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My Valentine

February 14, 2006

edit: Wednesday, 7:13 pm – Featured.

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kr’s note: ::tears in eyes:: I was so moved when I received this Valentine’s Day love letter today.

Dearest kr
How are you doing? I was thinking about you so I
decided to write you an email to see how you were doing. As you probably know, I
think about you all the time. In my sleep, while I’m driving, while I’m
studying… I can’t help but marvel at how amazing you are and how lucky I am to
have you in my life. When I wake up, I think about you. When I go to sleep, I
sleep with a big smile on my face because I can see your face in my
It is very important for
me to express to you how much you really mean to me.  I wish I could do this in
person while holding you in my arms and gazing into your eyes.  But since that
is quite impractical and impossible, this expression must come in the form of
letters such as this.
I find that my life is lacking in many things, the
foremost being love. Now, through some great fortune, I have found that love and
along with it, the one person who can fill that void in my life. Kamran, you are
that special person. I have somehow fallen hopelessly and undeniably in love
with you. I cannot help but admire your impeccable writing skills on your blog,
your sophisticated rhetoric and diction, and your incomparable, sans-pareil
metaphors that amaze me like the light that bursts forth from a thousand
and one suns. You, my love, are a genius amongst fools, a hero amongst peasants,
and well, an all-around great guy. I find myself following you wherever you go:
school, masjid, restaurants, heck, I was even there with you at Hajj because I’m
so obsessed with you. You give meaning to my life. And you’re damn good looking
On this day as the rest of mankind–err the
commercialistic members of it, anyway–celebrates the day that St. Valentine may
or may not have died, a man who may or may not have really even existed, and
lovers exchange pleasantries and gifts amongst themselves only to forget about
what love actually means the other days of the year, kr, my love, I just want to
say that I am incomplete without you.
kr, you complete me. I love you. I
feel like we’re the same person, that’s how deep our love is. I quote a
wise shaykh who is your hero and my hero, Shaykh Terrell Owens (may the
definition of his eight-pack abs be increased), who said:
“I love me some me.”
I love you, kr. Be my Valentine forever and ever
and ever. XOXOXOXOXO.
Forever yours,
P.S. Since we both know that we’re both dirt-broke and can’t afford a real rose,
here’s a picture of a rose to show my undying love


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  1. Anonymous permalink

    hahahaha… thats beautiful lol..

  2. eww, oneastic love…but I do love you Kammikins!Happy Valentine’s Day you hunk.

  3. Anonymous permalink

    You definately need to get married and laid asap

  4. oh wow, 6 eprops in 8 minutes?

  5. Anonymous permalink

    wow thats sad that you got 6 eprops for such a lousy post…

  6. Anonymous permalink

    i thought i told you to spend an entire day during hajj about getting laid soon .. for your sake i hope that comes thru

  7. wow, so pathetic. thats ok, I love me myself and I too

  8. “metaphors that amaze me like the light that bursts forth from a thousand and one suns” HAHAHAHA! what a punk. thats actually not a bad idea bro! since i never had a valentine myself, i should make myself feel special by writing love letters to myself…hahaha! Great one.

  9. This has to be one of the greatest spoofs ever. Great touch with the TO quote, lol.

  10. lmao very entertaining. and very embarrassing 4 reader if read in a public place!

  11. hahahahaha…very funny

  12. Anonymous permalink

    What the hell?

  13. Assalamualaikum…
    haha….oh man…you crack me up bro kr…
    Allah Hafiz

  14. Hell yes, Tintin. We need to discuss him, one day.

  15. Hi kr,

    Bye Kr

  16. lol! you ARE the master of all egos. So, if Inshallah you get married…your wife is gonna have to compete with you for you?? disturbing.BTW… Hajj Mubarak, Hajji Kammu 🙂

  17. Hehe, KR’s biggest fan is KR, go figure.

  18. This is the essence of KR: Since we both know that we’re both dirt-broke and can’t afford a real rose, here’s a picture of a rose to show my undying love. In the words of the illustrious Dave Chappelle: “I’m broke, nigga, I’m broke.”

  19. kabri: key word = if. im already in a relationship, as you can see, and im quite happy.kwkkz: i was gonna buy kr flowers, but turns out those suckers are $40 for a dozen. why am i in med school? why don’t i just become a florist?isaac and kareem: haha, no comment.

  20. omGGGG haaaaaaaaaaaaaa. the comments above are hilarrrrrrious.if someone could make those suggestions in dua form… then ameen thumma ameenpeace,IJB

  21. Anonymous permalink

    this post blows worse than the deadly fart I released into the o-zone just a few minutes ago.
    And for all of you fools who typed: OMG hahah youre the BEST KR, this is the DAMN Best post you have ever written. Get a life.

  22. Anonymous permalink

    Dude, you have got some major issues.
    And if you really want to buy yourself some flowers, check out Costco, where 14 bucks will buy you not one, but TWO dozen roses.

  23. if you go to sam’s club at night, they’ll give you a bunch of roses and other flowers for free.  that’s how cheap desis decorate for their weddings

  24. What the………..
    that was a…ummm….really gay post.
    hahahaha. man….i say you drop med school and go and get married right this minute.

  25. this is too disturbing for props…

  26. They say it’s the greatest love of all . . .

  27. Who died and made Hishashish the judge of everything?
    This was hilarious bro, never mind the haters.

  28. Anonymous permalink

    At first I thought your mom sent you this valentine’s letter, but guess I was wrong.
    An over-the-top valentine’s letter; completely ridiculous, it’s great!
    The superfluous description of the exquisite usage of literary terms and techniques was absolutely the cherry on top. I’m still smiling at the thought of it.

  29. lay off the crack, and substitute with some delicious ice cream from Ann Arbor’s Stucchi’s 🙂

  30. Hajj or no Hajj…some people will never change…: )

  31. amazing how your more unusual and i guess craptaculous posts get the most props. should i say this is another FC?

  32. Anonymous permalink

    haha im so jealous of u kr bro lol… for serious.. now i wish i’d sent myself an email this morning… and left some chocolates outside my door haha.. just to make up for it… tommorow i’ll send myself TWO emails InshaAllah haha.. seriously these posts of urs are hilarious.. and i’ve always wanted to tell you.. but i lovveedd ‘kr’s school of domesticaion’ yah how random is that lol.. but that was some good stuff.. wish i could’ve sent u some props for ur older posts haha

  33. i’m with emam on this one…and to think, the guy’s been on THREE hajj’s!!

  34. It started off good, but ended off gay. Save the first few paragraphs for ur wife, I’m sure she’ll believe every word of it 🙂

  35. yes oh yes! yes i will baby k

  36. ha… did u get a FC for this?

  37. this is disturbing…..


  39. Anonymous permalink

    Kamran obey me this once or I will have your head! Get married ya looney tune!

  40. hey imran, follow your own advice first =)besides guys, can’t you see that im already in a relationship and quite happy??

  41. lol I enjoyed the comments more than the actual post….

  42. Anonymous permalink

    hahaha… if i had put the word “bloody” in my sentance i would’ve sounded too much like my grand-daddy-ji haha.. but ur right it does sound great! lol.. and oh my LOL.. u got feautured content for this.. that just makes it even more perfect.. *sigh* the appreciation u’ve gotten for this overly gay post is wonderful haha.. i love it haha

  43. Anonymous permalink

    haha thats hilarious

  44. Anonymous permalink

    As Salamu Alakium… you know I can not believe IRSHAD MANJIauthor of “The Trouble With Islam Today: A Muslim’s Call for Reform in Her Faith” is coming to our college again. Ok there are FLYERS everywhere, last time i took down just the few flyers but now theres alot more EVERYWHERE…ok so anyway so the Islamic Society here is deciding whether we allow this or should we all just read the book(secretly) and not purchase it and go and see what she has to say? the title THE TROUBLE WITH ISLAM TODAY?…already makes me feel like it is “shaythan” in another form…. I mean what if Islamic Society posted up or the College brought in a speaker with What is the problem with christianity today, I am sure many kids wouldnt even allow that speaker to even step at this college. It is tough to do this because the College is bringing this speaker and it is on march 1st, but insh’Allah we will still try. I feel like theres just continous battles, everyday there is a new battle…and it just multiplies. I also walk around in the College bookstore in the beginning of each semester to see what books are the liberal arts students reading relating about islam, woman in islam…professors always seem to choose the book the viel with 2 afghani woman on the front cover..and i read the story ….of course it attempted in showing islam in a negative light, it reminded me of the movie i was forced to watch in 5th grade with a white woman and her child escaping Iran, and showed Islam in a bad light and showed Iranian men as abusive and controlling…now some of my friends who are not muslim were taking that class where they had to read that book..and oh my ..and its funny how they came to seperate culture and relgiion..all the good things about family life, and the values I hold are from culture and not religion. Obviously, we all had a talk…and then when I mention Mariam(pbuh) with the hijab, and the nuns…they completly frooze…as they completly forgot their roots…and they cant claim Mariam (pbuh) for being oppressed or being forced to wear a hijab by her guardians…but questions like what is the purpose of the hijab(FINALLY THE QUESTION THAT SHOULD BE ASKED that leads to substance!!)…. And when I talk about the respect of a woman in Islam…they become astonished as to how much of it there is. Then they recall my experiences when they were with me they seen the transition I went through first hand from not wearing a hijab my first semester here to wearing it.  They seen the way guys treated me after I wore the hijab…and I didnt notice this because I was still the same person with a hijab on with the same attitude of ignoring the world around me, but they pointed out the respect, men lowering their gaze at me automatically, not shaking my hand, asking me questions before they could do anything, not ‘checking’ me out anymore, guys stopped commenting through them. This is so microscale though, the general community still views a woman who wears hijab as oppresed and with this speaker coming it only makes our jobs alot harder. May Allah(swt) strengthen us because the future looks like a bunch of hurdles. I only have one weapon, and that is my tongue which has to be used very very wisely now. As Salamu Alakium warahmatulahi

  45. Anonymous permalink

    PS. And Reform Islam? Subhan’Allah our deen is perfect, it is we who are not!

  46. when i first read this, i was worried…i was worried that someone had gained access to your Xanga and written this post to sabatoge KR…i mean, c’mon…someone actually writing a love letter to themselves?…that has got to be pretty sad…sadly, i was mistaken to find that you did write this…emphasis on SADLY…no props for this one…

  47. Anonymous permalink

    i wish i could man..i wish i could. 😦 but work is taking me to another part of the country for atleast another 6 months. you on the other hand have no freakin excuse! jakey shadi kar puttey!

  48. Assalamualaikum…
    you know whats lame? you getting more propz (and FC) for this wierd post instead of your memoirs of haji…..personally, i enjoyed those more…bring ’em back….
    Allah Hafiz

  49. totally agree with u Mallick. It REALLY sucks and disturbing that such a lecture will take place. But we must remember: only through allah’s will does one gain guidance, without his will ppl will remain ignorant and heedless of this perfect deen. So all we can do is PRAY. Insha’allah allah will protect the honour of his deen, and guide to this wonderful way of life whomsoever has hidayah written in his taqdeer insha’allah. We have nothing to lose, since this deen is PERFECT, and as you said WE are not perfect, although our deen is. May allah grant us hidayah to become TRUE, PRACTICING muslims in every area of life. Ameen

  50. Anonymous permalink

    lol…whoa that was strangeee….

  51. Anonymous permalink

    *looks at isaac’s comment**looks at my poem**nods*

  52. Anonymous permalink

    oh and i still am beating you with the whole featured content ishhh

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