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For the Goldfish

February 9, 2006

Since no one seems to be reading the Hajj Memoirs (what the heck, 18 eprops?), enjoy the following picture and article. The latter is taken from Mark Cuban’s blog. It is perhaps the greatest thing he’s ever said, and it’s about time that someone put Phil Jackson in his place. I love his use of the word “bucketboy” and the phrase “That’s what happens when you own someone…”

Admittedly so, this is a poor excuse for a kr-quality post. We’ve all come to accept a higher standard for posts when we visit this site. But sometimes the quality manager takes a day off and well… basically, you get a post like the posts found on every other xanga out there.

I’ll continue the memoirs tomorrow, Inshallah.

I Own Phil Jackson

Not literally of course. That thrill belongs to the smartest businesswoman in professional sports,  Jeannie Buss. Figuratively however, the coach formerly known as the Zen Master  must now be considered my bucket boy.

This wasnt an acquisition I proactively pursued. There wasnt an official competition that I won, thereby confirming my dominance of his psyche. Instead Phil has initiated an ongoing commentary about me that started in his previous stint with the Lakers and was reinstated this year with his return, that proves that I own the guy.

For whatever reason, I have gotten to Phil so completely and thoroughly that every time he comes to Dallas  he has to offer unsolicited comments about me to the media.  I wonder if he dreams about me the nights he spends here in Dallas. Ok, I dont wonder. Im curious about it.

How can the NBA coach with so many championship rings find me so intimidating ? I really dont know, but he said as much in December when he  called me an “intimidating force” to the LA Times

”consider a place like Dallas, where the owner runs around, pumps up the volume, intimidates the referees and … has announcers as hired cheerleaders, which is an intimidating force.”

Then of course last night he again took the initiative to comment to the media about how I am such a presence in the NBA,  that i turn  the officials into “nervous nellies”. Implying  that I  can have more influence on the outcome of a game than his coaching skills. I wish.  But if Phil wants to think so. Im fine with that. Thats what happens when you own someone, they cant get you out of their head, and they dont often think , speak or act rationally.

I guess Phil was so overwhelmed that it caused him to take  back to back delay of game penalties and the technical foul that comes with it,  rather than send his team out to the court at the conclusion of a timeout in the 4th quarter.

Of course the officials werent intimidated. At least no more than the other officials who have given Kobe technical fouls to the tune of a league leading 11. Maybe, instead of being so concerned with Mark Cuban,  Phil should be worried about the new rule in place that causes a player to be suspended a game after he gets his 16th technical foul of the season. And if I remember correctly, every technical after 16 results in a 1 game suspension as well.  Cant wait to hear what he has to say when that happens….

Of course I dont truly believe that I own Phil. This is all tongue in cheek, but that wont prevent me from walking up to him and saying “Boo” to see if he jumps, just to find out for sure 🙂


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  1. Anonymous permalink

    Funniest label I’ve ever seen

  2. Assalamualaikum….
    FUNNY? it is totally lame….i’d rather read memoirs of a haji, instead of this…..sigh….
    Allah Hafiz

  3. Anonymous permalink

    hahaha thoroughly enjoyed the hazardous material lol.. but i can’t wait to read your next hajj memoir.. take care!

  4. i actually read and enjoy the hajj memoirs =( put more up soon insha’Allah
    phil jackson sucks. the lakers i mean lamers suck more
    “found in various grades ranging from virgin material to common ore” –lol

  5. Mark Cuban is slowly becoming the P. Diddy of the NBA; and I mean that in that P. Diddy is lame.

  6. Mark Cuban is the most annoying and disgusting thing to happen to the NBA since John Stocktons shorts….

  7. hajj memoirs please… : )

  8. aww comeon man!!! the hajj memoirs were cool. i juss didn’t prop you cuz of sheer laziness. but i do read them!! time i’ll prop your hajj posts over and over so that you’ll have like fifty. then will u be happy?

  9. Anonymous permalink

    ok..i take the Hazard label quite offensive especially the most powere money reducing agent to  man. ugh. anyway .

  10. the label is hilarious, lol it should be made into a shirt if it hasn’t already….

  11. KR, your Hajj memoirs are the greatest thing in the world. Happy? Now continue with the story, you haven’t even started the actual Hajj yet!

  12. Quality manager takes a day off… ROFL.
    Memoirs please.

  13. hahahahahaathat label is pure quality whether you tried or not

  14. I was finally able to read all of your hajj memoirs,took me a while though, but it was really enjoyable. keep it up =)

  15. “common ore”… HAHAHA

  16. i prefer the memoirs too. 1 eprop for this.

  17. keep up wit the memoirs…they were very enlightening

  18. Anonymous permalink

    interestin… random props

  19. i agree with HaTeMe9090 and SaqibSaab. mark cuban is crazy.
    and i can see you’ve gotten plenty requests for memoirs, so i’m repeating everyone..

  20. Anonymous permalink

    okay okay, im BACK!
    1. the datasheet has been implemented on my post
    2. i love cuban’s arrogance. no wonder he’s a billionare.

  21. i didn’t know hazmat sheets could be amusing. “2. boils at absolutely nothing – freezes for no apparent reason.” lol.

  22. Just because people arent leaving you eprops doesnt mean they’re not reading your posts, as is probably evidenced by your site meter.Continue with the memoirs, you eprop ore.

  23. haaaa, i like this post. but i also really like the memoirs!peace,IJB

  24. i aint no gold fish brother! I read every word of your Hajj memoirs. Anyways, u know u got my backing 100% of the times always Insha Allah.Toast for the Goldfish – 2 Eprops…hehe!

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