my mother and father. If the witnesses have to be Muslim, then that would mean I can’t invite any of my family to attend. My parents, especially my mother, has done so much to me and I want to remain on good terms with them, especially because I hope one day Inshallah they will convert, but if I say that they can’t even be present at my wedding, that’s going to upset them.”

The beautiful part about this was how sincere and innocent this brother was. I laughed and I finally understood what he was getting at: because he thought that the witnesses had to be Muslim, only Muslims could attend the wedding. I smiled and I told him that the Muslim witnesses had to be specifically for the purpose of signing the marriage contract and thus serving as the two “legal witnesses”. Everyone else, Muslim, Christian, Jew, etc. was more than welcome to attend the nikkah ceremony and that he should invite all his family and relatives, both Muslim and non-Muslim, to share in the joyous occasion.

His tears of sadness were quickly replaced by tears of joy as he thanked me profusely for my help. The innocence of this beautiful man resonated in the vaults of my mind long after I hung up the phone. I was thankful to Allah that there’s still such innocent and beautiful people left in the world.

May Allah unite that brother and his to-be-wife with happiness and Divine Providence.

2. Darul Qasim Summer Intensive Programs

Listen up slackers. Darul Qasim is offering the following programs for the month of June that I highly recommend checking out, especially the Arabic program since the Arabic that one learns in undergrad universities is a joke. Inshallah, those students who are dedicated to this course can use this as a springboard to higher and intensive studies of the branches of sacred knowledge. For those who don’t have the time to commit every day, there is a Saturdays-only intensive program that will serve as an introduction to the principles (usul) of four prominent areas of the sacred sciences. This is an excellent opportunity for one to benefit greatly, Inshallah, during the summer and spend time with traditional scholarship. For those of you who are not familiar with Shaykh Amin (tsk tsk), you can read about him here. Darul Qasim is located on the corner of Roosevelt and Fairfield Ave, which is basically 5 minutes away from IFS, so it’s quite central to everyone. And don’t worry if you can’t pay the course fees… whatever you can pay is fine since no one will be turned away for lack of funds (read: college students =) ). So sign up! And tell everyone else you know to sign up too.

This flyer is a PKPowerhouse production. Click to enlarge.

Darul Qasim is pleased to announce two intensive courses for the month of June:
1. Summer Intensive Arabic Program – June 5 – June 29

Monday through Thursday from 6:30 pm—9:15 pm

Darul Qasim is offering a comprehensive Arabic program designed to help students develop the ability to read short stories in classical Arabic by the end of the month. This program is ideal for high school and college students as well as working professionals who are interested and can dedicate an appropriate amount of time for this intensive course. The course will concentrate on the following areas of classical Arabic:

Arabic Writing and Vocabulary—a focus on developing and strengthening a working vocabulary of classical Arabic which will serve as a foundation for advanced studies of sacred sciences.

Sarf (Morphology)—the recognition and conjugation of verb forms according to tense, gender, and plurality. Upon gaining a mastery of the science of Sarf, one will be empowered with the skill of determining base letters from non-base letters and thus recognizing even the most complex of conjugations which may number in the hundreds.

Nahw (Arabic Grammar and Syntax)—an introduction to the recognition of sentence structure, sentence construction, and grammatical rules.

Online registration will be provided; in the meantime you can download the flyer in PDF format from the website:

2. Islamic Studies Program – June 10 – July 1st. To view the flyer, click here

Saturdays from 9:30 am to Noon

Darul Qasim is offering an intensive Islamic studies course in the following subjects:

a. Before one begins to study the Quran:

An overview of the sciences and discipline required before one studies the Quran and begins to appreciate exegesis.

b. Before one begins to study Hadith:

An overview of the discipline and methodology of Hadith study as one starts to take on understanding and applying the Sunnah.

c. Before one begins to study Fiqh:

An overview of the development of Fiqh as well as a look into some principles of Islamic jurisprudence.

d. Before one begins to study Aqeedah:

An overview of the discipline required to read Islamic theology.

Fees will apply for both courses. Those students who sign up for the Arabic Intensive will be given discounted admission for the weekend intensive. No one will be turned away due to insufficient funds.

The teachers from the summer programs include a PhD instructor, two PhD candidates, and Shaykh Amin himself.

Please visit the website,, for more information, including online registration.



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  1. First to comment.
    The story about the Latino brother was truly touching. SubhanAllah, I wish we all had that level of innocence.

  2. these eprops are for DQ’s program

  3. I think the best way to advertise is to mention that Kamran Riaz will randomly attend some of the classes. You’d automatically increase the sisters registration ten-fold.  Plus, the top student in each class gets a chance to interview with Kamran’s mother for marriage purposes. That would also help increase the drive and effort put towards the class by the students. Another idea I had (yes I’m quite smart), is to take advantage of the fact that Darul Qasim’s initials are DQ. You guys should team up with Dairy Queen. You can help promote their business and they can help promote your efforts. I think it would be a delicious way to learn about religion and at the same time learn about a variety of top notch sundaes.
    Just some thoughts,-Mohd

  4. I can picture it now…”Today’s lecture will be about halal and haram in Islam. A few examples of halal things are the Dairy Queen Hazelnut MooLatte, the Dairy Queen Brownie Batter Blizzard, as well as providing yourself with cool, crisp, creamy refreshment on a hot day.  Speaking of Dairy Queen, if you turn to the back of your textbooks, you will find a page of coupons good for…”
    -Mohd 🙂

  5. that was a beautiful story but i feel i got jippedI thought the announcement was gonan be something hot–like my Kammikins getting married. 😉

  6. Anonymous permalink


  7. mohd: hahah, that’s hilarious, i’ll be sure to run that idea by shaykh amin.saud: kammikins?? grrr… remind me to pop you the next time i see you. what would be hot is if i got a 350Z. now THAT’D be worth writing home about.

  8. kamran riaz is such a player. he’s so dreamy too

  9. awww i like the story

  10. Anonymous permalink

    Wow, mashaAllah..
    lol at Mode

  11. Great story, MA
    Hey KR, will you be teaching any of the Arabic classes? Seriously, I’m wondering

  12. asalamualykumis darul qasim’s fiqh coures geared towards the hanafi madhab?

  13. catharsis: is this another one of those spoof xangas that a guy i know makes in a lame attempt to be funny?ibnabume: there’s going to be 4 different teachers for each of the 4 days of the arabic class.mujahideenryder: yes. studying one of the other 3 schools is available on a request-basis for private study with Shaykh Amin.

  14. haha, mA that’s a great story… quite inspiring.  ameen to your last two paragraphs.  lol at the comments.  Don Quixote de la Mancha!  sweet.

  15. hey kr,

    remember when we used to talk?


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