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Guest Post: Yahya Youssef

October 12, 2005


Yesterday I realized I had no more ideas for
making a new post so I put up my away message asking for people for
suggestions. Yahya decided to rattle off a host of questions that are
both entertaining and insightful. Instead of writing a post on each of
his suggestions, I think the suggestions themselves suffice as a post.
My commentary is in italics.

Auto response from k r 1 5 6: I need ideas for a xanga post

Suggestions welcome.

Collegeiskilli: or you can talk about the significance
of Captialism on the new world economy and what that means for
Communist countries like China
Collegeiskilli: or perhaps you can make note of how sister’s gossiping habits are outta control
Collegeiskilli: or why Common’s last album sucked (does anyone know who Common is?)
Collegeiskilli: or maybe why Kanye is all of a sudden representing all of Chicago
Collegeiskilli: and why the south side is all Million Dollar condo’s when just over a decade ago it was all Hood
Collegeiskilli: or why I can’t get girls to talk to me
Collegeiskilli: and why all these fly women are either smokers, or married
Collegeiskilli: or how I wish my brother George was here (George.. George Clinton? I’m not sure who’s referring to either)
Collegeiskilli: or why Pink Floyd is called Pink Floyd
Collegeiskilli: and how come Sade lost the band on her last relese
Collegeiskilli: or why can’t we have rich Oil Sheiks as our benefactors?
Collegeiskilli: or why Microsoft makes the crappiest operating systems
Collegeiskilli: or perhaps why the Sox lost the first game aganist the Angels? (well, if you were to ask Sox fans, I’m sure they’ll blame Cubs fans for this loss… )
Collegeiskilli: or why all of us want to be pimps, instead of leaders? (this has to be the most insightful one of all)
Collegeiskilli: and why will we fight each other and wont do squat when pigs beat us
Collegeiskilli: or why Iraq is a failure waiting to happen, and why history is repeating itself and no one wants to see that
Collegeiskilli: How come we can’t elect a Black President (ie Cornel West?)
Collegeiskilli: and why health care is opting for treatments instead of Cures?
Collegeiskilli: and why can’t I be as big as stud as you are
Collegeiskilli: or why you can’t pick up Puerto Rican girls like I can?
Collegeiskilli: or why can’t more muslim women be from south america
and why do Palestinian women (native to the United States and have
never seen a settlement / refugee camp) got more attitude then NWA?
or you can keep it relevant to Ramadan and talk about why Mosque
foundation fund raises for a different organization every night during
Collegeiskilli: and how come they can collect in the excess
of 25K in less then 5 mins (seriously I clocked it one
Collegeiskilli: or perhaps you can do a rehash of last year’s post where you rate the top foods in ramadan
Collegeiskilli: or suggest different menu items that you’ll be offering when I roll thru your crib next week
or perhaps our adventures in Greek Town (if you ever decide to come
pick me up from my SUBURBAN ABODE, for some festive cultured Greek,
Collegeiskilli: or maybe you just write a post dedicated to me
Collegeiskilli: and my various ramblings online
Collegeiskilli: or the random comments i leave on your screen
Collegeiskilli: or why the ladies love me so much and you try to feed off my lime light.
Collegeiskilli: or why during ramadan I got invited to several drinking engagements but before then none? (this had to be the most depressing one to read)
Collegeiskilli: and why it took me so long to realize that Evanston is where all the real money’s at
Collegeiskilli: and why I need to pick up my feet and start hustlin on them burr ridge blocks
Collegeiskilli: sellin Mixtaps and boot leg DVD’s I knwo there’s a market for that out there
Collegeiskilli: I dunno, just write something dude,
Collegeiskilli: Have you found a suitable topic from the list I suggested?
Collegeiskilli: KR
Collegeiskilli: My love
Collegeiskilli: where art thou?
k r 1 5 6: hahaha
k r 1 5 6: wow, that was impressive
k r 1 5 6: i think i should just copy paste that
k r 1 5 6: as my post
k r 1 5 6: and title it
k r 1 5 6: “late night musings of yahya youssef”
Collegeiskilli: Excellent
Collegeiskilli: I’d Support that
Collegeiskilli: Oatmeal Rasin Cookies – perhaps the only food that God has Blessed us with that Originates from Paradise
k r 1 5 6: hahhha

Hmmm, if this wasn’t entertaining/educational, don’t worry, I’m bound to have inspiration for an original post soon.

Currently Reading: last of Surah al-Tawbah, Surah Yunus, Surah Hud


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  1. Anonymous permalink

    This has got to be the worst post ever. No offense to yahya. The idea was stupid.
    “You should shut down your xanga.”

  2. haha, that was greatly amusing. although he kept on contradicting himself on the whole girl thing.

  3. I agree with Hisham. That was weak (no offense to Yahya), but your lack of creativity is weak.

  4. haha! these eprops are for yahya.

  5. As Salam Alaikum:
    …or you could post a poem or something…truly I loved ‘see my prophets smile’, it was beautiful. And man the last comment by brother Yahya is so true. When I visited my grandma in heaven (inalilahi wa ina ilaihi rajioon), she had baked Oatmeal raisin cookies for me. And Hemingway was there too…may Allah bless her soul. Ameen.
    so yeah, post a poem. I had truly love to see one.

  6. people..that was funny…how can you think about all that much to think…so little time….

  7. How can one not like a post that belittles Kamran?
    I suggest you run with this Kamran and write a post about how lame you are.My guess is you will have a hard time being as VERBOSE as you usually are.
    Props to Yahya, I enjoyed the variety and truth in all his insights.

  8. Hehehe, this Yahya fellow is funny.
    Does he have a xanga?

  9. Anonymous permalink

    “Collegeiskilli: and why do Palestinian women (native to the United States and have never seen a settlement / refugee camp) got more attitude then NWA?”
    I dont know about this one, i dont have attitude (especially not more than NWA) on the other hand i have been to Palestine and its quite beautiful there

  10. salaam alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu…
    Nice post… but I wanted to explain a bit about my latest entry… because every valid question deserves an answer… or atleast I think so.  Lemme see if I can type this while I listen to this lecture… lol.  Okay… you stated that you didn’t quite see the connection between backcountry pak ignorance and anarchy…
    You, first of all, bring a very good point.. the correlation isn’t readily apparent or direct.  Rather, as I wrote, I just jotted down some of my thoughts, as well as the basis for those thoughts… and I thought to myself that we as a group, particularly in the US have become sterilized so that we don’t readily understand or accept things which are outside of our normal pre-programmed mindsets.  I will explain.  Most of us, when watching the news, or hearing what is going on… we typically are taken aback by things such as “organizations” that are portrayed as terrorist, people who are out spoken for things like islamic gov’t, because many of us feel this is just not practical or possible in this time period considering the world situation.  The reality is that… everything will be the way until it is written for it to change… and that each of us as an individual really have no idea when that is written to happen.  Rather, we each are given the sum total stimuli of life, and are tested on our reactions.  If we accept defeat from the beginning, this means that we are suggesting that the present world situation is acceptable.  and this, in itself, is haram, why?  Because the present world situation is based on corruption and greed, and ignorance, of which I portrayed from an excerpt off of amnesty internationals website.  What everyone read on my site, about the fruits of ignorance in Pakistan (but it represents really ANY country in this day in age… to an extent) was gauranteed to have an instant and dramatic effect on the mind.  This effect is quite similar to the effect that typical news of the antithesis of this has… the antithesis being organizations and people who go to the opposite extreme to try and do what they can as individuals and groups to bring down the present day regimes that make this type of ignorance possible.  This may sound outrageous, and maybe it is… but like I said before, really my post was a conglomeration of thoughts, and the direction of thoughts are not readily apparent (especially in my case)…
    So, the things that go on, they were for intellectual effect mostly.  And, in a way, it is all connected.  Allahu Alim.
    I hope this made sense bro. salaamalaikumwarahmatullahiwabarakatu. =)
    take care.

  11. ^^^^^ English, please?
    That thing about Kanye was dead on… ever since he pulled that “George Bush doesn’t care about black people”, he’s being regarded as a hero, as if he’s the next Malcolm X or something.
    The part about us only wanting to be pimps instead of leaders… Damn, that’s so true too.

  12. Anonymous permalink

    this is not a featured content entry…that’s for sure…
    aw man, i agree with more south american muslims.
    i need some sisters to practice my spanish with.
    spanish is like the bestest subject ever!

  13. Anonymous permalink

    The candid girl is back.

  14. Assalam-U-Alaikum…
    funny post, but i still do have a question about invalidating a fast…how come cutting your hair and/or nails invalidates a fast…i dont think this has anything to do with nutrition…does it?…
    JazakAllah…thanks for the previous answers
    Allah Hafiz

  15. Anonymous permalink

    Collegeiskilli: or perhaps you can make note of how sister’s gossiping habits are outta control <<<>>>
    Collegeiskilli: and why I need to pick up my feet and start hustlin on them burr ridge blocks <<<

  16. Anonymous permalink

    commentary mess up………1.) even girls hate the drama of other girls…gossip aggravates EVERYTHING   2.) i dont think hustling and Burr ridge should go together in any context since aside from the MUSLIM (mostly Arab) community in Burr Ridge, everyone in Burr Ridge is pretty much consists of OLD WHITE RETIREES or workaholics….u cant hustle arabs i mean….Come on…. and the Desis’s well they’ll just come out with the danda and “sweep” you away

  17. charming…

  18. Anonymous permalink

    asalaamu alaykum wrwb,
    you forgot to add a picture of a soapbox 🙂

  19. the hemmingway of the internet age…funny, i personally like why we all want to be pimps more than leaders.

  20. Hisham and Kazim, Kamran could do a post on just about anything and he’d still get 50 eProps and 25 comments.

  21. hehe, that was amusing

  22. <TABLE id=HB_Mail_Container height=”100%” cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width=”100%” border=0 UNSELECTABLE=”on”>
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    Assalamualaikum warahmatullah
    hmmm what an interesting post masha’Allah. I suggest you talk about…why brothers nowadays have this obsession with matching their kufis with their outfits. Some of them seem to have every color available.Tis quite odd. Oh and Ramadan Mubarak to you too
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    <TD style=”FONT-SIZE: 1pt” height=1 UNSELECTABLE=”on”>

  23. hey kr…visit my site…its brand new and has a gimmic!

  24. dude, good theeb
    Collegeiskilli: KRCollegeiskilli: My loveCollegeiskilli: where art thou?
    twas awesome

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