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Things One Can Do in Ramadan

October 6, 2005


yay, we’re only three days into Ramadan and I got an early Eid gift…

kr’s note: someone asked me for advice on a list of things they could do in Ramadan; now, im no shaykh like Mufti Abrar Mirza,
but I was able to come up with a list of things that hopefully may
benefit anyone who is interested. I went only with things that a person
can  do, rather than listing things not to do. I feel that the
latter is self-evident or can be found in other places. My posting this
on here is strictly for selfish reasons: it is hoped that if someone
reads one of these items and acts upon it, I too will receive a reward
for it =).

Thus begins the list of things one can do in Ramadan (in no particular order):

1. Before breaking one’s fast, instead of talking with people or
dreaming about iftar food, spend a few minutes desperately asking Allah
to fulfill your worldly and otherworldly desires. Pray for your
families, the Ummah, mankind, and the environment as well… the last
two items on this list are getting destroyed as well.

2. Read as much of the Qur’an as humanly possible: “…So recite of it that
which is easy
(73:20)”. And when you think you’ve done enough, push yourself to read more. And then some more.

3. When one wakes up for suhoor, pray 2 nafl before eating suhoor so
that it counts as worship done in the last 1/3rd of the night.

4. Go to taraweeh as much as possible. Ideally, one should pray all 20,
but if one cannot (due to difficulty in mental and physical
concentration), then at least pray however much is possible. 20 rak`ahs
is greater than 8 rak`ahs which is greater than 0.

5. Invite a non-Muslim friend to fast one day with you; invite him/her to a group iftar.

6. Make prayer on the Prophet (salallahu `alayhi wa sallam) as much as possible, especially after every prayer.

7.Help your mom make iftar… sheesh, at least set the table.

8. Don’t drink any rooh afzah =)… ugh, fine, you can drink it, but
you’re denying yourself the joy of mango shake. The Qur’an tells us
that “God does not wish difficulty on you…“… why then anyone would wish difficulty on themselves boggles my mind.

9. All the money that one usually spends on lunch or eating out during
the course of a month… instead of saving it, give it away to a
charity of your choice

10. Do the Tasbeeh of Fatimah (33 times Subhanallah, 33 times Alhamdulillah, 34 times Allahu Akbar) after every prayer.

11. Smile at everyone when you greet them.

12. Brush your teeth as often as possible, especially before heading
out to taraweeh. Not just for the barakah of following a Prophetic
habit, but heck, its sadaqah for everyone at the masjid.

13. Try to maintain some form of physical activity (running, etc.) to
work off the calories consumed during this month. Even if one eats
less, the fact that we often fall asleep immediately after eating
completely messes up the body’s metabolic system, favoring fat
formation and deposition. A post taraweeh run will work wonders.

14. Contrary to popular belief, showering while fasting is not
prohibited. There’s no “extra” blessing in, well… not showering.
Again, this is sadaqah. So is wearing clean socks to taraweeh every

15. Avoid arguing with people… not just cause most people don’t know
what they’re talking about, but mainly because it’s a complete waste of
Ramadan time.

16. If one has to make up prayers from the past, strive to complete as much of them as possible in Ramadan.

17. Develop a daily sleep schedule. Sleep depravation is rampant in
Ramadan, leading to poor health, difficulty in fulfilling prayers,
tiredness that precludes people from going to the masjid for taraweeh,
etc. Yes, it’s great to stay up one whole night and pray, but it’d be
better to stay up a portion of all 30 nights and pray while getting
enough sleep. Don’t be surprised if you need more sleep in this month.
Again, the change in food consumption and sleep/wake cycles will cause
your body to naturally feel more tired. This isn’t to say one should
sleep 12 hrs a day either; rather, make sure you get enough so that
doing everything isnt interrupted because you’re catching up on sleep.
With the right intention, one’s sleep can be worship…

18. Stay away from empty calories (fats, sugars, simple carbs) that our
stomachs naturally crave when we break our fast. These empty calories
satisfy hunger quickly, but not only do they make us hungry again in a
shorter period of time, but they’re more readily converted and stored
as fat. Enjoy mango shake and other such things, but don’t make them
the only foods consumed. Aim for complex carbs (whole wheat bread, for
example), vegetables, lean meats (chicken and fish), etc. so that your
body is physically able to make it through this month.

19. Considering that this is the tawheedic number, point #19 should be to utter “There is no God but God” (la ilaaha illa Allah) as often as possible.

20. Make iftar/suhoor for the family and give your mom a break for a day.

21. When your mom wakes you up for suhoor, wake up immediately… not
only is it a pain to make suhoor, but imagine how annoying it is to
wake up your 23 year old good-for-nothing son by having to yell at him
20 times to wake up… (i think this advice is mainly for me, of course)

22. Hmm, point #22 suggests that we’re in the last 10 days of Ramadan,
the days of emancipation from the Hell-fire. As much as possible, ask
for protection from the Fire; a useful du’a is: “Allahumma ajirni (or ajirna if one is making it in a group setting) min al-naar

23. Bring water, tea, etc. to your local taraweeh imam  =). We get thirsty, yo.

24. Every night before you sleep, reflect on the day and make an
assessment if your spiritual goals were accomplished. Ask yourself if
you hurt anyone during the course of the day with your speech or
actions. Relive the day and grade yourself on how it went. Make
necessary adjustments the following day.

25. On the same topic, reflect also on all of the bounties that one has
been given. One of the reasons for fasting is so that we may become
grateful servants of God. A key prerequisite in true gratitude (meaning
one wherein the gratitude is of the tongue, limbs, and heart) is
reflecting on all of Allah’s favors. Ennumerating each one is an
impossible task, but at least start the process somewhere. Once a
person has contemplated deeply on all of God’s bounties, one cannot
help but experience a new-born joy in the heart that ought to extend to
the tongue and limbs. This is why Imam `Ali said that an hour of
serious contemplation (tafakkur) is better than (only) a year’s amount of worship (without contemplation)

26. After praying Fajr, remain in the masjid until the Ishraq time
comes in and then pray the Ishraq prayer. It is reported that such an
act is tantamount to the reward of an accepted Hajj and `Umrah. Try to
also make an effort to pray a few Salat al-Tasbeeh, Tahajjud, Awwabeen,
and other nafl prayers whenever it’s possible.

27. Hey slacker(s), your masjid is probably finishing the Qur’an
tonight. At least go for taraweeh tonight and attend the khatm
(completion) to receive the blessing of such an event. Also, just cause
the recitation is finished tonight doesn’t mean there’s no taraweeh the
remaining nights of Ramadan… at least go “khatm-hopping” in the last
few days, i.e., going only to masjids that are having their khatm that

28. Park your car at the masjid in a location farther away from the
entrance. Not only does this allow one to walk extra steps to the
masjid (and thus earn more reward), but this allows the elderly and
handicapped to park closer as well. Someone once said a wise quote
about two birds, killing, and a stone…

29. Making `Itikaaf for 10 days isn’t feasible for everyone. At the
very least, especially during the last ten days, spend as much time as
possible in the masjid with the intent of `itikaaf, even if its for an
hour. Don’t ever underestimate the significance of minor deeds such as
this for it maybe that such a deed that one (or others) consider
insignificant will make all the difference on that Day.

30. Alhamdulillah, so it has to be Eid tomorrow (at the latest). Don’t
hate on the “early” Eid-celebrators. On this final night before Eid,
reflect on your Ramadan experiences and develop a strategy to keep such
practices, attitudes, and sayings as habits during the rest of the year.

Oh yeah, and pray for kr cause Lord knows he needs it more than anyone else out there. He’s a bad guy, remember?

Currently reading (since they don’t have this on Amazon): my
prized possession–my veteran 13-liner Qur’an that I did my hifz in (13
liners rule as compared to 15 liners!) that my mom gave me when I was
six (when I had completed reading the Qur’an for the first time) and
has been my companion since then–and Inshallah will remain with me for
the rest of my worldly existence.


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  1. ramadan is the month to increase in your tahleel as well (saying of la ilaaha illah Allah)… it is said that it is a good thing to say it at least 70,000 x.  i have teachers that fast all rajab, shabaan, ramadan and 6 days of shawwaal… they also do 70,000 istighfaar in rajab, 70,000 salat ‘ala an-nabi in sha’baan, and 70K la ilaaha illah Allah in ramadan. (these people are still alive) (based on the hadith when the Prophet sallalahu ‘alaihi wa sallam  said that Rajab is the month of Allah, Shabaan is my month, and Ramadan is the month of my Ummah)good suggestions though…

  2. Man KR, that list was long. I did benefit from it though, so that’s good.

  3. Anonymous permalink

    Ya I must say this one is better then your usual dribble.

  4. Anonymous permalink

    hmmmmmmm i stopped reading after some time….
    you should include to take Beano pills 1 hour before Taraweeh!

  5. mashaAllah, may Allah give you reward for all your typing efforts for the benefit of us mere xangers. woot!
    asalamu alaikum.

  6. Masha’Allah, thank you for the reminder!!!

  7. Excellent list KamKam…
    I think someone honored Nutrition first year…=o)

  8. Anonymous permalink

    you should print that and pass it out to pppl…esp about the roohafza part..and please remember my family and I in your duas too (everyone)!!!

  9. yummm — empty calories. now, they’re something I should avoid.  

  10. mmm mango shakes..
    yes the rest was helpful also..
    mmmm mango shakes

  11. I like #28… I mean, they were all good, but that was especially helpful.

  12. KR, how come I’ve never seen this mysterious 13 liner Qur’an of yours?

  13. cause i only show it to people i love… buy me dinner and perhaps i may show it to you.

  14. What about reading Fazail-e-A’mal? Where does that fall on the list 😛

  15. As Salam Alaikum:
    nice list, some of them were VERY helpful. However, personal favourites are 8, 12, and 21. Oh, and your ammi should try one of the following:
    1) pulling your blanket and pillow and throwing it near the door (of the room). (So that you get up to get it back.)
    2) taking a glass of water and drown you.
    3) personal favorite shout in the ear.
    4) or even more of a favourite, not letting you go to the washroom, (even if you woke up after the 20 wake up call), until everyone has used it. Trust me with a family of 7 (in our case) it should be fun!!!
    InshaAllah by the 7-9th fast, she will have peace of mind.
    Remember the entire ummah in your duas, (this could be then saying, say the ‘ajarna’ instead of ajirni. refering to #22, and extra note, when one prays for others, an angel is assigned to pray the same dua for yourself.)
    Allah Hafiz

  16. “its sadaqa for everyone at the masjid,”…agreed. ramadan mubarak, may Allah bless u and ur family

  17. Jzk for the reminder.

  18. Anonymous permalink

    thanks for the post. definitely very helpful and a great reminder.
    mango shakes all the way. =)
    May Allah (SWT) bless you and your family, and make you a better Muslim/person overall… hey, maybe one day, you could be the good guy. just a thought.

  19. nice list you made there and great reminders. may Allah make it easy for us to do as many of these as we can this month and for the remainder of the year on out.

  20. JazakAllah khayr for posting this… but I have to say that I don’t think anyone believes this claim of yours to be a bad guy. You keep saying that you’re one, but you’re not doing a very good job of being a bad guy .

  21. JazakAllah khayr for posting this… but I have to say that I don’t think anyone believes this claim of yours to be a bad guy. You keep saying that you’re one, but you’re not doing a very good job of being a bad guy .

  22. Jazak Allah alf khayr,
    only God knows how much we need these reminders…

  23. Salam
    Ramadan Mubbarak to you too. What type of advice are you giving my students? I think you forgot the real me.  Anyway, how are you and Rehan? Say salam to your mom.

  24. i too liked #28 especially. there are too few spots visually designated for the handicapped and elderly, so its really on us to do the lookin out.  jazaakallahu khayrpeace,IJB

  25. Man, I applaud you for mentioning the eating and sleeping bit… that’s key in Ramadan. That’s half the reason people keep getting sick during this month.
    It’s funny how you keep trying to pull this bad guy image while we all know youre not =)

  26. That was quite a well rounded out list.  What’s rooh afzah? 

  27. Salaaam
    Ramadan Mubarak!!!

  28. Anonymous permalink

    Good post KR beta… maybe I should do a daily grading of my day on my xanga and post it up…
    1. Being a jerk to MWA: A+
    2. Helping the local MSA setup B-
    3. Praying some extra: F-
    I suck…

  29. Anonymous permalink

    You forgot two points:31. Listen to KR’s hardcore Hadith Dars in Arabic on available this weekend, InshaAllah32. After listening to that, buy the CD from Abrar with the same Dars in English for $5.00. Makes an excellent Eid gift.

  30. Anonymous permalink

    I am so thankful you posted this! My husband is muslim and I forgot that it was Rammadan and he was pretty offended! If it makes you feel better you helped me a lot with this post! I am gonna fast (even though I am Catholic) to show him I do care about his beliefs! Thank you!!! Ramadan Mubarak!

  31. very nice

  32. Mashallah, great list

  33. nice….. and please….no burps in taraweehs….cause some of them are really NASTY….
    i really liked #1 and 7 and 9 and 21 and 39 and 3 and 6 and and……j/k
    13 liners rule!

  34. Anonymous permalink

    (^-^°)Thank you! haha I didn’t think you’d reply…I’m sorry about the pics haha!:: Take care::

  35. These are some amazing points Kamran. Jazaakallah Khair for them. I am sure they will serve as a good reminder to everybody. thanks a lot again! May Allah reward you for this! (even if they were for your selfish reasons…hehe!)

  36. Anonymous permalink

    random props- Ramadan Mubarak.  I really enjoyed this entry. 

  37. Anonymous permalink

    hey what hadith book can I find #10(tasbeeh of Fatima(RA)) in?

  38. Great list mashaAllah. :)Are you an imaam?

  39. Great post, some of it made me giggle! Salaam

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