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The Return of Riddles

February 22, 2006

edit 10:23 pm – riddles answers available under the comments/eprops link.

kr’s note: I’ve been quite
busy this week to type out the next installment of Hajj memoirs… I
didn’t know that people actually read them. In the meantime, enjoy the
riddles. I’ve changed them somewhat, but if you Google to get answers,
that probably means you aren’t intelligent enough to figure out the
answers on your own… your parents must be proud.

kr’s note, part II: since some of you clever people seem to have come
up with some answers, I’m temporarily disabling eprops so that others
can get a chance.

1. A frightened Alti picked up the phone and asked Detective kr to come
to his home at once. The 18th-century house was in darkness except for
the light of several sparsely-placed candles made of beeswax. As Alti
explained the purpose of his call, he went and got himself a cold soft
drink. He began his story, “I owed Fakhruddin Butt a fair amount of
money, I had borrowed $10,000 to start my own hookah cafe but then
everyone realized that smoking hookah is a fad and the other day, these
two fob gangs had a war there and tore the place down. Anyway, when I
got home, it was pitch-dark and he was here waiting for me. I had no idea
it was him, as you can see, he’s dressed in all black.  I had no
idea it was him. I’ve had some bad luck lately at work and got laid off
a few weeks ago. As a result, I haven’t had any source of income and
haven’t been able to pay my power bill. They cut it off two days ago.
When I opened the door, I saw a figure, dressed in black, moving in the
moonlight and I panicked. I swung and hit him. He fell back and hit his
head on the mantle. He’s lying on my living room floor, on the bearskin
rug in front of the fireplace. I think he’s dead.” kr interjected, “You
can stop the fabrication right there.”

What’s wrong with Alti’s account? How did the brilliant and great kr figure out that Alti was lying?

2. At an ISNA convention in the near future, a popular attraction in
the bazaar consists of a sealed glass box containing 500,000 American
one dollar bills, fresh from the mint. Tihis was a fundraiser where for
$5 a ticket, a person could guess how many bills the box contained. At
the end of the exhibition, when the seal was broken and the bills
counted, there was only $470,000 remaining. Omar Waqhar (WaqharSaab)
was responsible for enclosing the money into the box. When questioned
by our genius and studly detective kr, WaqharSaab said that he
personally counted each bill by hand. “To be sure,” he added, “I
counted them twice by hand during the two days before the box was
sealed. I had to miss out on a lot of late night after-parties, but I
did it anyway. I could have been out by 70 or 80 dollars, but not
30,000!” he protested.

kr knows that WaqharSaab is lying. How can he be so sure?

3. The gym was generally crowded at lunch hour, and part of the reason
was that SaqibSaab, Kareem99, Mawlana Nazim, and Fakhruddin Butt always
would attend the gym during their lunch hour. The four criminal
masterminds hated each other dearly, but nonetheless pretended to enjoy
each other’s company. After the workout, they would regularly retire to
the sauna where they would read magazines, discuss future heists, and
oddly enough, eat their packed lunches in there as well. One day when
they left the sauna, they noticed that Fakhruddin hadn’t come out. When
they went back in to check on him later, they found him with a deep
stabwound through his heart. Detective kr searched the sauna for any
clue that might help him solve the murder but couldn’t find anything. Despite the probable cause for
each of the three men, there was no murder weapon found. Detective kr
ordered that the three men be held overnight for questioning. That
night, after he updated his xanga and watched sportscenter and checked
his fantasy teams and silently cursed all those who visit his xanga yet
never eprop, the wise, noble, and ridiculously good-looking kr racked
his brains until he came up with the answer. What was it? How was Fakhruddin Butt killed?


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  1. Anonymous permalink

    I totally got no. 3. but only after abdul repeated it very very slowly
    good ones i like these posts

  2. 1. kr knew that Alti was lying about the whole scenario because if the power had been out for two days, Alti would not have been able to get himself a cold soft drink. 2. (quite a few people got this one) it wouldnt have been possible for WaqharSaab to count the bills by hand in two days. Even if he averaged one bill per second, it would take more than 5 days of non-stop counting to count all 500,000 bills.3. The clue here was the fact that the men would eat their packed lunches in the sauna. The other three men conspired to bring in a thermos that contained an ice dagger and used it to stab Fakhruddin and kill him. After they used it, the heat from the sauna melted the icicle, removing the evidence.

  3. Dude I was eating lunch at home, with Ummy. She made kuhtt khana with kufthay. Stop trying (and succeeding) to lure hijabis with your ridiculous riddles of lies! LIES, I tell you!

  4. Assalamualaikum…
    make them a lil easier next time…and give tons of clues….
    Allah Hafiz

  5. Anonymous permalink

    what about the fact that he’s making a phone call when there’s supposedly no power?

  6. phones, especially older phones, draw their power directly from the phone lines, not the electricity. (i had to look that up)

  7. i got all of them suckas

  8. “and silently cursed all those who visit his xanga yet never eprop,”    hahaha, ouch.  Nice post, pretty creative I must say.  and u know a lotta people read your hajj memoirs, so I’d hafta say, yet another shameless plug for eprops, eh?  hehe.

  9. of course, if there is no electricity, there is also no heat.  assuming he is not in ft. lauderdale, any drink he would have gotten would be cold in a winter month.  also, depending on the quality of the insulation in the fridge, it is not necessarily unreasonable for a fridge to maintain a reasonable temerparture for a few days.

  10. i used google…and found out that omar waqhar only to find that he gave a khutbah at UofMDearborn once…
    you should come out to D on ur spring break 🙂 khutbah eh eh?? my treat to ahmos or any restaurant…that is if u get here, lol.  and better yet, you can stay at mine or waqhars, we live 5 houses down from each other.

  11. Anonymous permalink


  12. Here are your props.  I always read, but am too lazy to leave ’em.  Sorry

  13. no comment

  14. Strangely enough, I got no.s 1 and 3 right away. 2 took me a bit longer.:P

  15. Nice riddles 😉

  16. hmmm I was to lazy to think about the answers….The last one was hard to guess….
    what about the fact that he’s making a phone call when there’s supposedly no power?
    Posted 2/23/2006 at 10:47 PM by kareem99
    —your phones still work when the light goes out buddy, the only time it doesn’t is when you have vonage or cordless phones….the normal ones still work

  17. Hey kr,
    Do, I get any potential Rishtas since I am so kind as to let you use my name?
    …just a thought
    dude I had a dream you came to my house…………weird ahy?

  18. wait…riddle #1…how did kr know that Alti was having a cold soft drink?  Alti never told him over the phone in that conversation that he was having a cold soft drink…correct me if i’m wrong bro….

  19. the riddle states that he asked him to come over at once. then it describes the condition of the house, implying that kr was present at the house. sorry, i thought this was clear that kr was at alti’s house….

  20. this week, due to an extreme case of tubelight-ism, i could not answer these. only after i read the answers (esp. for #3) i was like ohhhh my gawwwwwd…. i’ve read these before… and still couldn’t answer them… sad 😦

  21. I’m e-propping you even though I haven’t read this site for a while now…Uh, I liked the second riddle; it was pretty realistic. The first was a little unclear (I thought the conversation had been on the phone). The third seemed totally phony though. Even in a first class thermos, how is an icicle supposed to stay sharp for so long (the whole workout session and whatever…)?Assalamualaykum warahmatullah.

  22. I don’t know about number three. I had a feeling it had something to do with them bringing lunches. But WHAT indication could there have been that three of them were conspiring to bring a THERMOS with an ICICLE in it? The other riddles were good though…I liked how you obviously modified them to be more relevant to your audience…

  23. I turn polar bears whiteand I will make you cry.I make guys have to peeand girls comb their hair.I make celebrities look stupidand normal people look like celebrities.I turn pancakes brownand make your champane bubble.If you sqeeze me, I’ll pop.If you look at me, you’ll pop.Can you guess the riddle?

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