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September 26, 2005

Happy Birthday Rehan

On September 26th, 1984, my mom introduced me to some tiny kid. When
I first saw him, I couldn’t believe this guy was going to invade my
territory. How dare he also be worthy of my mom’s love? Nonetheless, I
decided to see what this cat was all about, and over the years, well, I
think he turned out pretty OK… no doubt, all due to my brillance
as a role model and hero figure in his life. And now, mashallah, I
can’t believe my little brother and best friend is 21 years old
today… I feel like an ancient relic.

Happy Birthday betay. May Allah fill your years with tranquility,
joy, and success in both this world and most importantly, in the next.
I love you man… but you’re still a staller in my books.

Pictures of Rehan’s 21st birthday party… or was it his 8th? not sure.

Don’t let the topi fool you

Eating the kulfi my mom had made for me…

Cruisin’… on the handlebars is my equally stalling cousin, Abdul Sattar (aka Believer2)

I think this captures the essence of Rehan completely…

kr and his best friend.



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  1. Anonymous permalink

    ur a good role model. but y cant u make rehan do something that ur REALY good at: blabber.
    and i felt really uncomfortable looking at that picture w/ rehan resting on the handlebars. it explains a lot.
    and y do u have Lloyd christmas’s hair in the last picture? dumb and dumber style.
    rehan, get me a beer.

  2. awww…cute post. the last part was very nice ~Flaim

  3. puahhaha! the bike photo rocks the entry! haha, man you have the sentimental guts to post that. my sisters and I can’t even hug each other. We just ain’t affectionate. We hit each other and call each other beast, rodent, and stupid. haha. but it’s all love nonetheless. we’re a lil  nicer to each other now though for some reason. i guess we got tired of hitting and running.
    asalamu alaikum waramatullah.

  4. Anonymous permalink

    aw Masha’Allah….awesome entry. May Allah bless the two of you
    and forget what anyone says…those hair cuts are off the hookkk

  5. Anonymous permalink

    diabolical. YOur using pictures of your brother to make you look better!! so when is rey reys birthday beating..

  6. Anonymous permalink

    Assalam Alaikum,haha good stuff mashAllah. I wanted to let you know that IONA has its own online Islamic discussion forum for everyone, including non-Muslims: is a nonviolent and non-political Islamic Movement working to re-establish Islam as a complete Deen. For more information on IONA, you can watch this 1hr presentation on it by Shaykh Omar Baloch: you can simply ask me inshAllah since I’m a member myself. Please spread the word inshAllah.Jazakullah Khair,Samir

  7. Ray Ray got all the good genes.

  8. baby squirrels! 

  9. Anonymous permalink

    mashallah ur bro’s 21?
    inshallah he’ll have a good life thats all anyone can hope for

  10. Salaam Mashallah you guys look so cute, awww. Dude can u please ask your brother if he can buy me a six pack of beer? Since i’m not old enough. hehehe. jk. tc. ws

  11. oh my, this was sooooo cute mA. but i dont think the world – that is, MMKs everywhere – is ready for such sensitivity and niceness. stick to bein hate-able. and mean.peace,IJB

  12. yeah Rehan.

  13. Anonymous permalink

    mash’Allah. that’s awesome. lovin the pics. =)
    me and my sis have the same age difference. she’s one of my best friends, also. it’s a great feeling.

  14. MashAllah, Rehan’s always been the better looking one…
    Role model? You mean we should all be grateful to your mom for undoing the damage that you’ve done as an older brother… hahaha.

  15. Anonymous permalink

    Aww KR I didnt know I was your best friend

  16. Anonymous permalink

    mA ya3ni thats a cute pic of me right there at the end.

  17. Anonymous permalink

    happy birthday to rehan….
    1 of the riaz brothers that i actually do like to hang out with…

  18. not quite sure why all jane austen have same plot. but thats what my room mate asked me when i told her.

  19. Anonymous permalink

    Walaikum Assalam.I’m interested in obtaining your views of Tanzeem. What’s your disagreement?Samir

  20. Happy Birthaday Rehan. I wish I was invited to that birthday party…food looks amazing. I’m hungry.

  21. Rehan, I wish i knew you, because obviously you’re a lot cooler than KR…

  22. “May Allah fill your years with tranquility, joy, and success in both this world and most importantly, in the next.” <– for the both of you, ameen to that.

  23. Anonymous permalink

    i just wanted to ask you if your family has been really religious or if you got deeper into learning about Islam by yourself.
    because though my family practices Islam actively we dont ever sit down and discuss Islam so i sort of  had to learn alot on my own

  24. howwww cute

  25. Anonymous permalink

    awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww baby pictures are awesome! haha i love lookin at baby pics of me and my brother…the good old days…and then my sister was born…gah so arman left me and became friends with her…lol it feels weird to see your siblings grow up mashallah

  26. Anonymous permalink

    happy bday to your brother!

  27. Anonymous permalink

    Man i wish one of my siblings would do something like this on my bday, but i guess its what i get, considering i barely ever do anything.   Anyhoo, may allah bless you with a lifetime of happiness and ease.

  28. These pics give me a very Bangalori feeling. Awesome.

  29. Anonymous permalink

    Mashallah you’re such a sweet brother to Rehan 🙂

  30. cute pictures 🙂

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