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Khatm Du’a 2005

November 10, 2005

edit: Abdul-Sattar suggested that I put up a high quality (92 kbps instead of the current 19 kbps) version of the Khatm Du’a for those people who have hi-speed internet. The new file is much larger, so please right-click and save as.

Alhamdulillah, last Monday (October 31st, 2005), on the 28th night of Ramadan, when many people were dressed up like devils and asking people for candy, God blessed our community by giving us permission to complete the Qur’an in Taraweeh on this night. What had began as a journey through His Book 28 days earlier came to a culmination on this night. Along the way, my partner in crime–Asim Ansari–and I were blessed and honored by Allah to be given an opportunity to read His Words and lead people in prayer. For the previous 5 years, I had led at the Frankfort Masjid, which was way out in the boonies. This year, I decided to go someplace closer, especially since this is the masjid I normally go to outside of Ramadan as well. I really enjoyed this community since it was a nice mix of various cultures, especially well-balanced between the desis and arabs. Also, I was grateful that there wasn’t any administrative politics (as seen in certain other larger masjids in the Chicagoland area) and I pray that it stays that way. Right now, our community is in the process of building something bigger (they bought an office building and converted the entire ground floor to the current masjid), so drop a du’a that Inshallah by the time next Ramadan rolls along, the new masjid will be completed.

Speaking of du’as,  I’ve included the Khatm (finishing) Du’a that was made upon completing the Qur’an on Monday night. It’s somewhat longer than most khatm du’as, but I figure that you only get to complete Qur’an in Taraweeh once a year (and who knows if one will be alive for the next one), so might as well make the most of this blesssed occasion. I hope that by posting this, there might be some benefit for those who would listen and say ameen to the du’a, since it might be that someone saying ameen to this du’a will cause it to be accepted. Perhaps it may also be of benefit for others to prepare their own du’as or learn certain Arabic du’as. Certainly, I deserve no credit for this, especially since much of it was learnt when I transcribed Imam Sudais’s khatm du’as over the years and memorized it. So I gotta give a shoutout to my boy Imam Sudais and pray for his well-being as well. Also, a special thanks to Saqib for his sound editing on the file. Please pray for him and myself as well.

I also included Surah al-Rahman from this year’s taraweeh if anyone would like to hear it.

Please right-click and save as… these are large files, please conserve bandwidth so that others can also listen to this.


Surah al-Rahman from Taraweeh 2005 at Burr Ridge Masjid (MECCA), October 27, 2005.
2.89 MB | 12:38 minutes
mp3 format


Khatm Du’a at Burr Ridge Masjid (MECCA), October 31, 2005.
Arabic and English
9.1 MB | 63:23 minutes
mp3 format

A Rough (VERY rough) Brief Outline of Arabic Portion of Du’a:
–Praise of Allah, testifying our belief in various things, glorifying Him through various names; Prayer and salutations upon the Prophet (salallahu `alayhi wa sallam), his Family, Companions, and Followers
–A du’a for guidance and a du’a for light (noor)
–Du’as specific to the Qur’an and it becoming a part of our lives. For example, asking for Allah heal the various organs of our bodies (through various ways); asking to be made amongst the successful ones through the bounty of its completion, asking for Allah to give us the courage to read it more often, to lead us from sins into righteousness through its blessings, to make it a proof for us and not against us, etc. There’s also a portion wherein there’s a supplication made taking each letter of the Qur’an and asking for a certain blessing from it.
–Various du’as from hadith and the khatm du’a from the Haram that ask for many things, for example: forgiveness, healing, freedom from debt, brightening of our faces on the Day of Judgement, to receive our books in our right hands, raise our positions, and make heavy our balances on that Day; asking protection from knowledge that doesn’t benefit, etc; asking Allah to cleanse our hearts of hypocrisy, our deeds of ostentation, our tongues from lying, our eyes from deception, etc, etc, etc.
–Du’as for the forgiveness of the believers who have passed away; du’a for ease during death; du’a for asking our graves to be gardens from Paradise and not fuel for the Hell-fire, etc
–Du’as made for the believers suffering all over the world; especially a du’a to help the Muslims of Palestine, Pakistan, Kashmir, and India; a du’a to free Masjid al-Aqsa from its unjust occupiers and to grant us all a prayer in that Masjid.
–Du’as made for Allah to make us amongst a certain group and not amongst its opposite. For example, to be made amongst the truthful (saadiqeen) and not amongst the liars (kaadhibeen), etc.
–An interlude of beseeching Allah by various names to ask for His Mercy
–A few other various du’as, such as asking for beneficial knowledge, lawful provision, repentance before death, to ward off the pangs of death, etc; du’as made to free to the necks of ourselves and family members and believers from the hell-fire; du’a made for the protection of Muslim women’s honor and deen, etc.
–Qur’anic du’as (all the “rabbanas”)
–Du’a to cleanse our hearts from each of the spiritual diseases of the heart + 2 of my favorite Hasan al-Basri forgiveness du’as (amongst the 70)
–Another interlude of beseeching Allah by various names to lead up to asking for the best of our lives to be our last ones, the best of our deeds to be the ending ones, and for the best of our days to be the one wherein we meet Allah; another interlude of various names that leads up to asking Allah to accept our deeds and supplication
–End with Prayer on the Prophet (salallahu `alayhi wa sallam)
–English portion

Higher quality version:


Khatm Du’a at Burr Ridge Masjid (MECCA), October 31, 2005.
Arabic and English

High Quality Version

43.9 MB | 63.23 minutes
mp3 format

Currently Listening to: Sami Yusuf – “Try Not to Cry” (song playing in the media player on the top)


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  1. MashAllah, this was beautiful. JazakAllah Kheir for sharing this with the rest of us “mere mortals”
    lol, how nice of you to make a du’a for the protection of women’s honor… and everyone thinks you’re a bad guy 😛

  2. ameen to that

  3. ok, this is going to sound very rude..but your thing (I don’t know what else to call it) wa ma adraka ma kr?..your translation for it is’s “do you know what/who kr is?” that’s what it means in arabic..I could be wrong..but I’m pretty sure I am has been bugging me for a while..sorry, if I was rude Salam

  4. asalamu alaikum.  du’as are wonderful, especially when your du’as are answered when asked in Arabee, and you don’t even know what you said Ameen to. Especiallay if you’re have arab and wondering why you don’t know Arabee. hah.

  5. half Arab, and apparently don’t know english as well. salam.

  6. wintersamar: please look up Abdullah Yusuf Ali’s translation of the Qur’an. he translates “wa ma adraaka” as “and what will explain to thee”…. i replaced thee with you to make it easier for people to understand. also, when reading the translations of Pickthall and Shakir, they translate this phrase as, respectively, “and what will convey unto thee” and “and what will make you comprehend”. also, the conjugation of “adraaka” is the “af`ala” form of the root verb “daraa/yadree”. the root verb means “to know; to be aware, be cognizant”…. however, the “af`ala” form (form IV in Hans Wehr) is makes the intransitive verb to be transitive, hence suggesting that “adraa/yudree” is to extend the meaning of the root verb to another, i.e., to make another understand, to inform, can look up the Yusuf Ali, Pickthall, and Shakir translations here:, and looking at the translations of certain surahs that use this phrase, such as Surah al-Haaqqah, Surah al-Qari`ah, etc.based on the above and while no translation completely captures the specific Arabic meaning into English, i’d like to think that the way i’ve translated it is quite correct and better than the one you’ve suggested.

  7. “i’d like to think that the way i’ve translated it is quite correct and better than the one you’ve suggested.”…kr ur such an ass…lolbut i love you, and a big long AMEEN to my brother in dirrty south. ps, when will you come to visit me and our children don’t deserve this! All they want is their kam kam.

  8. next year, i/A let me know when your khatme is and I’ll be one of the goodies in the back hollerin a “yaaa Alllaaahhh” or an “Aaaameeen”

  9. MashAllah, this was excellent

  10. echoing IbnAbuMe. yes, indeed, thanks for sharing this.  

  11. Masha Allah, splendid recitation…one sec…is that Fajar prayer or Taraweeh?…gosh…your taraweehs are slower than Fajar prayers :)…and i see that you must have killed them with that longer than one hour dua…. j/p…but all in all..masha allah…sounds good….
    btw…did you hear that Imam Sudais and Imam Shuraim had a huge fight?…yup…and our boy Imam Sudais pulled through and came out on top once again…sudais haters just don’t get it….Sudais is thee Imam….ok…here is the link to it…..once it opens up..wait a couple of seconds….all the details are there…
    masha allah…that dua sounds good…folks at least listen to the English part….starts at about 42 minutes..btw…did you pay off Saqib to say aameen loudly behind you? 🙂

  12. The best part about this dua was when KR asks Allah (SWT) for all the single people in the crowd to get married. Haha, don’t think we didn’t catch that part KR.

  13. mA, excellently done. good thing u have such a perceptive audience… yep, we leave no detail unreckanized.peace,IJB

  14. Assalam-U-Alaikum,
    MashahAllah, you have great tilawaat…seriously, that was good tilawaat…
    and yeah, i totally agree with emam…sudais is THE best qari, ever….
    Akkah Hafiz

  15. Shouldn’t you pay Sudais for jacking his Khatm Dua?
    I’m just playin’, this was good stuff, MashAllah.

  16. I haven’t read your post yet….but I guess I’ll leave the props. Oh and all my post I put under protected or private, and I know what my next update will be about, but thanks for leaving an idea. salaam

  17. Anonymous permalink

    Props for the dua and recitation.  How about putting up some of Asim’s recitation too?

  18. Salaam, beautiful recitation mashaAllahi just wanted to say JazakAllahu Khair for helping me with that whole msa thing a while ago.. there’s only 6 of us right now and it’s going a little slow but alhamdulillah we had a little eid celebration/open house thing last night and it went pretty well. not too many people showed up though and i was starting to lose hope because i felt like the whole thing just hasn’t been working out the way i wish it would.. but then i realized that there are going to be bumps in the road and to fail trying is a whole lot better than just plain out giving up… but anyway i guess i just wanted to say thanks for helping me start this whole thing and inshaAllah it’ll pick up in the future..Wasalaam and a belated Eid MubarakNoreen.

  19. to wintersamar: i just read poetichermit’s comment and i just wanted to clarify that i didn’t intend to be rude. i dont think i was, but if others thought i was rude, then perhaps you did as well. i appreciate your input on the matter. my only intent with writing that explanation was to let you (and anyone else who was interested in the discussion) about why i had translated that arabic phrase into those specific english words.

  20. KamKam, you are a pointy eared furry creature.  Mashallah. 
    May Allah grant you more body hair to keep your body warm in the winter. 

  21. Don’t bust on Halloween.  Or as I call it, the day of Halaloween…this was the day when I held my iftar at the UIC med school.  Sniff sniff, the memories. 

  22. Anonymous permalink

    this is so that you dont bug me again and cry for eprops

  23. Whatever little of the Arabic I understood was amazing. Unfortunately, not amazing enough to prevent me from looking up at the clock every so often wondering when you were going to finish.

  24. ryc: but I try soooo hard to be good 😦

  25. I was there, believe me… one of the most amazing spiritual moments for me.  K R ROCKS!!!!  Jazaakallah khair.

  26. Anonymous permalink

    Stop sucking up to KR imran.. you make me sick. lol

  27. Anonymous permalink

    man, i should’ve listened to u and just bailed itekaf for a few hours…another ramadan regret to add to the list…beautiful

  28. You might want to send in ur application for the Imam Sudais job.

  29. Anonymous permalink

    mash’Allah your khatum was good stuff man…but me and hasan KEPT on changing the way we sat cuz we lost circulation multiple times…but mash’Allah good stuff…
    kr…if you don’t get married after this post…then there is really something wrong with you…
    i love you

  30. Salam alaykum, thanks for that..I did think it was a little rude. btw good Khutbah this past friday at luc campus

  31. kr gave khutbah at loyola? what is the world coming to? haha…go back to uic! i had to do the khatm dua this year at the local masjid. i think it lasted a whole 10 min.

  32. “kr…if you don’t get married after this post…then there is really something wrong with you…”fasting for FRICS son… that’s what i live by.

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