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Our Mega-Adventure on the MegaBus

May 15, 2006

No, this isn’t a post of my latest trip to Michigan. Bechara Alti spent time making a post and this post is nothing more than a link to his post.

The fabled Mega Bus…

Anyway, visit his xanga to read about our adventures… be sure to prop him cause he spent a lot of time taking pictures and whatnot. He’s only put part I up, but trust me, parts II and III are gonna be even better.

Oh yes, I’ll put up Part 2 of the Tipu Sultan post either tonight or tomorrow, at the latest. In the meantime, enjoy Alti’s post.


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  1. Anonymous permalink

    Michigan rules. You lucky punks. Even if you had to take the megabus, it’s well worth it.

  2. i wanna try the megabus..but im scared of getting robbed..or shot.

  3. Public Transportation scares the heck out of me. I mean, what if the person before you peed in your seat?!? Or what if a naked man sat in that seat before you. How nijs!

  4. the video… hehe.  u guys have too much fun, mashaAllah.

  5. Megabus has crossed the Atlantic? Wow.

  6. ^they shoulda stayed in Europe… they have the worst bus service ever.

  7. Anonymous permalink

    Haha…..I guess my recommendation to you for MegaBus was a sort of comeback.  Oh man…..I felt so good after you told me the details.

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