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Interesting People in the Life of kr, Episode VII

May 23, 2006

The latest installment of interesting people in the life of kr deals with Shaykh Mawlana Qari-ul-Qurra (the Recitor of the Recitors), Jawhar al-`Ulama (the Treasure of the Scholars), Faqih al-Fuqaha (the Jurist of the Jurists), Sayyid al-Ghurabaa (the Master of the Strangers), `Ujbatul-Zaman (the Wonder of the Age), al-Rajulu’l-Kamil (the Complete Man), Bahrul-`Ilm (the Ocean of Knowledge), Hibru’l-Ummah (the Ink of the Ummah) Mujaddidul-Qaran (the Reviver of the Century), Sahibul-Layl (the Companion of the Night (Prayer)), Fitnatul-Nisa’ (the Tribulation of Women), Adeeb ul-Adabaa (the Erudite of the Erudites), Ameeru’l-Mutasawwifeen (the Prince of the Mystics) Muhaddith (Hadith scholar) Wali Janab-e-Ala Allama Sidi Ustadh Abrar Mirza (db).

To visit Abrar’s other website, click here.

I remember meeting Abrar for the first time during my undergraduate years when I had gone to BU for Jumu`ah. I recall meeting a total fob (dude, he looked like he came straight from the airport to Jumu’ah) who looked totally lost in this new country. He was a very quiet, innocent, and shy person the first few times I met him. He always looked quite lost and had a goofy smile on his face. He still had many traces of the accent… even to this day, Abrar still will utter out words with a fob accent unconsciously, most notoriously being unable to say the letter “v” correctly. We joked around with him a few weeks ago that if ever had to recite the opening speech of “V” from “V for Vendetta”, that would be better entertainment than the usual fare produced at ISNA. Even now, he does that classic-desi-uncle tilting of the head side-to-side when one engages in a conversation with him.

Abrar: the early years

Abrar then enrolled at the Institute of Islamic Education (IIE) in the Summer of 2003, joining their inaugural 4 years Alim course program with a handful of other upstanding brothers. What’s quite impressive about this, Mashallah, is that he managed to continue his undergraduate education through early morning and evening classes while taking the alim course. He often put in 12+ hour days, driving back and forth from BU and IIE, eating his meals while driving (what a multi-talented guy… sisters pay attention) in order to pursue both degrees.  He graduated last Sunday from BU with some computer degree (all computer-related jobs in kr’s books are the same and are not worth his time to distinguish between a computer science, computer engineering, IDS, etc. majors), Mashallah. What that means is that he’s now capable of earning money and providing, you know, for a family and whatnot.

At the same time, Abrar (db) has been studying at IIE, excelling in his alim course studies. In just a few years he’s gotten to the point where he’s studying books like the crowning Hanafi text of fiqh, al-Hidayah; the Tafseer of Ibn Kathir; the famous book of comparative hadith, Mishkat; the renowned Hanafi text of usul (principles), Nur al-Anwar; and the authoritative text on theology, Sharh al-Aqai’d al-Nasafiyyah. On his own, he’s studying a handful of other books, including reading the commentary on al-Hidayah. And, being the hardcore guy that he is, he realized that he needed to know more surahs for his all-night tahajjud sessions so he’s also doing memorization of the Qur’an on his own. Soon, Abrar will start the final year of the Alim program wherein he will undergo the rigors of the Daure-Hadith: 10-12 hrs a day of intense Hadith studies from the 6 major books of Hadith.

Abrar leading prayer at IIE with many scholars praying behind him

Wah wah, what a hardcore guy

Abrar claims to have a fist-length beard. I ask the audience, do any of these pictures indicate that it indeed is a fist-length? Yeah, maybe if you take his niece’s fist….

Don’t worry ladies, he can still GQ it up when the occasion demands it… on the right is his brother in law, Saqib Masood

Abrar going to Umrah, leading a delegation of alim students

Abrar and Saud contemplating probably some important matters, such as “is there any sister out there who’s worthy enough to marry me?”

Abrar has also taught kr. Yes, indeed, for a few days, he took pity on kr the jahil (ignorant) and helped him read through a kindergarten usul book… but then, because kr wasnt religious as he was, these classes stopped. So I can rightfully say that he is my ustadh, even if it was for two days.

Shaykh Abrar has also started his own business,, a website that sells authentic and convenient leather socks. One of the taglines of the website was “worn by renowned scholars of North America”… I think that also included himself. Anyway, go check out his website and buy some socks; tell him that kr sent you and you might get a discount… though after this post, probably not =).

As of now, Abrar plans to finish up his alim course and then go work in corporate America as he balances his soon-to-be busy khutbah, lecture, fiqh of marriage, and halaqah sessions all across the nation.

Currently Abrar is accepting marriage proposals from all interested parties. Qualified candidates only should apply, and only the top 4 will be selected. For more information, contact Abrar’s parents or email Abrar’s marriage team at:

I had some audio/video clips of Abrar as well, but I can’t seem to find them. I’ll add them later tonight.


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  1. I went to the ‘ulama conference on Saturday and one of the distinguished ‘ulama that I had the honor of meeting was Maulana Abrar (db). I don’t know why Masjid-ul-Huda wasted money by having the lights on because surely, this Sahibul-Layl’s face could’ve lit up that room like a Christmas…err, Eid tree.

  2. mA, Abrar is such a stud. But you must admit, he looks hottest in that pic with me. Wait, I just dissed myself didn’t I…

  3. Third. I wonder when I will get to be an “interesting person in the life of kr.”

  4. I’m not even gonna quote Shahjehan on this one.

  5. contemplating probably some important matters, such as “is there any sister out there who’s worthy enough to marry me?”kr, tell the truth man… its you who’s contemplating this, isn’t it!!! I mean which sister out there can match you on your knowledge and wit? You need a super hot sister that can satisfy your intellect. good luck in your search for hahaj/k.

  6. Anonymous permalink

    What a bogus post.  First, you associate to me all these titles of respect that only you know cuz you must have been called these over the years. Btw, I don’t know why someone actually called you an “Ustadah”, as in the femine form of “Ustadh”.  Second, how can I be called hardcore from a guy whose Dars are available in English & Arabic (which I will put up soon), some of which can also be found on Google Video (some guy put up the link on my site). 
    Finally, let me expose the real point of this post.  KR, you’ve said that all your posts, however random they might seem, they all have a subtle point and message to them.  So what is it here?  Let’s see, you mentioned: hardcore, alim course, khutbahs, lectures, able to provide for a family, etc.  Hmm…..most of these things clearly apply to you more than me.  So, after stating your qualifications (rather a biodata in an essay form), you finally get to the main point in the final paragraph: “accepting marriage proposals from all interested parties. Qualified candidates only should apply, and only the top 4 will be selected.”  Hmm, nicely done KR, nicely done.

  7. *Sigh*
    first I thought it was gonna be about the relationship between Touqueer and I in the life of kr. Then I find out its about this Abrar stud. Oh well, yea I guess anyone related to Saqib Masood is a stud.

  8. Squirrel. 

  9. wow, thanks for enlightening us with that ‘Squirrel.’ comment. I bet people are so inspired by that comment that maybe they might just figure out the Unified Theory of Everything (aka Unified Field Theory).

  10.   Assalamu’alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu,
    Brother Abrar…Are you really going to let kr get away with that?!  You cant do that, remember, kr once said this to you “revenge is a dish served best cold”…So i think you sould uh….uh…you know what im trying to say right?  yeah, so like that dude posted that link, you should put up kr talks and a post just like this but cold…..Muwahahahahaha!!!

  11. i meant to say dish best served cold…..even though everything kr said was soooo true…hardcoooore!

  12. Anonymous permalink

    “I guess anyone related to Saqib Masood is a stud.”Sweet dude; I’m a stud.

  13. hey, you can’t be a stud if your already married!

  14. Masha Allah….Kattharallahu Amthalahum….

  15. thats my cuzin, don’t mess

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