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Story Time #7

April 25, 2006

kr’s note: I think that in the wake of several discussions that have occurred on this blog in the past few weeks, and also in light of many issues that plague the American Muslim community, I find these particular stories to be of extreme relevance. I won’t point out the exact lessons and relevances; I’ll leave that for the readers to determine that for themselves.

Oh yeah, and in case anyone’s wondering, I still love my boy Imran Hussain aka BlissEnraged. Just cause we disagree on many things doesn’t mean we don’t roll deep like that… we got too many connections (Bangalore, IIE, what what) that run way too deep.

1. Sultan Nasir-ud-Din, a monarch from the Slave Dynasty that ruled over India for nearly 100 years, ascended the throne in the year 1246. From childhood, he was raised amongst the Sufis who taught him religious knowledge and spiritual discipline. He chose a life of prayer, fasting, and asceticism; it is said that he did not cease wearing his ragged garments while in private, and only on occasions of public audience did he put on regal apparel.

He devoted a definite portion of his time to prayer, in reading the Qur’an, and in copying it with his own hands. He did this copying work in private, so that no one might recognize his hand writing and buy it for more than its fair value.

One day, an elderly nobleman came to inspect a copy of the Qur’an written by the Sultan. The nobleman pointed out to the Sultan that a word was wrongly written. The Sultan, looking at it, smiled and drew a circle around it. When the nobleman was gone, the Sultan erased the circle and restored the word. One of the old attendants begged to know the reason for this. The monarch replied, “I knew the word was originally correct, but I considered it better to erase it from a paper than to wrong the heart of this man by bringing him to shame.”

2. Shaykh Nizamuddin Aulia passed his days in silent starvation during the period of his preparation for a saintly course. One day, the Shaykh sat down to eat a few crumbs of bread after he had gone without food for two days. A beggar who was passing by saw the crumbs and thought that the Shaykh had finished his dinner, and these crumbs were the leftovers. He therefore took away the crumbs from the plate without seeking any permission.

The Shaykh smiled cheerfully and he said, “Glory be to Allah! Our suffering must have been accepted by Allah. For why else would He have given us a fresh installment?”

3. A tyrannical ruler once demanded the allegiance of all the religious scholars in his kingdom. All of them gave him the oath of allegiance except for one Shaykh Ayn-ul-din, who refused on the grounds that the king drank wine and was guilty of other transgressions against the shari`ah. The king sent a messenger to the Shaykh, demanding that he come to the court and take the oath of allegiance before him. The Shaykh declined, and instead wrote the following anecdote in the form of a letter, and told the messenger to give it to the king:

Once a scholar, a Sayyid (a descendant of the Prophet), and a prostitute were captured and taken as prisoner by non-Muslims who promised to give them safety if they would worship their idols and demonstrate it. If not, they would be immediately put to death. The scholar, using the rules of Sacred Law and his knowledge, reconciled himself to perfunctorily perform the ceremony in order to save his life. The Sayyid thought it must be right to follow the scholar’s worthy example. The prostitute, however, said: “I have been sinning all my life, and am neither a scholar nor a Sayyid to be able to hope for mercy for this additional sin.” She therefore refused and was put to death.

Shaykh Ain-ud-din said to the messenger, “My dear friend, my case is like hers and I am resigned to the king’s punishment. I will neither go to his presence nor acknowledge allegiance to him.”

The king admired the resolution of the Shaykh and made repentance for his misguided ways.

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  1. first to comment!

  2. Cool stories mA.  We’re living in a fantasy world if we think the Bulls will pull this series off man; d-Wade is too much in the clutch, and that’s where the Bulls win most of their games against good teams.  Plus we suck at home. We’re getting some quality experience to use next year though. fo sho.

  3. good stuff, I can actually learn something new here šŸ™‚ ….sometimes šŸ˜‰ hehe

  4. nice stories…and the bulls game yesterday was really disappointing. as u said…they’re inexperienced and young and so they made sum critical mistakes. hopefully we’ll learn from them for the years to cum. when it cums down it we really don’t hav a chance tho it took me awhile to accept the fact. so i shut the game off after the 3rd quarter lol…it really is a waste of time when there’s finals to study for

  5. go bulls. šŸ˜¦

  6. subhanAllah!

  7. MashAllah, people in the past were so awesome…

  8. Anonymous permalink

    bulls suck…
    nice stories though…subhan’Allah really eye opening…

  9. SubhanAllah… after I read each story, I thought it was great, and then the story after that it topped.
    story no. 3 was the best. It reminded me of the Hadith about the prostitute who gave water to the dog and was given Jannah because of it.

  10. *Sigh* at least win ONE GAME against the Heat……….
    one game…is that too much to ask?
    Or do something useful like break D-Wade’s leg or something………..

  11. mashAllah dupar!

  12. #3 was just… wow… subhanAllah. I wonder if the story that he narrated was actually true or was it just a made-up one to prove a point. Can you find out? Either way, the effect is still the same.

  13. Why do more people comment on the afterthought of the post (what your watching) then the actual post itself?I wish we had the type of perspective of those in the stories which were narrated.

  14. KAMRAN!

    I miss you! šŸ˜„

  15. Dude I updated, with a really cool pic!

  16. i love stories… mashaAllah, nice ones.  I think I liked #1 the most but the rest weren’t far behind.

  17. Anonymous permalink

    May Allah bless you kamran and increase the love between us for the sake of Allah. Jazakullah khair, I was really moved by your kind words. =)

  18. I wish I could let these stories stay with my heart.

  19. Anonymous permalink

    subhanallah…great stories…

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