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My Summer House

October 9, 2005


edit: 5:45 am – woohoo, looks like I got FC again thanks to the generosity of my readers and the power of eprops. To quote Sammy Sosa, “Xanga’s been veerrrry, verry good to me.”

Here’s some pictures of my summer house in Abu Dhabi… I currently employed some oil sheikh to look after it while I’m here in America. I don’t usually spend much time there so I was looking for someone to look after it. This bum in rags came one day looking for work, so I figured I could hire him to take care of my modest home. And now I find out that this guy’s been telling everyone that he owns this place… wait till I find him, I need to set him straight.

(click on pics for larger view… thanks to Fadi Hussein for sending me these in an email)

No, this Audi A8 isn’t just painted silver… it’s freakin custom made completely out of silver… you know how we do, cash money records.

But on a serious note, it boggles my mind why one person would need so much when millions of his fellow human beings–especially his brethren in faith–are suffering and dying all over the world. And now, with the latest tragedy of the earthquake in Pakistan, people need help to recover from such a disaster. You don’t have to be a rich oil sheikh to help. Every little bit counts; never consider insignificant even the smallest bit of help. Stop by the Islamic Relief site and drop whatever you can.

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  1. Anonymous permalink

    top of the muffin.
    i want that car. forget the house.
    send this guy the islamic relief website link.

  2. for the dua’s…jazak’Allahu khair

  3. after seeing that house in conjunction with the note at the end, you can’t help but think of these ayahs from Surah Tawba:34. …And there are those who amass gold and silver and do not spend it in the way of Allah. Announce to them the tidings of a painful chastisement35. On a Day when they shall be heated in the Fire of Hell, and their foreheads and their sides and their backs shall be branded with it, [and they shall be told]: ‘This is the treasure which you hoarded for yourselves. Taste, then, the punishment for what you have hoarded.

  4. Whoever owns the house needs to trade it all in and adhere to the lyrics:”Greed for the Paradiseis what I need to make my life betterso I can relax and chill forever.”Sadiq quotes Qur’an and I quote rap lyrics. Isn’t that ironic?

  5. oh… so THATS what hell was created for.
    thanks for the clarification…  sad to know that even a beautiful silver Audi A8 is staying above the ground when the owner dies.. lol, might have made a nice ransom.
    dude, shaitan is one clever dude.  and some people have so much money, they aren’t even creative with it. pshht.
    salaamalaikumwarahmatullahiwabarakatu.  maddd propz, with 3 d’s/ =P

  6. wow…I wonder how he can feel comfortable in that house. 

  7. man, that is one fiiiiiiiiine house. and that car needs to shake it offff. whoooo eeeeee, hot stuff mA. i really cant tell if i like hot houses or hot cars better for visual stimulation. the hierarchy of hot prolly has to be reordered after this post, so as to place those two in a tie at number 4. now, speakin of hot, thats great that the ramadan post made FC. but shoo, way to thank us for gettin you there, punk. finally, on the issue of amassing wealth.  pretty much the ayat quoted above do the tricksy. howevvvver, we ought nevvver to underestimate the utility and purpose of human capital, which oft ever surpass what money can change and improve.  in terms of these parameters, you and i are at the verrrrry top of the list, cream of the cripsy crop. i pray we dont amass our human capital and deny others its benefit, for such action is also tempting and too can very easily lead to a bitter demise.God keep yall,IJB

  8. Anonymous permalink

    A couple of points…
    1. You jacked those pictures off the email Fadi sent. Give him props for finding the pics.
    2. The link to the Islamic Relief website does not work. Its there as
    3. How can we sit here and assume this man hasn’t donated towards humanitarian relief? I mean sure he’s got money, but I’d like to point out that living with arabs for a good chunk of my life has shown me how generous they are. They give so much and the best thing is no one ever finds out about it.
    I dont think we have any right to assume this jigga is just ammassing all this money and not donating, is all. Fear Allah

  9. I think the only thing I’d want from that all that wealth would be the Audi A8

  10. to Hisham:1. good point, I made the necessary edit to thank Fadi for the pics2. I’ll fix the link as well3. I wasn’t saying this guy hasn’t given at ALL… I was just wondering if that much was necessary. I mean, I wonder if this guy has even driven all these cars. Yes, I know that companions like Uthman and Abdur Rahman b. Awf had cash money records as well… but not when people around them were dying of hunger.

  11. Salam.  Please help out in your own way with the disaster in South Asia. 10/9

  12. As Salam Alaikum:
    JazakAllah for commenting (and for liking the poem).
    Being born in UAE, I can assure you these houses are so common that there comes a time when one isnt fascinated by these anymore. I truly agree with brother Hishashish, these people could have been helping and donating. However, I agree with you brother Kr156, they dont need as much. I will also add 2 things. First, even if they are helping, where can it be seen? I mean has anyone seen the Forbes list from I believe 03 or 04, the prince of Saudi Arabia is/was (maybe used it up) the 4th richest human on the face of this earth. He sincerely could have done a lot. And with all that money there should be a lot of Zakat that was mandatory on him. Secondly, it is a very true thing that Allah will not question a person with less as He will a person with more. Since Allah will question every bit of what He gave and how it was used, (if you see on the good side), the poor will just pass through the questioning in a snap. Now the sheikhs, man, anyone after them can take a nap!
    Whatever may be the case, may Allah make our Duniya and Akhira easy and peaceful, and may He grant us all Jannah. May He ease our questioning in our graves and when we will be awakened on that final day. May He have mercy on every living creature. May He reward us for all our efforts and for all our sufferings of the world. Ameen. Ameen. Ameen.
    Allah Hafiz

  13. those pics are amazing… of course, it left me thinking that more people ought to be living there. Shouldn’t that place be a resort, instead of a house for one family?

  14. Anonymous permalink

    Wow….I wonder if those pics are even real.  If they are, then we’ll assume that just like this guy spends on himself, he also spends on those in need.  There is no benefit in assuming otherwise.

  15. Hehehe, I wonder how many people this guy has to hire to figure out how much Zakat he’s gotta pay

  16. oh yes, house is VERY guy has that many cars? is he going for one car for every day of the year or WHAT???

  17. Ummm…I’ll buy it all from you for like $3…ya know…since you don’t really use it and all 😛

  18. “Yes, I know that companions like Uthman and Abdur Rahman b. Awf had cash money records as well… but not when people around them were dying of hunger.”word.

  19. That looks like a hotel… are you sure that’s a house?

  20. wow thats crazy….its a house that’ll make you feel lonely for sure even with the millions of kids arab people have….wow the car is nice but is a waste of money. Man if he sold just one of those bmw’s he could feed and house so many people in third world countries, shoot probably in his own country….I dunno, if I ever am given that much money I hope I don’t spend it that way……

  21. Damn.
    Imagine how awesome Jannah is gonna be, InshAllah.

  22. astaghfirullah, but i hate dubai…from experiance. and from what people tell me, its a sand oil wasteland filled with fasaad. sorry uae-ers. you guys are really nice but the country sucks.

  23. Anonymous permalink

    damn….thats sick….especially those cars…he’s living in a rap video!

  24. Anonymous permalink

    As salaam aliakum,
    Wow, dunya, dunya, dunya! Subhanallah. What a waste of money.
    Ramadan Mubarak bro, and may Allah reward you in this holy month, Insha Allah.

  25. That guy’s house looks even better than the Hyatt Regency Lobby

  26. Anonymous permalink

    please keep making du’aa for all those affected by the earthquake in Pakistan/Kashmir…

  27. Nice post.  I think people are confusing some issues.  One is that a person spends on others.  And the other is a person is spendthrift and wastes money and leads an extravagant lifestyle.  Just because a person spends on others doesn’t mean that he can lead an extravagant lifestyle.  Last Ruku of Surah Furqan, Allah mentions 11 qualities of his slaves and one of them is that when they spend, they are neither extravagant nor miserly.  Just because a person can afford a car for $50k doesn’t mean that he is allowed to buy it Islamically.  In a Friday speech a month ago infront of over a 1000 people I mentioned that who ever buys a car over $20K is being spendthrift.  (do you guys agree…disagree?) People for some reason really liked that speech on extravagance.  I also mentioned that in the Masjid parking lot there are over 700 cars and if you take the average price of each car to be $5K, that means that there are $3.5 million dollars worth of cars in the Masjid parking lot…. 🙂   that’s a heck lot of money…. my speeches….i always try to make it relavant to our present day life….i don’t like to regurgitate something which was written a 1000 years ago by our illustrious scholars…take the quran and hadith and the teachings of our pious scholars and apply them to our current situation….
    a 100 years from now…it wont matter which kind of car i drove, or the kind of house i lived in…or the clothes i wore….cause in a 100 years….i most likely wont be around….but….if i used the god given weatlh for the sake of humanity…that’s what will really matter…therefore…let us become historical figures….people who will be remembered for the good they have done…let us not be of those who came…lived…died…and were eventually forgotten…..
    that’s it for now…
    once again…a really nice post….sorry for the long comment 🙂

  28. that car…

    thats like
    hotter than i am.

  29. Wow, what a summer house.  Could I visit you sometimes.  : )

  30. a beamer made of silver, that aint nothing on my platinum stretch hummer~ shake that like it’s hot foo (BULLSHIT)

  31. Assalam-U-Alaikum,
    Man that care is friggin cool…
    Thanx for the explanation, but then what about miswak…isnt that nourishment it? and it also has taste, so why is it permitted…?
    just wondering

  32. ‘it boggles my mind why one person would need so much when millions of his fellow human beings–especially his brethren in faith–are suffering and dying all over the world’–exactly. :(and i completely agree with emam.. it rips my heart apart when i see people with so much, doing so little for those suffering around them. and even if they are, what the hell would you need a frikkin silver audi for??? (sigh) may Allah have mercy on us all…

  33. nice pix.  love the car.  looks like a great place to visit

  34. you’re such a liar, those arent pictures of your summer house, those are friggin hotel pictures that i saw.. wow you liar -___-“

  35. As Salam Alaikum:
    Sister xpikalx, UAE actually isnt a third world country. It is actually the world’s forth richest country per capita! Though, there are several poor people there. Actually, you can pretty much see it as the US. They have the rich downtowners and then there the illegal immagrants, and other poor immigrants as well as poor arabs. However, there is a little different situation for illegals. I saw it. It happened right in front of my eyes. Man, this guy was digging a hole in the ground to set the pipe which would take out the water from our garage and these two fairly decent in age and manners (in there whiter than white kandooras) come like you know just friends or brothers walking by. And man, they just come by the guy and handcuff him and take him to jail. Then he was there for about a month or so, because he didnt have the money for the plane ticket to be deported. I mean this person was digging a hole so that he could eat and send some money home, probabaly even get a sister of his married. He lived a month in jail because UAE government wouldnt even buy a ticket for him to deport him. He was I believe from some village in Gujrat and his parents sent money little by little and finally he was out. And why that happened is even more hurtful. He was there on a visa, however they have a rule if you are lets say on a visa under some electricians shop, you cant work for a locksmith. So basically he tried to do double job or something….ya Allah this is ridiculous!
    I agree realize1 some people might hate dubai. But in your old age you definitely want to retire and go live only in dubai. It is that nice there. But this comes with a condition! Only if you have the green! Even to just live there man the visa is sooooo expensive! 70 grand a year for for a family of 5 and that too none of the kids even in their teens. I dont know where I am going with this. But yeah, UAE is definitely  one of the finest examples of; ‘the rich will get richer and the poor….’
    And Hyatt regency is definitely nothing compared to a Sheikh’s house. The Sheikh Zayad (the king of UAE and to the world the president cause it is an anarchy thing) who passed away last year had such a house for each of his wives. not only that. I had an oppoturnity to see one from the inside. Man, it had fountains and everything. The cars they probably arent outside the gates but inside.
    One last thing about the cars. I believe it is 10 or maybe 15 years…but yeah your car cant be older than this or else it wont pass registration. Your car’s silencer and stuff cant make any noise or it cant pass…what else….all your windows are supposed to be there (some here in the US have plastic in the place of a broken one). Paint should be good. No graffitti kind of stuff on it. Meaning plain colour. No chips or anything coming off, no rust at all. There is absolutely no lenience with the rust!!! Scratches like very very very minor I think are fine. But anything on the bonut (i think it is called) or the bumper. The car fails. Its like if you were to rate your car (10 being the best) anything lower than a 8.5 just forget it. 9 you have great chances. 8.5 -8.0 depends on the type of inspector you get.
    Oh one final thing! They do waste money like crazy. Anyone deciding to go on a summer vacation shouldnt go anywhere but UAE. They have the most fun (dumbest) ways to enjoy. When I was there they had the worlds longest cake. Which was done with before anyone even tasted it. Why? because someone spread a rumor that there are mercedes keys hid in the cake and there are only ten. later there was rumor there was only one and no other than the sheikh got it! WIERDOS! then they had the worlds longest gold chain…and the biggest bowl of biryani. (they cooked it right there in that humongous thing, and people were literally standing in the bowl and passing out the biryani (which was free by the way)) they had the worlds tallest chair…and the list goes on. Now they are thinking of building the worlds tallest building in none other than our beautiful Dubai.
    I am sorry this was long but there is a lot to say about this place.
    JazakAllah for reading.
    Allah Hafiz

  36. Anonymous permalink

    all i can say is wOow

  37. Anonymous permalink

    all i can say is wOow

  38. Anonymous permalink

    ##*$&*#(@&$^@#$&*@#^&*@#$^)$(#*() !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I was checking to see if IIIIIIII made featured content, and then I see YOUR xanga.  EVIL!!
    But yeah the silver auddi owner is a materialistic fool

  39. amazing that the Prophet of God said that one of the signs of the End of Time: “…and you will see the barefooted, naked, destitute herdsman competing in constructing lofty buildings.”

  40. not often does a comment outdo the original post, but aai2a, i think you mightve one upped kr on this one. sorry kr, but his comment was nothing short of eye-opening. may Allah guide these shaykhs before a time comes when they will be answerable for their oppressive ways.

  41. Anonymous permalink

    you are weird dude but nice pictures.

  42. Anonymous permalink

    you are weird dude but nice pictures.

  43. Anonymous permalink

    hahah! kr’s got a mexican hottie! 1,2, AND 3.

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  45. he’s also got a shady lady. haha!

  46. ^^^^^LOL

  47. mashallaaaaaah

  48. Anonymous permalink

    if only 1/4 of his wealth would go to our muslim brothers and sisters affected by the earthquake

  49. Btw, it’s not a house. It’s a hotel, called “Emirates Palace” Hotel.
    I went and checked it out last summer, and it’s got wall covered in Gold foil.  I kid you not.  It seriously looks like something out of Prince of Persia or Aladdin. 
    Anyways, the project to build the world’s tallest building in Dubai is on the go.  That place is gonna be crazy.

  50. Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaang!!

  51. The Palace reminds of the Palace of Yazid Ibn Mu’awiyah

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