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Selling Out to Corporate Sponsorship

April 18, 2006

kr’s note: The following post is sponsored by the Rayyan Center dinner.

And that’s the end of the post. Yep, that’s it. This is what happens when one sells out: quality suffers. I think there’s a lesson in that somewhere, but I’m not interested. I’m too busy counting the payment I received for selling out.

Anyway, I know there’s a lot of things going on this Friday night in the Chicago area. But go support the RC if you can, Inshallah.

edit, 3:53 pm: as Sayeed pointed out, its on Saturday. This is what happens when one sells out. He doesn’t even pay attention to the details or to what he’s even promoting =). I’ll have an original post, inshallah, tonight about the MMYC conference that I went to over the weekend.


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  1. …sell out 😦

  2. saturday.

  3. ILMFEST is mainly Friday and then Saturday daytime. RC dinner is Sat night!

  4. yes, tell us about the conference and stop selling out… hehe, plz.

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