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A Hajj Video and More Riddles

March 17, 2006

edit, Saturday, 6:50 pm: y’all are weeeeeak… only one acceptable answer thus far. I’m calling everyone out.

kr’s note: I’ve gotten repeated requests to update but I haven’t had
the time this week (so far) to type up the next installment of Hajj
Memoirs. Inshallah, I’ll do so over the weekend. In the meantime, these
riddles should keep you guys entertained.

I look pretty gangster in this turban. Enjoy.

We were chillin on this couch when God blessed us with a vision of the
HNIC (may God bless and protect him)… perhaps because it was Madinah,
he was really an angel that was sent to be a role model for us.

1. Pahelwan Khan stared through the dirty, rusted, broken down window
on the 36th floor of the office building. The weather outside was dark,
damp, windy, and chilly, overwhelming our hero with a feeling of
depression. He couldn’t take it anymore. He slid open the window,
looked down, and decided to go through with his decision. It was a
sheer drop from the window to the ground, but he had had enough. He
jumped through the window. Miraculously, after he landed, he was
completely fine. There was nothing on the ground to cushion his fall.
He had no parachute or anything to slow his descent. How did he survive
the fall?

2. Fakhruddin and Fajruddin Butt are identical twin brothers. Fajruddin
is the manager for his brother who is a renowned guitarist. The two
brothers are inseparable, always together since childhood. It should be
noted that Fajruddin has a great mind for promotion, and has always
been secretly jealous of his brother’s fame. The two of them were last
scene on the 14th, leaving a famous Italian restaurant together. They
were never seen alive again. Two days later, news broke that Fakhruddin
was found dead in a field with a knife through his heart. Although
Detective kr had never seen Fakhruddin or Fajruddin before this, he
quickly determined that the dead man was not Fakhruddin. How did he

3. Following World War II, freezers and frozen food grew in popularity.
Fish was an immediate success as a frozen item, but sales soon dropped
because the fish tasted flat. The fish underwent chemical changes while
being brought to shore and before they could be frozen. The fish
processing companies decided to transport the fish live in large tanks
until they reached the docks where they could be frozen. The fish still
tasted flat after capture because they didn’t move around as they did
in the ocean. What would be the easiest way, after capture, to keep the
fish swimming as they do in their natural environment?

4. Detective kr was interrogating WaqharSaab. “I was strolling along
near the beach, watching my kite fly over the ocean when I saw this
body washed up on the shore. I immediately called up the police.” kr
looked around; empty bottles, a few chairs, a broken down volleyball
set, and a half-destroyed sand castle dotted the scenery. There were
many footprints in the sand that led away from the ocean and towards
the shore, as well as the tracks of a seagull that led out towards the
ocean. “The footprints must be fresh, within the past 2 hours or so”,
surmised kr, “or else the receding tide would have washed the prints
away.” When kr asked WaqharSaab about the whereabouts of the kite, the
latter said that in his shock over finding the dead body, he must have
let it go. “It’s probably over the ocean somewhere.” “It’s completely
calm now,” noted kr. WaqharSaab nervously coughed and said, “Yes, the
wind suddenly died a few moments before you arrived.” kr looked him up
and down and said, “I don’t know how you’re mixed up in this mess, but
your story has a gaping hole.” What is it?

Finally, Yahya sent me this comic:


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  1. First to comment! Cool! I have nothing else to say though, 😛

  2. dude, for a moment I got worried that you didnt put me in your riddles…..
    hahah you seriously look like a shia in that black and white turban outfit….maybe you should pull a Sheikh Liber Ali and wear a “I need a wife” sticker at ISNA…and wear a mantle that says “IM KAMRAN FRICKIN’ RIAZ” =)

  3. is there a video?

  4. 1. How could he open the window when it was broken?
    2. Don’t know this one
    3. Don’t know this one either
    4. If there were footsteps leading away from and towards the shore, Waqhar couldn’t have been strolling along the shore. Or else the footsteps would have been along the shore. But they could have been washed off. So I’m not that sure what it is.

  5. datubelite: yes it’s a video, double click on it and it should play.MP: #1. it was “broken down”… meaning, it looked pretty messed up, but i assure you that it was still able to be opened.#4. the footprints are not washed off. the riddle implies that the tide was more than 2 hrs ago, and hence if the footsteps were older than 2 hrs ago, they would’ve been washed off.

  6. You two look like studs in that sofa picture
    As for the riddles, I have no idea… yet. I’m not doing any work for the rest of the day until I figure these out.

  7. Anonymous permalink

    ^^^^ sweet somebody called me a stud…whee!

  8. 1. was he on the first floor or ground floor of another building, or in a car; and he was looking through the 36th floor window of a building that is across from it by looking up, as one would do to the sears tower while being on the ground?
    2. is there a third brother? it never explicitly says that the guitarist is fakhruddin.
    4. just attach a net to the ship which drags behind the ship for a given length. The fish would be inside the net and would be able to swim around while the ship moves and the net drags them? But i guess this might be a problem because if htey cant swim fast enough they would all get crushed against the back side of the net……..but its the best i have for now.

  9. lol, KR admits he’s a crybaby.
    I have no clue on any of these riddles yet.

  10. i second musafir’s comment about you two looking like studs…

  11. haha, nice… hajj memoirs plz, altho this was a pretty good in-the-meantime post

  12. 4. Waqhar was lying because if the tide had washed up the body, the footprints would have been washed off along with the receding tide.

  13. Anonymous permalink

    #2. Because KR is smart like that. J/k. You just have to look at the guy’s fingers. And why do the murder stories always involve Fakhruddin? Poor guy, I feel for him.
    Comic is hilarious. Still tryna figure out the rest of em.

  14. Anonymous permalink

    dang dude .. you look like a midget compared to alti. the eprops are for the riddles, not the shameless attempt to get even more proposals.

  15. I ,waqhar, do not lie……I might be a bad guy, but not bad enough to lie…=)

  16. 1. Pahelwan Khan is a super hero….. ( i really have no clue so this was the only answer)
    2.  It says that the two brothers are inseperable… meaning attached at the hip… so if you found one you have to find the other
    3. Well since the fish underwent chemical changes while they where being brought up, you have to make sure the fish are never taken out of the water and find a means to bring the fish with the water on to the boats so they do not go through the chemical changes ( they don’t swim the same because of those changes)
    4.  I agree with MP that there where no foot prints of him walking along the shore… and the kite couldn’t have flown off that far so it should have either been either floating on the water or have also washed up onto the shore…

  17. ooh i just thought about the 4th one again…. if there was a tide then the foot prints would have been washed off, also the body would not have been able to wash up onto the shore if there was no tide, since the foot prints are still there one can deduce that there was no tide and the body was implanted

  18. Maybe he didn’t fall all of the 36 floors. Maybe he jumped out the window and landed on the balcony of the 36th floor.And Allah knows best.The Shariff Fatwa Dept.

  19. Anonymous permalink

    Hmmm, good point pika. Maybe they’re conjoined twins–though that’d make it difficult for one of em to be a famous guitarist. lol at qidas.

  20. so how r ur feet now? is the pain totally gone?

  21. alhamdulillah yes, the pain was gone by the time i got to india after hajj

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