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Guest Post (Emad “Saudi” Ahmed)

October 24, 2005

kr’s note: For those of you have been following this blog for a while, you might remember Emad from my epic confrontation with the Salafis and Wahhabis. Apparently, he recently wrote a post about Pakistan and wanted me to post it on my blog since, well, no one visits his site and/or it doesn’t even exist.  I’m not sure which one. What else to expect from Emad, who’s AIM name is “SaudiPaki”… just saying those two words in that order is enough to invalidate one’s wudu. Wow, you know it’s Ramadan when I’m nice enough to post this. Regardless, I think he makes a point somewhere here in the post… not sure where, but I think it’s there somewhere. And for those of you who are still bitter from my “Letter to Pakistanis and Hyderabadis” post… you can stop being mad now.

Besides, I’ve been extremely busy this past weekend, so I haven’t had the time to make an original post to entertain you guys… Inshallah, I’ll think of something in a day or so. In the meantime, enjoy this… or don’t, whatever. My sparse commentary is in italics, as usual.

Oh, one more thing: i think this cartoon captures my relationship vis-a-vis women amazingly well:

start of Emad’s post

Important Point: The most important action that we need to take is to help the quake victims. The 50,000 plus dead are…dead. The 4 million living are in need. Relief is not for the dead, rather for the living victims. One can’t help but compare the quake to the tsunami. The tsunami killed many more, but the tsunami did not leave as many “zombies” behind. These countless victims are the living dead – they are alive today, waiting for help or death, whichever comes first. Help save their lives by donating for this great disaster in this month of Ramadan.

Go to the Islamic Relief’s website ( to donate or to any collection spot near you.

Pakistan Earthquake: How Islamic is the “Islamic Republic” and what does her future hold?

The Beginnings:

A country founded in the 1940s, Pakistan was meant to be a homeland – a homeland for the Muslims. The advocates talked of a great nation – Muslims in British India – in need of a state. And the slogan for this new state for this great nation?


Pakistan ka mat’lab kiya? La ilaha illa Allah!

What does it mean to be Pakistan? There is no God but Allah!
(this makes no sense… but whatever)

 The old nation received its new state. Soon after, the politicians debated on how the government was to be run. They reckoned that the people wanted Western laws based on Islam. That’s where the travesty begins and continues with great fluctuation to this day…

Soon this state for this one great nation of Muslims was to split because of silly notions of nationalism in the East. Apparently, half the nation wasn’t too proud of having to learn the Arabic script and wanted a special recognition for Sanskrit scripts. This was once a proud nation of Muslims?

Soon after the split, a new constitution was written. The phrase “Islamic Republic” was added to the name. Now what’s rather striking for this nation is that it hasn’t tried all that hard to be Islamic nor a Republic, let alone both at the same time. Who do we kid?

Illogical State:

The country has gone through a lot of bad in its almost 60 years of existence. 3 wars with India. Annual droughts. Annual floods. Ethnic violence. Religious violence. Coups. Civil war (with over a million dead). Soviet threat. Corruption. Poverty. (you left out about 50 more things, but hey, who’s counting?)

This country, seemingly, is a catastrophe in itself.

In all fairness, good has come from this state. The general public has at times called for greater enforcement of Islamic laws. Generals at times have enforced Islam at greater levels too.

Pakistan involved herself in the Afghan war. She stands by the Palestinians. She sends peacekeepers to exotic places – from Haiti to Bosnia to Somalia to Rwanda. She has stood in moral support for all that benefits Muslims. She provided Islamic intellects when others were executing theirs. She opened her arms to the huddled refugee masses from the across the Muslim world, from Iran to Bosnia. She built the ultimate military deterrence – the “Islamic Bomb.” She’s not Arab, she’s not Asian. She’s Muslim. She says, in times when her Middle Eastern cousins forsake religion completely for secularism, she’s Islamic.

That should earn some brownie points, shouldn’t it?

In case you haven’t realized it yet, Pakistan is an anomaly. It is a country of opposites, of illogic. Pakistan’s past is what it is. The present and the future can be made better (or worse). (well, anything’s possible I suppose…)

The Kashmir Quake:

The present sees her trying to cope with her greatest affliction yet, the Kashmir Earthquake. Pakistan has stood tall with its limited capacity. Semi-autonomous “Azad” Kashmir has been badly injured and Pakistan has stood over it despite her own injuries. For Kashmir, reality is, cannot survive on its own. It needs Pakistan more than Pakistan needs it.

As earlier mentioned, the country is one of illogic. On the one hand, the Pakistan Armed Forces is a beloved organization. Loved because of the difficult and necessary jobs they endure for the nation – heck for Islam. In a land of corruption, they stand clean. (No one ever said Musharraf is corrupt. His ideas may be messed up, but he won’t be taking kickbacks). In our greatest time of need – one that caused more damage to Pakistan and Kashmir than any war would – the Army came out to help. It asked for help from others and fraternal nations sent their soldiers to help.

Where’s the illogic you ask? Almost 150 miles away, on the Pak-Afghan border. The Army is still standing in the eye of the storm. Killing Muslims (however disillusioned those people maybe, they’re Muslim) for the sake of a non-Muslim government in D.C. and a puppet government in Kabul. The pride of the Islamic Republic, the most powerful of the Muslim armies, the most helpful (in terms of training to other Muslim forces and peacekeeping) of the Muslim armies, in this time of need is protecting its borders by killing Muslims.

Tug of War:

It is clear that Pakistan’s greatest folly is its attempt to have a dual identity. It wants to be Islamic yet it yearns to be Western. This has resulted in an internal tug of war. And in a tug of war, sooner or later one side caves in. Islam at the expense of Westernization or Westernization at the expense of Islam – that’s the decision that needs to be made.

Ultimately, the future of this nation hinges on that very question. Which route will it take? Will the punishing earthquake in the first week of Ramadan bring the nation closer to the Creator? Or will its subsequent recovery make it more complacent? Will this nation see that her allies in the West cannot protect her from God’s wrath? The allies are unable to produce a modern helicopter that can scale the heights of the Kashmiri mountains. Instead, God’s invention – the mule – is being used to provide relief for villages high in the mountains.


The sad part is that Pakistan has made a habit of ignoring important issues — much like the earthquake. The entire country lies on a fault, yet it was completely unprepared (and dumbfounded) when the quake struck. It seems as though Pakistan will not learn its lesson from the earthquake and will ignore the all important question – Islamization or Westernization? And sooner or later, the country’s very foundations will shake. Whose help would she seek then?

May Allah protect her and make her a beacon for His cause. Ameen. (Ameen)

-Emad “SuperStar” Ahmad

Currently Reading: Surah Yaseen, Surah Saaffaat, Surah Sad, Surah al-Zumar

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  1. i’m proud to be the first 2 e-props. great post.

  2. excellent, i wish i could give more props

  3. “Pakistan is an anomaly”….so true. Being Pakistani is like taking a bandaid off of a wound too quickly…sure it hurts like heck for a couple of seconds, but then it’s ok :)The situation in Paki-Kashmir is obviously horrible right now. My mum was telling me that all kinds of jerk-wads are coming in taking little girls (if not baby girls) who have been orphaned so to force them into prostitution, and taking little orphaned boys to beg on the streets and whatnot. A man just the other day killed all of his children who were stuck in massive rubble and had no hope of either coming out or dying immediately..this father stoned his kids to death and later jumped off a cliff to end it all for himself as well…because eternal hell was far more appealing than the suffering after the earthquake. Ya Allah! And there are countless other stories as well…all horrifying in their own way. May Allah SWT save us all. This is another test for our people..for Pakistanis..for Muslims. I suggest Paki families to subscribe to GEO-TV, it’s a very good informative channel and they show you exactly whats going on without all the “buffering” other channels do.Sorry kr…didn’t mean to make a post of my own on here 😛 but props to you and to Emad…good post.

  4. Anonymous permalink

    Its too bad Saudi is Paki. but hey he writes a mean article.
    Well thought out Saudi

  5. Anonymous permalink

    good stuff…
    pakistan zindabaad

  6. nice post….wait…is emad saudi or paki?

  7. he’s paki but born in saudi… as you can see, he’s had a rough childhood

  8. Props to Saudi, who’s an anomaly himself.

  9. salaams…
    Pakistan ka matlub kiya… doesnt mean “what does it mean to be a paki”…it means “what does pakistan mean”

  10. Whatever Pakistan and its faults, its still a better place than Bangalore or Hyderabad. 

  11. As Salam Alaikum:
    skim skammed through the thingy..but inshaAllah will come back later to finish off…and I so agree with QueenRooji..hehe…
    ..also A&E is right ….one last thingy…’Pakistan ka mat’lab kiya? La ilaha illa Allah’….is only because Pakistan was made for Islam even though we cant see that much signs of that after more than half a century the time nad till atleast 30 years ago it was that very reason…now why we dont see it is well they are trying to compete their neighbours to look better in the eyes of Bush…rather than be better for Allah…well …we can only pray…
    and Saudi is the bestestestest!…anyone correct me if I am wrong…but I have read it in books that the last place that would like be destructed on the face of this earth on Judgements Day would be Madina?? and second last would be Makkah…??.. that we are on the topic I will take the opportunity to pray a Dua here..(i have been going around on xangas and getting my Duas just like every where else everyone say Ameen)….Ya Allah please call me up there when I am in Madina/ Makkah..for I want to leave in a place where the best of the best person’s (PBUH) roza – e -mubarak is. Ameen. and do the same for everyone else as well…Ameen….
    Allah Hafiz 

  12. There should be a rule that Xangas be no longer than 20 lines!  Anything longer should automatically be trashed in the Xanga Trash Can.  Anyone want to summarize?  Better yet, anyone want to draft a “Xanga Constitution”??? 

  13. dude, shattari, you handsome devil you… that profile pics screams rishta picture… anyway, if that bogus law you propose about xanga posts not being longer than 20 lines went into effect… wow, i dont think i could ever post again. i can’t help it if i have so many interesting and insightful things to say that i need more space =)unless youd rather just tell me what i had for lunch… or ask people what they think of inter cultural marriages… or just jack articles from other websites and post them on my blog… sucker.

  14. very interesting read…props to the writer

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