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May 5, 2006

Edit, Saturday 12:50 am: Thanks to Yahya for this video clip. I think the funniest part is how she’s smiling throughout the entire interview while damning everyone around her. Any parallels to people that we may know ourselves is, theoretically at least, coincidental =). Maybe.

As my man Rick James said, “Cocaine’s a hell of a drug.”

Wow, things have been… “interesting” around here in the past couple of days. I’ve learnt quite a bit from some of the comments and I’ve been given much to think about. Like I said, the last post was a collection of my thoughts, not necessarily my final stances on this issue. Many legitimate and valid points to my opinions were brought up, Alhamdulillah. Some not so valid, but hey, Alhamdulillah `ala kulli haal, right? =)

Anyway, I had this big Tipu Sultan tribute post planned for May 4th, seeing as how May 4th, 1799 was the day that the Tiger of Mysore became a martyr. I’ll try to post that tonight, Inshallah. In the meantime, I promised Abdul that I’d publicize it, this one, that good one thing you know. (I can’t do the fob thing as well as he does, hehehe)

Be sure to check out the following event on Saturday if you get a chance, Inshallah.

I like how there’s a diverse array of speakers who are sure to bring unique views and pearls of knowledge to the table.

Oh yes, and a moment of silence for the end of the 2005-06 Chicago Bulls’ season. Despite how it ended, in the end, I’m proud of my boys and I have to tip my cap. I must admit that at times during this season, I doubted them, but they proved me wrong time and time again. And yes, the way it ended tonight sucks, no doubt… but I think the future looks bright for the Bay-bee Bulls.

As long as Jerry Angelo doesn’t draft for John Paxson, we’ll be a-ok.

edit, Friday 11:20 pm (thanks to Ilyas for finding this on

Something doesn’t look right in the following picture:

Let’s see who can come up with the best ad-libbed conversation =).


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  1. A kullu from COD said it best. “They ain’t lil boys no more. They grown men.”

  2. ^what heck, Saqib shafi is giving E-Props at 3:25am….grrr u better use the thajjaud excuse son!
    btw- This is proof that the Detroit Pistons will be triumphant as to win their 2 title inshallah! It is sad to see that the weakness of the bulls(no beef upfront) was finally expolited by Pat Riley. Arguably it took him 6 games to relize this. Anyways Viva la Kobe! Viva los Pistones!

  3. SubhanAllah that’s an interesting combination of speakers. Unfortunately, I will not able to make it. On a side notw, Kamran, you’ve been called a “racist a**” and compared to Ann Coulter. Did you ever think that this day would come? hahaha!

  4. Anonymous permalink

    it is sad to see the Bulls go out like this *supresses laughter* and yes i KNOW the knicks suck and i KNOW the bulls get their pick…im well aware of all of this…i still gotta rub it in though…
    pistons suck too…they’re not winning anything…it’s sad to see that there really is no dominating team in the NBA this year…im rooting for the Heat and my nigga D wade baby…

  5. sadiq: a wise man once said: “to be great, you have to be willing to be hated.” hehe.

  6. i had my hopes up for nuthin. bulls suck.

  7. Anonymous permalink

    awesome speakers…too bad its like the weekend before finals…grr…remember in duas!!!

  8. Assalamualaikum…
    i had my hopes up for the Bulls….they got crushed….sigh…
    Allah Hafiz

  9. yeah… wish the bulls won! Thanks for stopping by today, even though it was for 2 minutes, and out of which you were on the phone for 1 minute and 53 seconds. 🙂

  10. A Tipu Sultan tribute?  What Bangalori Muslim would not be eager to read this?
    And thanks for responding back to my comments in the last post. I understand where you are coming from, and I still disagree with a few points that you made, but the point is we can agree to disagree.
    Unfortunately, it’s disappointing to see some respond having to resort to personal attacks and the like.

  11. “As long as Jerry Angelo doesn’t draft for John Paxson, we’ll be a-ok.”
    lol, so true

  12. “I wish I knew how to quit you!”

  13. Anonymous permalink

    my ad-lib for the photo ..lebron : YAA BABY .. HOW U LIKE THAT??!d. jones: <gently> ooo right there .. screw that steve nash — you’re my mvp baby

  14. KBKachra (11:39:41 PM): okay so my adlib convo is……damon jones: OHHH James, u truly are the King of Kings, Lebron: call me 007

  15. damon jones: umm…can you get the hell off me lebronlebron james: listen beeyatch…im the king baby…and now YOU MY QUEEN!

  16. Anonymous permalink

    Lebron:  WHO AM I?D. Jones: *feminine voice* your the king of queens baby…

  17. Iz all about tomorrow…Game 7 of the L.A. Lakers vs. Phoenix Suns………bring it home Kobe.

  18. Anonymous permalink

    Props on the video, even though I can’t see it 🙂

  19. hah shes like the HT of Christ.

  20. aww man, you got it on here before me. Ilyahs bhai sent it to me too. and the bulls are awesome.Tipu Sultan, ey?? You should see the power point me and my brother made for him.

  21. by “it” i mean the lebron and damon jones picture

  22. I was wondering what two black men are doing on top of one another…they were acting like they won the NBA championship….
    Anyways, the pistons will make quick work of the one man show fluke cavs inshallah 
    Pistons in 4

  23. Wow, this woman is crazy. Why does she sound like some Muslims of today, lol.
    “Sunlight is the best disinfectant.” <— Best statement ever.
    “No, you’re not Christian.”
    “What are your sins.”…. “You tried this the other day, why don’t we talk about…”

  24. yea i couldnt see the video either… but the rest was.. interesting, hehe.

  25. that was weird, she really was smiling throughout the entire thing

  26. Anonymous permalink

    Lebron: AAAHHH you look just as ugly down here this close than you do across the court doing absolutely nothing as I carry this team.

  27. hahaha crazy lady, but the guys on fox news where just a stupid….
    lebron: how’s my breathe?
    jones: oooo, damn dude it stanks!!!

  28. Damon Jones: I’ve asked this of Dwyane so many times before, but he’d just refuse……LeBron James: Boy, don’t you know Dwyane can’t come close to me?!?! Dwyane can’t get away with traveling! Don’t you know that you all are witnesses?!?! I’m the KING, fool!!

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