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No Motivation to Update

March 5, 2006

Collegeiskilli: you need to update your xanga son
Collegeiskilli: with something good
Collegeiskilli: not a stupid video

I have no motivation to update. I’m thinking of taking a vacation for about a week.

If anyone wants an update, in 50 words or less, make a case on why I should update.

Also, with spring around the corner, it’s time for a site facelift. Any
ideas, suggestions, or even submissions of new color schemes, logos
(with a “kr156” motif), etc. would be welcome.


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  1. 😦 Sorry to hear that you have got no motivation. Maybe you are due for a break (er, I thought you had a vacation in India? :))Anyhows…My case:1. I, and many people, are looking forward to the Haj Chronicles.2. I am pathetic and stalk your Xanga once a day for new Haj entries.3. I am watching too much tv (have a cold). Might as well read something that will benefit my dunya and akhirah.Is that 50 words or less?But seriously, just update when you can. And take care.

  2. Assalamualaikum…
    “Also, with spring around the corner, it’s time for a site facelift. Any ideas, suggestions, or even submissions of new color schemes, logos (with a “kr156″ motif), etc. would be welcome.”
    are you serious? people would do that for you?
    my case basically is to read the memoirs of a haji……
    Allah Hafiz

  3. ^yes, all my color schemes thus have been suggested by artistically inclined people… as you can tell, i dont have a shred of color co-ordination or artistic vision that others have.this blue on blue has been there for about 8 months now… some people have complained that it’s a bit hard on the eyes to read. anyway, like i said, suggestions/submissions are more than welcome

  4. Anonymous permalink

    You need to update, just so that I can figure out whether you’ve gotten that awesome green laser pointer yet! Haha.

  5. Let’s see… how about Red White and Blue? No wait, do Green and White… that would be definately you. 😉
    Actually, I like your present PoP – Two Thrones color scheme.
    Speaking about boondocks, I’m not very happy with the animated series.  Doesn’t have the punch the comic strip had.  It seems like it’s trying to edgy, but just comes off as vulgar.
    Btw, the Kill Bill song is great.

  6. green and white sounds good…..and dont put any orange in it……

  7. Anonymous permalink

    kamran.. just quit xanga.. your xanga sucks.. and mine will always be better than you 😦

  8. Anonymous permalink

    uhh i mean smiley face.. not frown

  9. ^what a liar:Another ILLINI (11:49:05 AM): between you and me…Another ILLINI (11:49:09 AM): keep on xanga ing..

  10. Anonymous permalink

    kamran… go get married

  11. ^more truth:k r 1 5 6 (11:46:32 AM): aint no shame in being #2k r 1 5 6 (11:46:35 AM): especially to meAnother ILLINI (11:46:38 AM): straightAnother ILLINI (11:46:41 AM): i’ll take thatAnother ILLINI (11:46:44 AM): besidesAnother ILLINI (11:46:49 AM): i do envy your xanga

  12. Anonymous permalink

    no comment

  13. Anonymous permalink

    oh and by the way.. i take it back.. your xanga sucks because you recycle old posts

  14. hajj memoirs plz…you know everyone reads your xanga (since you make note of it and have a “hidden” resentment for those who dont comment! haha), so stop this motivation junk and update already… sheesh

  15. no kamran, its time for a facelift…period. j/k. here’s a color scheme for you: white on white…that way, only the people who really want to read your posts will put the effort in to read them.

  16. Anonymous permalink

    I think you should have a persian motiff, with persian art work and your name written in farsi. You can also incorporate prince of persia into it. I tried doing a more turkish style on my xanga, but failed miserably. =(
    I would recommend a light shade of baby blue/cyan background scheme and border it with black. And use red for links and certain text. OR use more of a light green on dark green tone. Make it all foresty.
    Those are my humble suggestions.

  17. yea hi, Id like to remind everyone that kr’s rishta deadline is coming up ASAP…..

  18. ^the committee seems to be slacking since not one single solid prospect has been forwarded to me. or wait, maybe it’s doing its job extremely well…

  19. Anonymous permalink

    xanga as a whole is starting to suck…

  20. ^ i agree with him. the only reason i xanga is so that it’s my form of “spreading islam”. That way, i don’t have to be responsible for not spreading islam to others.
    But had it not been for that, i would have quit a looooooooooong time ago.  xanga is such a time waste.

  21. I would take up the offer to make a “kr156″ish logo, but I tend to be real slacker when it comes down to drawing, wait let me correct that— drawing for other people, ask alti I think I’ve kept him waiting for months lol

  22. Anonymous permalink

    you should do a post on how and why you REALLY are “shai-un haar-un wa fitna-tun lin-nisaa”.  Think about it.

  23. ^that’s it, the get-revenge-on-abrar post is going up this week

  24. Anonymous permalink

    that’s worse than not updating

  25. I’ll give you a color scheme….a dark red background and mustard yellow as text (basically replace the blue you have with the darkest red you can get)

  26. 2 chappal slaps for u

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