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September 20, 2005

Let’s Try This Again

edit, 7:43 am: one random person who saw this on FC said they stopped by and donated at the website. $2000, here we come…

I think cause I posted this at 11:48 pm on Sunday night, it considered this post as Sunday and didn’t qualify for Monday’s FC, even though it got enough to make it there. Let’s try again Inshallah… spread the word as well to other xangans. Aim for 50 (that’s 25 people) by midnight tonight, Inshallah.

Niger-Mali and Katrina Relief Dinner

edit, 4:23 pm: new idea – with around 200 visitors a day, if everyone stops by the Islamic Relief website and drops down even 10 bucks a head… that’s $2000. It costs $1.21 to feed one person per day in Niger… let’s feed 2000 from this website, God-willing. hehe, maybe that will justify all the insanity that goes on here as well….

After coming off a week wherein it seems everyone and their mother has visited my blog, Saqib had the excellent suggestion that I use this to advertise something infinitely more important than stupid xangas and eprops. Everyone by now knows about the situation along the Gulf Coast of the United States; very few people, however, are aware of the situation that has been going on for years in Niger and Mali. This is not to compare natural disasters, for the loss of human life anywhere should be felt in the heart of any human being, especially the Muslims. As the English poet John Donne wrote:

Any man’s death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind
and therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls
it tolls for thee.

Watch the video, read up on the Niger-Mali situation, and you’ll learn that there has been severe drought there for many years now. The least we can do is help in some small effort, and understand that our helping these people really is helping ourselves; we should be thankful to God that he’s giving us the privilege and opportunity to help our fellow human beings.

Now, this dinner was planned before the Katrina tragedy hit. Understandably, the situation here is also quite terrible, with the scenes from Louisiana causing one to think that New Orleans were a third-world country. Help is needed there as well. Therefore, this dinner will also raise separate funds for Katrina relief through Islamic Relief, which has already pledged more than $1 million for the relief efforts and set up distribution centers in the south.

A word about giving for Katrina relief that I have been mentioning for the past two weeks in khutbahs (Friday sermons) and an elder brother advised I reiterate on my xanga: Many of the Islamic organizations and leaders of the American Muslim community have said that American Muslims must donate for Katrina relief as we must show our fellow Americans that this tragedy affects us as well and we care about our fellow Americans. Now, I’m sure they have their reasoning and wisdom for saying this, but it seems that the bigger objective there is that American Muslims must donate so that we get our 30 seconds of fame on CNN and everyone can be like, “yay, Muslims care too.” In short, we’re doing this to be media friendly. Instead, I would offer that we must donate to Katrina relief (and all such causes) because this is what the Prophet (salallahu `alayhi wa sallam) would do if he were alive today. In other words, we must not donate to be media-friendly, but rather so that we’re sunnah-friendly (sunnah = tradition of the Prophet).

Anyway, watch the video, educate yourself and others about these causes, come to the dinner, tell your parents to come to the dinner, go sell tickets to high-rollers (we don’t need just broke college kids to show up, we need the cash-money-records ballers to show up), tell people who can write 4-5 figure checks to come to the dinner, volunteer for the dinner… heck, at the very least, if you don’t want to do any of the above, make du’a (supplication) for these people who are suffering and pray that the dinner is a success. If you don’t live in Chicago and/or can’t make it to the dinner, then go to Islamic Relief’s website and drop a few dollars for the sake of being sunnah-friendly.

Oh yeah, I stopped caring about eprops a while ago, but for the sake of getting publicity for this cause, I ask that you all eprop the heck out of this thing so it gets on Featured Content and word gets out to all the xangans… you’d be amazed at how many random people visit once a site gets onto FC.



Millions Facing Starvation in Niger

BBC Video (HDTV)
Scenes from one of the areas worst affected by drought in Niger
Streaming (Hi) | 4:09 minutes
Windows Media Streaming format


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  1. Anonymous permalink

    sunnah-friendly. nice one.

  2. Anonymous permalink

    good idea.

  3. Anonymous permalink

    ur re-posting the same post to make FC? lol good old kamran….

  4. Anonymous permalink

    Alright KR, lets get this straight. Youve lost the entire point about doing this for the dinner and now youre just doing it for the FC. Lets get something great, that dinner is going to succeed (iA) not cuz you spread the word on Xanga, rather that Allah has pre-ordained for it to.

  5. Let’s hope this dinner is a big success.

  6. The relief dinner will be a success Insha Allah

  7. darn… i wish you coulda just waited 12 minutes…just 12 minutes. oh well. then again, now i’m educamacated about how that whole FC thing works.

  8. man… you’re using this dinner to get on FC.. thats craptacular.

    seriously people go to this dinner… whether KR tells you to or not.

  9. Asalamu alaikum. InshaAllah your efforts to educate the people will thrive.  It’s sad for me to say that I heard about the Niger-Mali sitution only after Katrina came around, I mean I knew the whole continent of Africa lacked many-a- things, but I wasnt aware of the specifics and it seems a disaster in the gulf is needed to bring attention to other sad situations.  InshaAllah our efforts are intended for the sake of Allah subhana wa ta’ala and for humanity, and not the media. The media stinks anyways.

  10. ay hay. iA this works.-IJB

  11. e prop for FC
    they rely on God’s will to send rain. we have rain!! let’s spread the wealth.

  12. The things we do make no sense sometimes.

  13. your lucky i have 4 xangas

  14. very lucky

  15. Anonymous permalink

    extreemmeely lucky

  16. wait…why am i wasting my time by giving you my two props for the second time for the same post….kr….that’s just so wrong….lol…
    in this linked to post by skhan2, she was discussing about Being the Wife of a die-hard Cubs/Bears/Bulls/…(hey what about Blackhawks) Sports Fan, as for you kr, it’s gonna be Being the Wife of a Xanga Fan(atic)…. lol

  17. We listen and obey

  18. word… lol im with musafir.
    salaamalaikumwarahmatullahiwabarakatu….  <<<nevertheless, traditions must be upheld.. =’0

  19. $2000… InshAllah.

  20. S2000, insha’Allah.

  21. Sheesh, way to mess up KR
    I’m playin, the $2000 is a worthy goal, MashAllah

  22. FC? I thought u were done with that? lol but anyways i hope the dinner suceeds!

  23. more props

  24. Anonymous permalink

    “seriously people go to this dinner… whether KR tells you to or not.”
    i agree with pkpowerhouse. but just for the heck of it, go eprop crazy.

  25. Anonymous permalink

    ive decided to upgrade to 2 eprops….
    make dua’a for my mcat/med school applications!

  26. salaamInshallah the dinner will be a sucess, they have been planing for it for a while, and working real hard towards it. ws

  27. SalaamSubhanAllah.. that video was just.. horrible. i could barely watch it. inshaAllah i’ll be able to go to the dinner. and i’ll definately spread the word. and yes the muslim club deal is alhamdulillah well on its way. i spoke to a few students about it and they seemed interested. the only problem i’m facing right now is finding a teacher who is willing to sponsor us.. but inshaAllah we’ll be able to get that settled as well. and jazakAllah for the things you sent.. they really did help a lot – there were some really good ideas in there. ws and thanks for posting this up.

  28. This part was on the money:
    “Instead, I would offer that we must donate to Katrina relief (and all such causes) because this is what the Prophet (salallahu `alayhi wa sallam) would do if he were alive today. In other words, we must not donate to be media-friendly, but rather so that we’re sunnah-friendly (sunnah = tradition of the Prophet)”
    lol, good translation too

  29. Anonymous permalink

    “Instead, I would offer that we must donate to Katrina relief (and all such causes) because this is what the Prophet (salallahu `alayhi wa sallam) would do if he were alive today. In other words, we must not donate to be media-friendly, but rather so that we’re sunnah-friendly (sunnah = tradition of the Prophet).”
    Definately very true. Its hard to mourn for the victims when we are living it up, so to speak, in our well preserved homes. (Alhumdulilah)  So I would say, even if someone has the dual intention to be media friendly and sunnah friendly, its better than nothing.

  30. Its true that people want to donate to these things to show that we are american friendly, but insha Allah lets hope everyones intentions are pure for giving money to any of these organizations or efforts and we do it for Allah (swt) alone.

  31. Anonymous permalink

  32. dude man, do you delete my comments, i swear i posted first on this…i love you tho, so much that i even linked ur site and told people to go and comment.

  33. dude this is made me get a so friggin you guys want some cookies??

  34. Teehee.

  35. In other words… though this won’t give you another 2 props.. but yeah… inshallah, the goals here will be met.  It’s just unbelievable – the situation there. 😦

  36. wish i could attend. Islamic Relief rocks!

  37. Anonymous permalink

    haraam zaadha… sorry had to say something, no your a good guy sometimes. PS i owe you money

  38. YM Shy Em

  39. Anonymous permalink

    just wanted to let you know since Rita’s on her way and i live in Houston we’ll be evacuating soon
    inshallah ill post as soon as i can and let everyone know how im doing
    now if u can just take a second to make du’a for me and my family to make it safely through this and without to much damamge to our home id really appreciate it
    salam stay safe

  40. Let’s help our brothers and sisters with our duas and our actions.  Props.

  41. yeh lo 2 props

  42. don’t forget this sinful one as well in your prayers…currently residing in Texas….and Rita’s on her way….if we have to evacuate….kr…i’m coming to your place bro.
    i wonder who comes up with these hurricane names?

  43. “…and if anyone saved a life, it would be as if he saved the lives of all of mankind.

  44. sorry, i missed your deadline for the eprops, but here they are anyway cuz i’m nice.  
    jazaakumullahu khair for the post.  i visited the site after seeing your post.  sad to admit it, but i was ignorant of the whole situation.  the video makes you think twice about all the food we have freely available to us living here in the U.S.  may Allah help the people suffering in Niger/Mali.

  45. Anonymous permalink

    dude.. this featured content bizz is not big enough for the both of us.  For the record (i also made featured content on my beer = evil entry) I am the ruler among the Muslims for featured content posts.

  46. props for the sake of props

  47. Anonymous permalink

    it was worth it that the one random person donated. good job.

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