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Greetings from Bangalore

January 20, 2006

boys and girls:

as salaam `alaykum and greetings

I’m currently in the wonderful garden city of Bangalore, India, as I’m writing this post. Alhamdulillah, I was able to complete Hajj without any major problems; a double alhamdulillah that neither myself nor anyone that I know was involved in the Jamrat stampede (though there’s an incredible story as to how we were fortunate enough not to be there at the time since we had originally planned on going at that exact time…). Sadly, we had to leave Makkah on Tuesday evening (I think that’s the 17th… dates and days of the week lately are quite hazy), go to Jeddah, and then to Amman, Jordan on early Wednesday morning. While the rest of our group (well, half of it at least… and there’s a story here as well that I’ll narrate later) then went to Chicago, my mom and I came to Bangalore to live it up for about 10 days. I love India… life here is so freakin laid back and chill. The concept of time doesn’t exist here, the food is amazing, and no one cares about what anyone else thinks… heck, on the way back from the airport, I saw a dude relieving himself on the street as people passed by… not a care in the world. What a great country. Anyway, it turns out that Zakir Naik (hafizahullah) is speaking tomorrow night (Saturday night) so I’m quite fortunate to be able to hear him speak, Inshallah.

There really is no point to this post. I think I felt xanga-withdrawal and needed to post the first chance I had access to a computer. Basically wanted to let everyone know that we’re all quite safe, alhamdulillah, since I had received some emails of concern from people. I tried making du’a for as many people (including you site visitors)as often as I could. I also kept a Hajj log ever since we left Chicago and since there’s so many amazing events that took place during this Hajj trip, I’ll narrate these events from my notes in the next several posts over the next week or so. So if you’re interested, check back in a few days and I should Inshallah have the first in a series of posts up. Besides, my site hits have plummeted during my absence(!) and it’s killing my stats…

Anyway, it’s `Asr time so I think I’ll mosey on down to the masjid. Oh, finally and most importantly, I had lamb biryani for lunch today, and damn was it good.



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  1. The boneheaded Balgori has resurfaced. When you coming back to town KR. We gotta start the new book and I think its at your house.

  2. They have computers in Bangalore? whoa, and here I thought it was just a prostitute town with a name like that. ha haaa… zing.

  3. Salaamz K R!Alhumdulillah, that was good to know that you’re safe and sound! We were so worried about you because of the stampede there…Thats so cool you’re in Bangalore, and moreover, getting a chance to listen to Dr. Zakir Naik. He’s an AMAZING scholar Masha Allah and one of my favorites. take care and we will be waiting to read your next posts impatiently about your stories over this trip.COME BACK SOON!lots of LUV,Imran.P.S. please dont relieve yourself on the streets…hehehe!

  4. Masha Allah, nice to see that your’e ok. 
    I’ve been to Banglore.  A nice city.  Some cool masjids and gardens and parks there.  I read the following about Banglore somewhere:
    “In some parts of the world they drive on the left side of the road.  In Banglore, we drive on what’s left of the road :)”

  5. Hmm can’t say much about Bangalore as I have never been to India, but yeah lamb briyani is goooooood.Welcome back. Am looking forward to the Hajj posts. Enjoy the rest of your holiday..

  6. Anonymous permalink

    Hajj Mubarak Bhaiya!

  7. Asalamu alaikum haj.
    ur a haj now haha. haj kr.

  8. This is Kamran’s second Hajj (third?).
    My message to you, Kamran: Aah, khaaalee mazaa thumna. Kyaaa be kaam ka fikkar nai. Hajj khatam hothee saath Bangalore koo chalay jaatha. Pihr be, mubarak ba, second Hajj karliyay so. Acha pihr layko ow, Bangalore may.

  9. Assalamualaikum….
    MashahAllah you are lucky…and i am somewhat envious….not because you is in Bangalore…but cause MashahAllah you did Hajj….
    Allah Hafiz

  10. Hajj Mubarak…
    I’m really glad you’re not dead…Inshallah may Jannah find you, but not after you’ve made this world a better place with all that doctoring and hafizing you’ve put in your head…

  11. Anonymous permalink

    lol u addicted freak…

  12. Hajj Mubarak, bro

  13. KR, don’t get married while your there. I have too many other depressed friends waiting to bring their wives over from the motherland. I’d prefer not to have another one.

  14. haha…
    alhamdulillah.  sounds good.  too bad you didnt get trampled, then you could post about jannah.  oh well, there is always next time right?  =)
    bad thing though, you were in amman and you didnt call me up… I am guessing it was a connection, but we could have kicked it for a few hours.
    salaamalaikumwarahmatullahiwabarakatu.  Hajj Mubarak. Makbool inshAllah.

  15. Anonymous permalink

    Hajj Mubarak

  16. Anonymous permalink

    Mashallah. So glad to know you’re okay, alhumdulillah.
    I wanna hear about you being weak and your mom having to wheelchair you. Mr. I Workout.
    I love you?

  17. Anonymous permalink

    allhumdullilah you fine and safe from the 360 thousand people rampage. my allah guve them our dua’s and forgive them of their sins. 
    (tip; if you aren’t able to throw stones at shaitan, you better of just flicking him off 47 times; joke)

  18. salams kr,
    Hajj Mabroor!  May Allah accept your Hajj iA and give us all an opportunity to go there. aur bangaloooore is acchhi biryani laikar aa merai liyai.

  19. lol @ saqibsaab’s dead-on bangalori urdu. waisaach humay baath karthee so. hajj mubarak my friend…

  20. Masha Allah

  21. Anonymous permalink

    May Allah accept your hajj. Ameen! Fraizer town ki masjid jaako namaaz paro so! haha….gotta lov banglori urdu beybee.

  22. Anonymous permalink

    what the…
    and i thought us Hydros had ghetto ebonics Urdu…
    Good to hear you’re doing well.

  23. congrats on completing your hajj!

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