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Hajj Announcement From the Desk of kr

December 29, 2005

Alternative Title: Possibly the Most Shameless Way to Get Eprops and Featured Content

Edit: Saturday – 4 pm. I hate xanga. I got more than enough eprops
within the specified time and they didn’t give me FC. What a bunch of
punks. Nonetheless, I’ll make du’a for all those who propped this
anyway =).

I sent the letter below earlier this evening to everyone in my address
book and figured I ought to post it on my xanga as well. As an added
incentive and as a shameless effort to get one last FC before I depart
for Hajj (this will be my last post until and if I return, which will
be Jan 30th, Inshallah), I’m offering that whoever props this post
within the next 20 hrs and I get FC, I will note their respective
screen names and pray for them in `Arafat and send their salaams to the Prophet (salallahu `alayhi wa sallam)…

What a deal, right…

Anyway, I just wanted to thank each and every one of my readers for
visiting this xanga, contributing to the various discussions, and
sharing their feedback on the plethora of topics. The nature of this
particular blog is that I’ve used satire/humor to convey certain
themes, and in the process, perhaps unintentionally offended someone.
Regardless, whether I insulted anyone intentionally or unintentionally,
I earnestly request for your forgiveness.

Please pray that my Hajj and every single Muslim that does Hajj this year is accepted.

With that, I’m out. Y’all hold it down for me ’til I get back (if I get back), ya hear?

as salaam `alaykum
I pray that this letter finds everyone in
the best of health and Iman.
While I might have spoken to some of you in recent weeks or you might have found out through other sources, I thought it
would be good to email everyone and share this news with them.
Alhamdulillah, I have been given another
opportunity and an invitation from Allah to perform Hajj this year. It is indeed
His Bounty and Grace upon a sinner like me that He has called me several times
in the past and now once again, perhaps as an indication that I must repeatedly
return to those blessed places to earn forgiveness for my mountains of sins.
To proceed:
1. First, I humbly request and beseech each and
everyone of you who may read this to forgive me for anything that I have said or
done — be it intentionally or unintentionally — that has caused you even the
least bit of physical, mental, psychological, or spiritual distress. It is said
that God does not forgive the wrongs that one has committed against another
one of His creatures if the one who has been wronged does not forgive the
sinner. It is also said that one must prepare for going to Hajj as if one is
going to meet one’s death and will never return. Thus, it is with great
earnestness that I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me for
everything such that I can Inshallah be forgiven by the Almighty.
2. I also desperately need your collective du’as to
fulfill a responsibility that has been placed on my shoulders that I feel
overwhelmed when I think about how I will carry it out. Alhamdulillah, this
year, I’ve been given the trust (amaanah) of leading a group of 50 Hujjaj and
serving as a spiritual advisor and leader. Certainly, I am by no means qualified
for this task, and I feel ashamed that I’ve been given this task. I feel
somewhat relieved that I have prepared for the past several months under the
tutelage of Shaykh Amin and Mawlana Aziz to carry this out. However, I am very
much in dire need of your collective du’as that I am able to fulfill this
responsibility and that I make wise and beneficial decisions as a leader. Most
importantly, please pray that I don’t do or say anything that will invalidate
another person’s pilgrimage.
3. If I owe anyone money, please let me know. Many
of you may know that I am currently, as they say “financially challenged”, so
I’m pretty sure I owe various people small sums of money. If you would like to
be repaid, please let me know immediately. If not, please absolve me of any debt
that I may owe you and I will attempt to better a financial payment with a
sincere supplication to Allah on your behalf.
4. On the topic of supplications, I will be
compiling a small booklet of du’a requests from people. Several people have
already emailed me, and I would like to extend this opportunity to anyone who is
interested to email me ( their du’a requests
and I will Inshallah read them on your behalf as often as possible during Hajj,
but particularly on the day of `Arafat. I will be Inshallah leaving on Jan 3rd,
so please send me any requests before that time.
5. If you would like for me to purchase any item(s)
for you, please let me know specifically and I’ll try my best to get it for
6. Most importantly, please pray that I have a safe
and spiritually beneficial trip, that my Hajj and every Muslim’s Hajj is
accepted and that I return as a better Muslim in every phase (spiritual,
intellectual, etc.).
was salaam `alaykum
a mere mortal,
Kamran M. Riaz


One who seeks the unseekable cannot
subsequently be accused of negligence in seeking what is seekable

–Hujjat al-Islam (the Proof of Islam) Imam Abu Hamid

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  1. Assalamualaikum…
    hey i am the first one to prop..i should get special dua….
    please do remember me in your duas….JazakAllah….
    Hope you have a safe trip….
    Allah Hafiz

  2. ” I’m offering that whoever props this post within the next 20 hrs and I get FC, I will note their respective screen names and pray for them in `Arafat and send their salaams to the Prophet (salallahu `alayhi wa sallam)…”i wanna kill my xangaits like frankensteinlolplease make dua for me i really need ithavea s afe tripmay your duas be accepted….provided in them…lol w’salaam

  3. Have a safe trip, and make your duas inshallah u will make it…..salaam

  4. MashAllah KR, this is what, your 3rd or 4th hajj? Make du’a for me too please

  5. salaamiA youll have a safe trip and please keep me and my family in your prayers.o.O

  6. salaams wrwb
    from all of us at grasshopper_pie, may you and your group have a safe and blessed journey there and back, and may your (and their) hajj be accepted, inshallah. ameen!
    please pray that Allah(swt) protects us from stupidity, and pray that Allah(swt) allows our parents to forgive us for being so badtameez.

  7. don’t forget me in duas…

  8. Anonymous permalink

    have a safe trip dnt forget Mrs.Jamals troubled tenth grade boys in your duas, especially me.

  9. may Allah bless your journey inshAllah…keep me in your duas bro..

  10. Straight up shameless. But if people benefit from your duas, then it can’t be that bad. I shall see you on the other side of the ocean, Insha’Allah.

  11. Please add me to the list. Have a safe trip, Inshallah.

  12. assalaamualiakum
    make dua 4 me sir!

  13. Anonymous permalink

    screenames. i like this.

  14. Yeah pray for brother Fahim okay? Not his Xanga username.

  15. hey it doesn’t look like you’ll make the FC.

  16. Gotta put ME down bro, i really need du’as. Wish you all the best and my duas are with u.

  17. have a safe trip inshaAllah. and hook a sista up w/ some du’as 😀

  18. Anonymous permalink

    Have a safe trip insha Allah

  19. This is so devious that it’s clever, lol.
    Put me on the list too, bro.

  20. wow, that is pretty shameless. but have a good trip!

  21. May Allah accept your Hajj and that of your group…ameen. If you happen to remember a small shaykh while there, please make dua for him and make dua that his folks can raise him in the best way and not screw up on him.

  22. what o.O amanillahpeace,IJB

  23. Inshallah, may Allah accept your Hajj and everyone’s Hajj. If you can, please remember me.

  24. Anonymous permalink


  25. haha…  please include this in your du’a.
    “…make me fear nothing but Allah, absolutely firm on the path of truth, of those with whom you are well pleased, not of those whom lag behind nor go astray, nor neglect their duties.  Inspire me with the best of plans, for you are the best of planners, and bless me and this Ummah with true victory in every way. Ameen.”
    and this:

    strengthen me for you are the strongest, give me wisdom for you are the wisest oh Allah help us in our paths grant us the eman give us the gift of patience and help us in walking the straight narrow path of truth.Oh Allah help our fighting brethern and give them victory, help them in every way.

    JazakAllahuKhair in advance.  May you have a blessed trip. Ameen.
    salaam alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu.

  26. Anonymous permalink

    asak. hope your hajj is beneficial and rewarding iA.

  27. Bring me back some al-baik fried chicken
    Playin, …. du’as are good too.

  28. keep me in your duas, i’ll do the same for youtake care

  29. Anonymous permalink

    I envy you bhaiyaaaaaaaaahahaha

  30. salam alaikum wa rahmatullah
    put me on ur prayer list inshallah =D
    take care and have a great trippp make the most of it…
    x kawthar

  31. As salam alaikum:Just for the sake of the Dua, I am going to post a comment. Yes, I have alhamdulilah visited several times before, but only ask Allah to call me and my entire family once again. Since, 2005 doesnt seem to be our year, inshaAllah 2006 be it. Ameen. Oh yeah, even though Allah listens here too, still specially ask Him to improve my grades even more. Other than that dont forget the Ummah. The entire ummah is in need of more and more duas every day. Yup, other than that, may Allah make it a safe journey for you and every one else. Ameen.Allah Hafiz

  32. KamKam…may Allah accept your Hajj…
    Just keep in your duas…

  33. saalams! inshAllah you have a safe trip and return in the best of health & most importanetely the best of imaan. inshallah..
    may allah bless..=)

  34. Imam America will take a short break to make Hajj under the banner of Love, Peace and Mercy. He will be known as Imam Saudi Arabia in the meantime…My duas are with you Kamran. I pray that ALLAH brings you mercy, solace and blessings in the journey you embrake upon. You are a true Muslim, a true ‘abd. Keep us all in your prayers.

  35. Assalamualaikum
    whether you make FC or gotta make dua for me and send my salaam to Prophet Muhammad (saw) cuz you said you would do dua for me as my birthday you have to do it….
    Allah Hafiz

  36. oh..and you can pray for my grades..and do dua in general that i strenthen my emaan in Allah (swt) and obey his commands as his servants should…and do dua that i dont waste so much time…..
    JazakAllah…once again….

  37. Here are some shameless props.

  38. SalamalaikumPlease keep me in your duas for Maghfirah and increase in Imaan and Love for Allah (swt)Momin182002

  39. is that an FC?

  40. see you there KR.

  41. May Allah accept your Hajj. Please keep me in your duas. I hope you get Featured Content.

  42. May Allah accept ur Hajj and everyone else’s. Ameen.

  43. * I’m offering that whoever props this post within the next 20 hrs and I get FC, I will note their respective screen names and pray for them in `Arafat and send their salaams to the Prophet (salallahu `alayhi wa sallam)…*
    well, looks like I missed out on that ^^ opp.
    hajj for you again? mA, you lucky duck. duas for all the ppl going out to hajj this year.

  44. mashAllah, good luck. inshAllah, Allah will make your Hajj AWESOME.

  45. wait a minute wait a minute include me tooooooo…aww man i think i missed the 20 hour deadline…please include me too kr? pretty pleaseeeeeee…i’m making dua for you and all that you asked for…so pleaseeeee include me in on the special dua’s too…i love you stud =)

  46. Anonymous permalink

    Yo bring me some Al Baik too. Shoot

  47. Anonymous permalink

    alaykum salam beybee

  48. Anonymous permalink

    I think ima  lil late to request duas but may you have a safe trip and may Allah swt accept your Hajj! ~

  49. Anonymous permalink

    Hey kamran if you happen to check your xanga from over there. Please get me some shisha tobacco….fakhfakhina, iskandari apple, al-fakher double apple. Jazakullah Khair! =)

  50. Anonymous permalink

    ok just in case anyone thought I was serious about asking kamran to bring back shisha tobacco from hajj, I’m not……

  51. may Allah accept your pilgrimage and the pigrimages of those you will lead inshaAllah

  52. yo kr, don’t forget to make dua for me as well bro.  And if you remember, convey my Salams to my beloved Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihe Wasallam.
    I know it’s a bit late for this but nonetheless, check out the following link for various posts on Hajj including my posts when I was there last year.  There is also a good booklet on Hajj there:
    My post on praying on planes:
    Don’t forget to take your digital camera with you.  One of my biggest regrets….man…I should have taken my camera last year.
    btw….nice try for the FC…..
    May you have a safe journey and may Allah accept your Hajj. 

  53. Anonymous permalink

    yeah yeah man inshallah dudde pray for all us peeps i need it the msot

  54. they call you Kammu?? wow…that’s MY nickname too…weird!!! Inshallah may your Hajj go well and you and your family come back safely. Just wanted to my Salaams kr before I leave the xanga world…it was nice knowing you…and harassing you (sorry btw).Inshallah all the best dude and Aameen to your Dua’sPeace be with you always…Asalaamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu.~Kamila

  55. I think you left already but may you and your group and all the other hujjaj have a safe and accepted Hajj, inshAllah.  Nice pics.

  56. Definitely beyond the deadline here, but I will make dua that your hajj be accepted…hope your trip is filled with blessings….

  57. Assalamu alaikum! May Allah reward you for fulfilling this sacred jouney for His sake…inshaAllah you will return safely

  58. Eid Mubarak!
    Assalamu alaikum~

  59. awwww i think i came a little too late. *sigh*
    May Allah bless your journey and accept your Hajj.

  60. awwww i think i came a little too late. *sigh*
    May Allah bless your journey and accept your Hajj.
    And do dua for me after you come back cuz insha’Allah you’ll be clean like a newborn babay so your duas will coem true. So don’t forget me!!!

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