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Interesting People in the Life of kr, Episode VI

December 1, 2005

Imran “not the cricket player” Khan

edit, Friday 2:45 pm: completely off the topic of this particular post, but nonetheless, I highly recommend everyone to check out this three-minute film that marvellously makes a statement about the present world situation. Kudos to Saud for sending me this link.

kr’s note: After a long hiatus of this series, I felt it would be good to re-start it with a dedication post written to one of the greatest guys I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting, Imran Khan.

Mashallah, dang, what a stud… wah wah. The fact that the background includes Lake Michigan makes it even studlier.

I recall meeting Imran back in my senior year of undergrad at UIC in 2002. He was a newly-arrived student (a euphemism for fob) from Saudi Arabia where he had spent most of his life. Even though he had grown up in a “Muslim” country for most of his life, Imran immediately showed a passion for hanging out with the MSA guys and being active in the MSA (of course, we’re talking about the glory days of UIC-MSA before Hisham and his ilk took over and disgraced the institution that we made glorious…). The thing that everyone loved about him was his innocence, sincerity, and jovial nature when he was with people. He was always laughing and smiling and one could see that he considered this blessing of hanging out with Muslims as a huge bounty from Allah, something that many of us tend to take for granted or even consider unimportant. There are only a few people in life that when they’re around other people, they have the uncanny ability to make others smile and forget their worries–certainly, Imran is blessed to be one of those people as those who know him can testify. Throughout that year, we all could see his joie de vivre. The upperclassmen had unofficial awards amongst themselves that we’d bestow upon the freshmen as “freshman of the year”… even though there was no official ceremony, it’d be safe to say that Imran was the freshman of the year (well, considering that Hisham was also in this class, it wasn’t that hard for him to win, but still, that’s a major accomplishment).

Unfortunately for Imran, around ISNA 2003, he suffered a stomach ailment that was originally misdiagnosed as food poisoning. After being the hospital for a few days, the doctors decided that it was something else. Without getting into the medical history (since Imran wishes to keep some of that private), it is worthy to note here that the crappy UIC doctors completely mismanaged his case. What was essentially a simple problem to treat was drawn out and made worse by incompetence and malice. As I write this, just recalling what those (expletive) doctors did to him is enough to make my blood boil. Nonetheless, due to these doctors, he ended up spending more than 6 months in the hospital. I remember visiting him during those days during the fall of my first year in med school and it was shocking to see my friend who had been such a carefree person in this state. Yet despite all that was being done to him, he maintained courage and fortitude throughout his ordeal. He claims that my visiting him helped him a lot during his hospital stay, but the reality is that everytime I’d visit him, I think it did me more good than it did him. This was during my first semester when I hated it and lamented about all the ordeals of med school… but when I saw Imran’s strength in the face of these odds, it was a jolt-of-reality for me to stop being such a wimp, do some pushups, and get on with what I had to do. And that’s the beauty of this guy… even in that state, he was benefitting others around him.

Alhamdulillah, the story gets better as Imran got better after nearly a year of going in and out of hospitals and finally recovering back home in Saudi Arabia. What further stands out as a testament to the kind of person he is can be seen in how he returned back to school in the fall of 2004. People like me would’ve probably wussed out and would want a change of scenery after going through a year-long ordeal… but not Imran, he wanted to return and embrace this challenge. Mashallah, he’s been doing quite well since that time.

Since he’s my brother’s age, I consider him just like my younger brother. When people mess with him, I feel like it’s someone messing with my own brother. Case in point, after jumu’ah one day this past August, I went to go visit him at the UIC dorms. It was move in week and he was working in the computer labs in the afternoon. There werent any students needing the lab at this time so he suggested that we go take a walk in the courtyard outside and just chill for a bit. As we went out, his boss (a Muslim guy) came up to him and began chewing him out for leaving the lab and whatnot. Now Imran had told me that this guy always seemed to pick on him, and he had no problem when other staff members (especially the white girls) would leave early, come late, etc. So when I saw this guy going off on Imran, I went off on him. The irony is that I knew this guy from a while back and when I went off at him, he acted like he didn’t know me and whatnot. Nonetheless, he left soon thereafter (I mean, when I go off at someone… they don’t really have a chance… hehe) uttering that I didn’t know the situation and I was left fuming mad at how this guy was picking on his own Muslim brother like that. Yet, in the wake of all this, Imran was the calm one, telling me not to worry about it or let things like that bother me.

It’s these sorts of little things that make me feel honored that I have friends like Imran. It’s because of this that he’s more than just a friend; my mom and aunts love the kid and always invite him over–this past Ramadan, he’d come to my house before taraweeh (I felt honored that he’d drive down from UIC to the suburbs) and my aunts would give him food and pamper him even more than me. In short, he’s been officially adopted by my family and because of this, I too have to say that he’s not just my friend anymore…

And for those of you who don’t know Imran, well, just know that he’s my second brother.

kr and his two brothers, Rehan and Imran at Red Lobster after Jumu’ah.


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  1. yay first up in heremashallah, your friend Imran is truly a stud, especially since he has a friend like Kr =)

  2. cool  beans. who was the photographer?

  3. Assalam-U-Alaikum,
    MashahAllah, you are a very nice friend adn brother…
    Allah Hafiz

  4. All this time, I’ve been hanging around the broke brother. I should have been hanging out with Imran and Rehan instead of Kamran.

  5. Anonymous permalink

    THis post was too homo-erotic for my liking…

  6. I ❤ Imran.

  7. I missed this installement of posts that you used to do in the past. You definitely have some interesting people in your life. Ive never met IMran but he sounds like an outstanding guy, MashAllah.

  8. I’ve had the honor of meeting him alhumdulillah. He’s definitely a great guy.May Allah grant us all good friends like him.

  9. Anonymous permalink

    Ameen to that dua’a….

  10. KR you look like a stud in that pic

  11. Here’s to good company.
    Dude, I need a copy of your “currently reading” that sounds mad interesting.
    Haha, you do look like a stud in that pic btw.. lol.  Sounds like an interesting guy, full of potential… we need as many of those that we can get.

  12. Alhamdullilah,
    for some reason it was very touching. i liked it

  13. Anonymous permalink

    lol, I actually knew that you were a history major (as well as economics). You can thank your friend for posting the webpage of your CPSA testimony on his site.
    I read it. Please tell me you ran that by an editor? That piece is entirely too well written to be a one-man job. If it was completely your doing, I’m jealous. Those are ill writing skills you got.
    You know, as a future history teacher, it’s depressing to know that your future students have less appreciation for the liberal arts than the maths and sciences. I felt like this speech really needed to be done.
    I’m assuming you haven’t watched Mean Girls, so let me fill you in on that aspect. Where I was going with that, was that a sufficient knowledge of history allows you to make jokes, and with that sort of understanding, you can also begin to see historical parallels in your own life…
    In Mean Girls, there are four main characters: Regina George (“King George” literally, Queen Bee, she is the Meanest), Gretchen (Wannabe-Queen Bee, Meaner), Karen (Complete idiot – incredibly low IQ, Mean girl number 3), and Cady (the newly initiated member…not yet designated a “mean” superlative…).
    Cady falls for Regina’s ex-boyfriend, and Regina doesn’t like the idea of the new girl getting together with her former flame, so she gets together with him instead. Cady gets angry, vows revenge on Regina, and sets out to destroy her with the help of two outside-of-the-clique-friends. They have a 3-step plan to destroy Regina – 1. Destroy her “hot” body 2. Take away her support group (wannabes) 3. Get her boyfriend to break up with her.
    Cady starts, by pitting her new friends ((of her new-found clique)(clique is called “plastics” btw)) against Regina. She plants poisonous thoughts in Gretchen’s head that Regina doesn’t favor her anymore (which is bad for Gretchen, because to fall out of favor with Queen Bee is one step back in her ambitions to rise to the top of the group and become a head leader). Gretchen starts taking all the little things personally, and cracks…in history class…
    She’s reading an essay about her opinion of Brutus’s conflict at the arise of the plot to kill Caesar. Brutus’s conflict was that should he betray his best friend and literally, stab him in the back, or should he pursue his own ambitions of rising to power? This is the same problem that Gretchen has. She really wants to be the Queen Bee, but should she risk her friendship with Regina in order to do so? 
    …the scene is hilarious. 
    I would not recommend watching the movie because it really has a lot of garbage, but at the same time it is hysterical, deeply psychological (based on the scientific/psychological best-selling book “Queen Bees and Wannabes” – screen play written by SNL writer Tina Fey), and true all at once. Even the most unsuspecting of people fall victims to Mean Girls in school, even me. Although not all cases of Mean Girls are to this extremity of meaness, shown in the movie. It’s all relative…


  14. Anonymous permalink

    …oh, it probably would be the nice thing to do, to write a comment pertinent to your post…
    I’m glad your friend is alive and well, alhumdulilah. It’s amazing to see people have faith even at their lowest points. My friend’s mother adopted her niece and nephew after her brother and his wife passed away in an earthquake in India (building collapsed in on them as they were running out) in January 2001. The son was only 13-14 years of age, he has trouble accepting the fact that a kind God would take away both of his parents, simultaneously, from him, and as a result he runs away from Islam. He no longer makes salaat, does not grow a beard, does not want to participate in anything Islamic or hear of it, as a result. It’s an unfortunate tragedy. To make it worst, everyone in his building knows of it, because when he’s down, he crashes…his wails consume the entire building. Pray for the brother, please. Pray that Allah brings him back to Islam. Not everyone is as fortunate as your friend, to be strong enough to keep strength even throughout the most trying of times.
    …Good post.
    I especially like how you elevated one friend (Br. Imran) at the expense of another (Br. H2)…

  15. of course, we’re talking about the glory days of UIC-MSA before Hisham and his ilk took over and disgraced the institution that we made glorious…
    Ain’t that the truth, lol.

  16. imran sounds like a swell guy. kr, i wonder if he measures up to the other imran in your life…haha.

  17. Assalaamualaikum Kamran!Brother, I have tears in my eyes as I finish reading this post. I really have no words to describe how special I feel at this moment. I thank Allah for letting me see this day today, that one of the most amazing persons I have ever met in life, whose xanga is literally the most popularly known among muslims and viewed to the extent that some people like me check his website before even checking their emails, has written a post about a NOBODY like me. It was truely the BIGGEST honor and the MOST SPECIAL thing for me ever. I know how much effort and time you put in each and every of your posts, and writing such an amazing and long post about me makes me surprised, emotional and think that what good have I ever done to deserve a post like this? To comment about some of the things about me in your post where u say that I have the ability to let others forget about their worries??? I think I am a big worry for myself and my family…hehe! So I don’t know how others would forget their worries, unless if they think “ahhh! this guy is the biggest worry of all, and thank Allah for not having to deal with a worry like me…” haha!When I was in the hospital, you were really the one who helped me immensly to hang in there. I was battling life and death, and had given up hope many times during my stay in the hospital…and whenever you came to see me and gave me ur invaluable advice to have faith in Allah, it gave me another reason to live. “Take it one day at a time” is something that you told me in every visit. The advice and duas that you wrote in my diary during that time will always remain with me wherever I go.You and your family are really MY family. Let’s just say that this was a blessing in disguise by Allah to leave my family in Saudi and come here to chicago to be blessed with a family like yours. 🙂 Kamran, I THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART FOR EVERYTHING! Especially for your kind words about me in this post, truely of me being totally unworthy for it.Jazaakallah Khair!I wanted to thank all the other brothers too for their kind words and duas for me. May Allah reward us all… Aaameen!If I die tonight, I will be a happy man :)Wassalaamz!Imran Khan.P.S. Like the others said, the fact is that Kamran “frickin” Riaz is the stud of all studs…hahaha! I was embarassed to see my picture up there! Next time you want to write a post about me, let me know so that I could give u some nice ones…hehehe!

  18. Anonymous permalink

    that song is real good mA…but not as good as you trying to do sit ups after running an int back for a TD. key word: ‘trying’

  19. Aww…that’s real nice….Imran Khan’s response was nice and genuine…his comment gave proof to your post…real sweet stuff happening here, I feel all mushy and gushy inside…no wait….that’s something else…diaper change…jk.
    Seriously though. May the Lord increase sincerity and brotherhood like this and may we all find our Imran Khan (or Kamran Riaz)…=)

  20. watch out for those teeny boppers who love hot pics yaarimran is 1.5 studs, no doubt, mAbaraakallahu feekumpeace,IJB

  21. 2 props for Br. Imran Khan’s well written comments 🙂

  22. Anonymous permalink

    lol these two props are cuz Imran Khan is a stud. without a doubt.
    But dang twice I got ripped on lol. I think KR is taking out his frustrations for ripping on him so much. sorry kr lol.

  23. “THis post was too homo-erotic for my liking…”Posted 12/1/2005 at 6:11 PM by iqureshiaren’t any posts where a guy complements another guy?”of course, we’re talking about the glory days of UIC-MSA before Hisham and his ilk took over and disgraced the institution that we made glorious…Ain’t that the truth, lol.”Posted 12/2/2005 at 12:10 PM by almusafirwell you can’t really blame Hisham for the condition of the MSA, no one else wanted to be the leader so he stepped up. yeah, its not like in the olden days of the 4th floor ccc where there was a strong unity bond between the brothers and we all hung out in the same place. and no one really respects Hisham enough to really listen to him. its our fault, we(as in not me, but others) created the monster.hey, maybe we should have Imran for Msa president!

  24. hey i could see Oprah in that pic….anyway, Imran is a stud no doubt… and mashallah he recites like Shuraim, something I dream about doing…:)

  25. KamKam!  That was a beautiful post.  Give my regards to this little baby squirrel of yours. 
    The mediocrity of doctors is terrifying.  Its easy to see on rotations when you look at your residents, and god, some of them are scary incompetent.  And then you pray, I hope I never do that to anyone.

  26. a very touching post 🙂

  27. assalaamaulaikum
    sigh, i love imran too
    take me 2 red lobster

  28. Anonymous permalink

    nice post.
    thanks for the college advice, but weren’t you the one who organized that college fair at villa park and wrote a long book about the application process? 🙂 that book was actually really helpful for me though.

  29. ali_z: imran truly is a stud amongst studsbint: im not sure, that’s his photo from facebook that i jacked… you can see the building that oprah lives in in the background.A&E: indeed, i am quite blessed to have such a great guy like in my life.kaz: shut up honkey, its been your HONOR to hang out with me. you should pray 2 nafl of gratitude everyday that you have the opportunity to hang out with me.isaac: you know you liked it when i wrote a similar post about youbhaijan: i love him more.ibnabume: i’ll try to do more installments of this.mohd: ameen, ameen. he’s a nicer friend than you are :Palti: indeed, ameen.hyattregency: hhahaha, whatever.servant of allah: check your local bookstore, it’s inexpensive and the book is pretty powerful so far.attempt: haha, wow, i didnt even they put up that testimonial on the CPSA website… sadly, yes, i did write that thing without any editing. major props on your studying to be a history teacher… future generations need to be taught history if they’re not going to repeat the mistakes of the past. as for the mean girls synopsis that you typed out… hehehe, sorry, but you lost me even in that synopsis. something about any thing having to do with teeny boppers that makes me feel that i cant understand what it’s all about. as for sticking it to hisham, he deserves it. the punk made a blogring wherein he called me out for not being a true bears fan. that punk doesnt even remember the 85 championship and he’s gonna call ME out =)almusafir: a moment of silence for uic-msa… replaced by “club rayyan” and all its shadiness…sadiq: imran khan OWNS imran hussaini… hahahha.imran: oh quit it dude, everything i wrote in here was fact, and you know it too.hchippa: hahaha, TO situps are hard as heck man… thanks for holding my feet though =)sheikhyaquba: my dear child, pray that you find a bosom buddy as cool and studly as imran so you can build legos and play little league together.ishiwud: where are these teeny boppers… you know, just for personal information, im curious =)emam: i’ll write a dedication post to you soon =)… make sure you tell all your friends when i do it so i can get FC.hisham: this is payback for the blog ring, chatterbox comments, and all the other kr-rips you’ve made lately, sucka… hahaha. i still love you though, even if you wont let me stroke your soft ears anymore.msapirate: dude, youre hilarious, i love your comments and randomness. you should write a guest post and i’ll post it on my xanga. we created the monster… that’s true, we only have ourselves to blame =). though, i’d support imran for president. i’ll make “imran for president” shirts (like pedro for president shirts from napoleon dynamite) and wear them around.fahad: imran recites like shuraim?? man what the hell, he never told me, what a punk.rooji: haha, are all these residents carrib or DO residents? im messin, a lot of MD residents are complete idiots too. sadly, in imran’s case, it was attending docs that mismanaged the case and got away with it.akbar: lemme know when son, i’ll take you, but youre payin. meffyda: yeah, sadly, that was me who did that application packet and had the idea for college fair. alhamdulillah, i’m glad that it’s still coming in handy for students even now.

  30. haha… I dont know why, but I find these comments ^&%@* hilarious.
    Bookstore… nearby… in Jordan?  I am assuming its in english right?  Probably a very, very tough find.  Nothing like warrior sheikhs to get the history flowing.  On top of that, there is a gigantic “ideals” block here, especially considering sufi works, atleast at the bookstores I have been to.  I can probably get it though, from Sheikh Nuh Keller’s crowd, they are based here btw.  He lives in Amman, I am assuming you’ve heard of him.
    *expletive (I dont think I spelled that right?)

  31. Anonymous permalink

    eh, you can’t blame me for trying with the “mean girls” synopsis-slash-analogy. the only thing i wanted you to recognize, was that with a full knowledge of history, one can appreciate it more…
    …as for the explanation for ripping on H2, still don’t justify, lol.

  32. it’s nice to discover siblings one has no blood relation to. imran seems like quite a nice extra brother, mA. we need more people who exemplify cool.

  33. Anonymous permalink

    good ole imran. stylin it. i swear, everytime i bump into him, he acts like we met yesterday…ALL over me w/ such excitement.
    kr, y do u look like a tool in that picture? loosin up like imran and wear a zipup.

  34. Anonymous permalink

    oh yeah? well Imran is my brother too!

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