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This Cartoonist is a Genius

February 28, 2006

this is hilarious… and so true, hehehe. I recall the words of Shaykh Kanye West: “Now I ain’t sayin she a gold digger….”

Hajj Memoirs… yeeah, gotta type up the next installment soon.

PS: If you look below at what I’m watching, I’m not sure why it doesn’t have Mel Gibson’s name on there too?


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  1. GASP! women aren’t like that at all. well…no wait…we are, we are. hehe.The cartoon’s actually an accurate (and funny) depiction of the true desi lifestyle. It’s so nice we all can be summed up by Stick-Figures…meh.

  2. Anonymous permalink

    haha, does this mean the return of the racist sexist KR, who doesnt get invited to speeches… That kamran was funnier.. This Kamran is always politically correct and what not cause some idiots always gonna get insulted or offended. :(…. Come back to me

  3. Anonymous permalink

    LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL — omg man … i made everyone in the computer lab turn my way when he walked right passed that fat chick with that huge grin on his face. oh man .. still wiping the tears of laughter. That little movie right there just superseded any frics post I’ve ever written… on a side note, and I’ve been saying this for years, in that sophie marceau in braveheart is the the most gorgeous woman I’ve ever seen. (too bad she didn’t look as great in other movies)

  4. LMAO, I agree with iqureshi… bring back the politically incorrect posts

  5. Wow, that was really violent.

  6. Anonymous permalink

    aw but y did he walk past the moti-er girl…

  7. Haa… K R, “I have got money”. lets go eat dinner together šŸ™‚

  8. that gave me some great ideas…why just say no when you can pulverize the guy instead

  9. Anonymous permalink

    lol that is an old clip…i saw that a long time ago…
    ur a jerk still…

  10. gruesome lol

  11. seen it….

  12. hahahahahahhahahahaha
    man that is so true. girls are devils.

  13. that was brilliant.

  14. Anonymous permalink

    Funny stuff… poor guy–he was pretty cute too. I would’ve gone for em.

  15. is that based on real life stories of hijabi’s?

  16. what are you girls talkling about? YES THEY ARE LIKE THAT!!! some of us arent, yes i know. the majority of females are gold diggers and will make their significant others spend lavishly on things they dont need just to show off in front of other girlfriends,making them jealous girls are evil…my advice to all of you brothers stay away from us. have you ammi pick put your wifey, follow the sunnah. odds are ammi will pick out someone who knows how to cook.

  17. If the cap fits, then wear it… : )

  18. kr, plz keep me in your duas…Allah (SWT) seems to be testing more and more..=/

  19. why did he walk past the chubby girl? and that was funny, even though not all females are like that, it was still funny.

  20. This is the GREATEST video ever

  21. Anonymous permalink

    dude this is so old. Back in like Haron’s times old. Yeah pretty old

  22. Assalamualaikum….
    dissapointed, kr, dissapointed….
    this is too old…..and what happened to the orignality of this xanga? sigh….
    nonetheless….i like how the girl ripped off the skin and put salt over it……zakham pur namak….ouch….
    Allah Hafiz
    “Hajj Memoirs… yeeah, gotta type up the next installment soon.” ……you think?

  23. painful…ly sick. šŸ™‚

  24. well made cartoon, lol

  25. i don’t think most girls react like that…about the only girls who will react like that are the arrogant ones who think the whole universe revolves around them and their petty “issues.” it was funny, nonetheless.

  26. slaams…THIS IS SOOOO TRU!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. mayB thats like the director or producer or something

  28. Anonymous permalink

    all i gots to say one wrd niiiiice

  29. aaahahahahahahaha…that was good. and braveheart is a good movie too

  30. man.. poor guy.. those girls were really harsh. and i bet the fat girl would have had the kindest heart of all..
    very funny nonetheless. i especially liked how the guy was brown underneath his skin šŸ™‚

  31. Hahaha this is the greatest thing I’ve seen in forever. Good post. And Mel Gibson is simply awesome in Braveheart. They’ve done him a needless disservice by not mentioning him.

  32. i fell off the chair when the guy walks up to the fat chick and then keeps on going

  33. old.. but still good.

  34. that was great. i saw this a while back, good stuff šŸ™‚

  35. Braveheart rocks!

  36. One day you describe the evils of publishing slanderous cartoons, the next day you publish a slanderous cartoon. As you cited in your commentary, the Prophet PBUH said, “A believer is not one who is a maligner, a curser, one who is obscene, nor one who is vulgar.” The cartoon you published on your site is malignant, obsence, vulgar, and slanderous toward all women. As Allah SWT says, “Lima taquluna ma la tafaloon.” Come on bro, we can do better.

  37. defines slander as: “A false and malicious statement or report about someone.”
    the key word here is “someone”. the above cartoon is not referring to anyone specifically, and thus cannot be considered as slander. the correct word that you’re looking for is satire. satire is taking an existing true image of a given thing and exaggerating a quality of it. now, what was done to the Prophet (salallahu `alayhi wa sallam) was slander, not satire. this above cartoon is satire since it takes a reality that does exist in some women (certainly not all and not a majority) and exaggerates it, satirizing it to illustrate a point. if you’ve ever read articles from, watched the daily show, or anything similar in this genre, you’ll have an idea of what i’m referring to. meaning, that the whole point of this satire is that it’s social commentary disguised in the medium of humor to convey the point. this is sometimes necessary because trite lectures and commentaries often fail to convey such meanings to the masses. hence, this cartoon, through humor, is conveying a truth about modern social dynamics between the genders. if you find it raw, then it’s accomplished its purpose.
    however, to compare this cartoon to my last post is a classic example of ad hominem. nevertheless, let me summarize the common theme (and most people can see this if they think about it calmly) between this post and the last post: both are my personal commentaries on social issues that affect humanity, especially Muslims, in this day and age. the message is the same, the medium changes from time to time. focus on the message, don’t get lost in trying to dissect the medium.
    and if that doesn’t work, remember, the tagline for this site (only changed recently) is: “kr156 is a bad guy”.

  38. lol count on kr to outbrain anyone verbally…. ^^^

  39. i didnt even read kr’s argument knowing that he prolly did prove his point….

  40. ha… dont tell me u got an FC for this? LOL!

  41. Hilarious! I love how the music went with the mood of the cartoon.  The best was “Hi, what time is it?” and she shoots him. 
    And I agree, it’s just satire and a darn funny one at that.  Heck, the cartoon started out saying it’s a “Bitter Film”.  Maybe the guy had bad experiences and releasing the pain through comedy.
    It’s just poetry in motion.

  42. a bit disturbing

  43. but maybe you (you meaning the imaginary man who is the target of the satire) just need to “kick better game.”  Try walking with more attitude and making more creative compliments; a cooler wardrobe and haircut can work wonders, as well.

  44. Anonymous permalink

    Girls are psycho. That cartoon just taught me to reverse everything. You need to find the prettiest girl who you can take the most crap out on and spend the least on her.  =)

  45. so funny…especially when the guy walks right past the fat girl…at least there was one jab at guys.

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