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Temporary Announcement

April 14, 2006

Attention boys and girls:

There will be no update until Sunday evening, at the earliest.

Inshallah, I’ll be in Michigan for the weekend and will indulge in, among other things, philly cheesesteaks and chicken gyros…

Pray that I have a safe trip.

In the meantime, how come only a handful of people shared their favorite story/hadith in the previous post? Do we not have favorite stories and hadith?

You may now return to whatever you were doing.


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  1. Anonymous permalink

    best post EVER!
    i actually READ this one….whoo!
    have a safe trip…once again i apologize that i couldnt make it…
    make dua’a for us all on your journey…

  2. MMYC Spring Conference??  I’ll be there too, insha’Allah. 
    And just a heads up.  Oakland University, the site of the conference, is over an hour away from Ann Arbor (take 75 South, 696 West, 275 South, M14 West) the wonderful home of Ahmo’s.  But there are other place you can get your hands on some zabiha sandwiches. 
    If you decide to head to Dearborn for a meal (which is slightly closer to Oakland University, take 75 South to 94) there’s a great burger/sandwich place on Schaefer Rd. between Ford Rd and Michigan Ave called Famous Hamburger.  I *highly* recommend it.
    Have a safe trip, insha’Allah.

  3. Anonymous permalink

    please don’t neglect Shatila and its decadent pistachio ice cream, or Roma Bakery and its fabulous pepperoni bread.
    have a productive weekend, iA.

  4. man, saima baji took the comment right outta me. that was exactly what i was gonna say.

  5. lucky u…inshallah hav a safe trip. i luv the food at Al-Ameer…i think that’s wat it was called. it’s a Lebanese resturaunt. and Shatilas is awesome…yum baclava (is that how u spell it?) and inshallah i will get bak to u wit a story or hadith when i hav time. i hav to catch up on sum reading and watnot. salaamz

  6. Insha`Allah you’ll have a safe and enjoyable trip, brother.

  7. haha to lt’s comment.  inshaAllah you have a safe trip. 

  8. Anonymous permalink

    feed me.

  9. i wish i could go with u to michigan šŸ˜¦ 
    But honestly this weekend has been so busy and there’s so much more to get done for my final senior design presentation on tuesday.

  10. so kamran, it was great seeing you friday, for those of you who don’e know, he gave khutbah at uofm dearbornyou can find his khutbah at, along with a lot of other cool stuff :)MI is the coolest

  11. Anonymous permalink

    cute post. yeah, i dunno if i can that say a guy’s (man…w/e you refer to yourself as) post was cute.
    you’re probably gonna get this when you get back but…
    Please pray for my brother, Mudabbir, who is and has been ill for a couple of weeks now.
    hope you had a good weekend.

  12. Anonymous permalink

    you made a post about not posting?sheesh!

  13. Ur even hotter in real life! :faint:

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