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September 26, 2005

Post Dinner Post

hehe, get it, post dinner post…

God, that was horrible.

I think my first day as a crack dealer went ok…

Relax, I’m kidding… these are just pictures we took after the dinner as we were counting up the money at Don Kazim’s house. How long does it take for 3 buffoons to count a whole bunch of bills, even with the help of a bill counting machine?… well, about 90 minutes.

Alhamdulillah, I’d have to say that overall, the dinner was a resounding success. I personally thought it would be difficult to get Arab/Desi Muslims to rally for a cause to support Niger and Mali. Back in September 2004, a similar dinner had been done for Sudan… only 150 people came and I think they raised about $55,000 only. Anwar Khan later told me that dinner was a test from Allah to see if Chicago would continue to fundraise for Islamic Relief projects. Alhamdulillah, I think we passed the test, based on the results of the dinners that came afterwards (the tsunami dinner and now this one). Last night, by the grace of Divine Providence, Chicago Muslims were able to raise nearly $80,000 for Niger-Mali and Katrina relief efforts.

Those of us who were there last night saw some images and heard some stories that certainly impacted everyone present. Let us remember that this small effort that we’ve done really is nothing more than serving ourselves in the eyes of God. May He accept it from us as we have done this only for His Pleasure, desiring neither reward nor thanks, and only hoping that this may be a proof for us on that Day when we meet Him.

May Allah reward everyone who organized, volunteered, attended, supplicated for, and financially donated for this dinner.



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  1. serving ourselves indeed. ameenin’ the duas,IJB

  2. Anonymous permalink

    oh the life of pushin crack…how i miss it…

  3. Mashallah….the Sheikh is proud of all of you crack-pushing-donation-hoarding thugs. May you reap the rewards of your efforts in the Hereafter..ameen. And is this “Anwar Khan” you speak of the infamous tuition-fee-collecting thug from CPSA?

  4. ameen…. and hmm… that money $mells $o GoOoOoD haha…. I hope insha’Allah the money is spent in the best way with the purest of intentions and reaps the best benefit from this sincere effort to help others… ameen!

    …you know if your ever interested in pictures othan than money feel free to click there, allthough money does look good! =)
    they were taken with a camera phone so dont be looking for any pictures to make in on the cover of time magazine or anything.

  6. nice to know what the outcome of the dinner was.

  7. Anonymous permalink

    a niqaab made out of money?!
    and ameen to the du’aas.

  8. may Allah bless everyone involved. 🙂

  9. May He forgive us and accept the deed we do in His name.

  10. Just a couple of corrections:The Sudan dinner was in September 2004, with 150 people, and we raised 55K. Ameen to the dua.

  11. Alhamdulillah =)

  12. keep up the studly work.

  13. Anonymous permalink

    good post…except the pics of all the money is kinda eery….i dunno

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