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September 16, 2005

See My Prophet Smile

Woohoo, second one in a week… I’ve thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated the feedback and comments from everyone about the poem. For everyone who epropped, may Allah bless and protect each and every single one of you.

Introductory note: I hadn’t written a poem for a while, so this was long overdue. I think the theme and messages are self-evident, so no need for commentary…

The Beloved, how might have he appeared

A perfect face, and long flowing beard

His flawless features were God’s boon

And more perfect was he than a full moon

His cheeks were full and his eyes were black

Lean was he, with a seal on his back.

Shall I inform you of one thing more?

The feature of his I most adore:

His mouth was wide and his teeth had space

Yet that smile of his beamed heavenly grace

Blessed by it they were like a newborn child

For they were able to see my Prophet smile.


He struggles at school, trying to fit in

Unaware of the angel that lies within him.

He sees others around him getting high

And sees there is no one around him to deny

One taste, he thinks, it will be pure joy

His attempted deception, ah, so coy

He has a friend who gives it to him real cheap

And when it’s finished, he begins to weep

He wanted heaven but all he found was hell

And he thinks now how far he has fell

His guilt eats at him for his addiction so vile—

Alas, if only he could see his Prophet smile


She reveals herself for others to see

What had once been an immaculate beauty

Full of promise she once was

Now she hates what she does

She throws aside the cloth she once wore

Looking for love at strangers’ doors

She thinks they love her when they call

With sweet words and lies in the hall

With each new love, she thinks she’s found peace

Not knowing she just slept with a son of Iblis

I wonder if she would have done this all the while

If only she could see her Prophet smile!


He awakes before dawn and makes his prayer

When you see him at the masjid, he’s the first one there

Miswâk in hand and pants worn high

When the imâm recites you can hear him cry

Jovial is he and helping those in need

But all this belies his most hideous deed

For he returns to his house, full of rage

Like a hellion let loose from its cage

His acts done outside are all in vain

For what he does to her is a shame

The same hands that pray to his Lord

Leave her battered and bruised without accord

He sees tears from her face stream like the Nile

If only he could see his Prophet smile


She covers herself and prays on time

From afar she looks nearly sublime

If you saw her, you wouldn’t think she was mean

You wouldn’t see that she is a gossip queen

She tells everyone who will listen what she heard

Secrets escape her like an uncaged bird

Unable she is to keep things to herself

Unworried is she about her spiritual health?                                                       

The happiness of others, she cannot stand

Then what else shall make her understand—

If you approach her, you would find her in denial

Ah, if only she could see her Prophet smile!


You see he is a leader from the way he walks

An Imâm he is, from the way he talks

He has studied fiqh, usûl, balâghah and tafsîr

Studied sacred knowledge he has for many a year

But he has ascribed purity to his own self

Wallowing in his own spiritual wealth.

Bankrupt he is of wisdom and soft heart

Forgetting that healing the soul is a sacred art.

Those that come to him are turned away

When they hear what he has to say

The sinners that need his help cannot relate

To this intolerant imâm, so full of hate—

Forgetting to hate the sin and not the sinner

Because of him, no one’s a winner

These fallen angels run from him many a mile

Alas, if only he could see his Prophet smile!


As for you, O Kamran, full of sin

Clothed in it you are, from outside and within

Greatly blessed you have been with God’s grace

Yet your paltry deeds do little to save face

You have no hope except for one:

To love him who shines like a thousand suns

So love him with your heart and abandon your guile

And perhaps on that Day you will see your Prophet smile.


Sidenote: I’ve currently abandoned reading Irshad Manji’s book for a few days… I need a lot of patience and self-restraint to get through it; perhaps getting through it will develop my self-control and patience. In other news, this movie below (‘Crash’) was hands down one of the best movies I’ve ever seen. Everything I thought I knew at the beginning was completely turned upside down by the conclusion. Perhaps I’ll write my next post as reflections on this movie.

Edit, Friday 7:45 pm: Once again, the Boondocks rule:


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  1. on a theme as deserving as that beautiful smilethese lines reflect writer, from message to stylejust as successful, no less worthwhilewell spoken and well done mA,IJB

  2. Nice poem. 

  3. Anonymous permalink

    KR for not reading the boat loads of poetry that Saud puts up on his Xanga(y) I really really enjoyed this poem you have. Admittedly the first poem i’ve read from front to back.

  4. I absoluteley love it. Masha’Allah. Amazing piece of work. Each character is accuratley handpicked from the community, he or she lives in us all.

  5. Anonymous permalink

    As’salam alaikumSubhanallah, thats deep and beautiful…Poems are awesome, especially this one=) Jazakallah khair!

  6. Anonymous permalink

    piaz, this poem was just amazing. amazing mashallah.
     i actually got scared everytime u mentioned ‘If only he(she) could see his Prophet smile’. we all can apply it to our own past actions. I, for one, did. jazakullah khairan for the reminder.make dua for me(us).
    the only thing that got me was how abruptly i was thrown into the different people after the first paragraph. curveball. after reading the first paragraph, my mind was set that you were going to write on anything that had to deal with SAW’s physical state. i was just so entranced after the first paragraph. anyone else get the curveball too?

  7. nice…

  8. Anonymous permalink

    good show my boy…good show…

  9. bonny_n_clide: i got the curveball too. when I first hit the second paragraph I had to double back to understand the transition and flow of the poem. After that though it was great sailing.
    kr: that was great, mA. jazakallahu khairan.   

  10. great poem mashAllah…I hope we all get to see the Prophet smile one day…:)Crash is one of the greatest movies of all time! So powerful…

  11. Wow. MashAllah, this was powerful stuff.

  12. That was real good Mr. Kr I really took that poem in. I really liked also how you refered back to other people.

  13. Anonymous permalink

    Mashallah very nice.  It makes reflect on your oneself, something we tend to forget.

  14. salaam, nice poetry mashaAllah, relevant [easy to read] and yet has a deeper meaning…  – and crash is an awesome movie, you understand everything during the last 10 should definatly post a review or something about it.

  15. Salamualykum!! Thats a wonderful poem!! I LOVE it!! Mashallah! I especially like that part on teh nazi imam. hahaha salamz bro!

  16. Anonymous permalink

    masha Allah i love ur poem i havent written one in a while im thinking i should start again, anyway salam

  17. dude that was nice bro…
    bonny_n_clide: bro…curveball here as well….
    i read the first line and was left thinking….hey…the Prophet Sallallahu Alayhewasallam never went to any school….then when i read that part about gettin high… I was thinking….kr’s been smokin something….he’s on a high….i looked at the time he posted this up and it showed 2:01 AM!….yeah…he needs some sleep…. but after reading the poem twice….everything was all clear….
    I also liked that fact that the poem was peppered with only a few difficult words here and there…some poems are so hard to understand…the poem was simple but deep in meaning…….keep them coming bro…
    may you make it to the ‘Featured Content’ once again 🙂

  18. SubhanAllah, that was beautiful

  19. Masha Allah… that is awesome shaayri!  Like you said in your khutbah, what made the poem much more beautiful is the mentioining of Rasoolullah (SAW).  looking forward to see many more…

  20. MashALLAH, the imagery in the poem was beautiful.It was like you were saying, “If only these people could see the Rasul (SAW) smile, they wouldn’t be doing their sin(s)”SubhanALLAH, a simple yet powerful lesson

  21. Wow, simply outstanding.I love the Rasul (SAW) with all my heart.

  22. Damn… that was awesome.All agreed.

  23. excellent poem. *thumb up*  i love poems that you can actually relate to in your life.  you should submit your stuff to some Muslim publications.
    i’ve been hearing so much about Crash.  i think i might just have to check it out this weekend.

  24. Anonymous permalink

    The Trouble with Islam Today: A Muslim’s Call for Reform in Her FaithBy Irshad Manji
    This woman came to Princeton University, I refused to go and took down all the JSU flyers they put up. O well.I hope no one noticed. Anyway just want to see your reflections on the book.

  25. salaam –
    great site mashaAllah. very inspring

  26. Amazing poem, thank you for this.

  27. salaam–
    awesome poem, mashAllah. that was really good. and Crash is an amazing movie. its definetly one of my favorites now.

  28. Lovely poem. It’s nice to read something worth being featured.

  29. Kamran, I am truly honored to read that poem of yours.  The style and the message were excellent.  Well done!

  30. salaam, this was my favorite post of yours. the best lines were the last four. the poem was really accessible and the repetition of the last line emphasized the compelling message. i also loved how you used subtle examples, with which all could empathize. mA, you should continue to write such engagin poetry.
    oh and i think the music on your xanga is DOPE, it reminds me of LOTR’s.

  31. Assalamualaikum warahmatullah
    Masha’Allah brother that was one amazing poem. SubhanAllah the remembrance of this amazing man and how he was should make us think twice about how we’re behaving. Yeah we could be just like oooh woww that’s such a deep poem and then go off into our own lives and do the same things we’ve been doing. The better thing though would be to take what you so beautifully wrote and reflect upon the words and then apply it to our lives. Jazakallahu kheir brother. I learned something from your post and it has given me yet another thing to reflect upon insha’Allah. Take care
    Wa’assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

  32. great great background song. Def one of my faves. take care

  33. asalamu alaikum…k-man..mind if i call ya k-man?…that was amazing. im so jealous (in a healthy way) of your God given talent. you sound like muslim writer’s society type.  i’ve read alot of nice things from them as well (

  34. Anonymous permalink

    beautiful poemkodabato

  35. Anonymous permalink

    Mash’Allah, great poem – simply exquisite.
    I really enjoy reading your posts; they’re intellectual, inspiring, and entertaining. May Allah (SWT) be with you in all your endeavors and help you become the best at whatever it is that you do and bestow His blessings upon you.
    Just wonderful. Keep it up, buddy boy. (just felt like saying that)  

  36. Anonymous permalink

    mash’allah that was beautiful! considering i jsut started wearing hijab it makes me all happy that i do wear it now lol im a loser but wahtever it was inspiring….take care wsalaam

  37. Surely mention of the Prophet has elevated your poem.

  38. Anonymous permalink


  39. mA.
    nuff said.
    salaamalaikumwarahmatullahiwabarakatu. =)  wait a sec, how do you know when you are featured?  Do you have to check the xanga homepage, or do they send you an email?

  40. damnnn bro…look at that, someone’s a natural sha’ir. hehe keep it up, im lovin ur poem. I wanted to watch crash but didnt yet. I probably will soon. anyway, take care.<3 Assalaamu Alaikum

  41. it’s going to be quite difficult to respond to each of these comments individually, so i’ll bunch most of them together into a few general points:1. first off, jazakallah khayr for all the kind words and encouragement about this poem. i hope that we all can benefit (myself at the forefront) from the various messages that i tried to convey in the poem2. the “curveball” was deliberate… and i think by the end of the poem, one can see why it was so sudden and what point i’m trying to make.3. ameen to sadiq’s du’a about us all getting to see the Prophet smile one day.4. i’ll write about crash later on during the week, inshallah5. making featured was great, but whatever… i’m hoping this next post (about the niger-mali and hurricane katrina dinner) gets FC so that word gets out to people.6. for those that suggested i write for websites/orgs that actually publish… i’m not sure if my writing(s) is/are good enough to be at that level, but you’ve definitely given me something to think about. who knows, perhaps i’ll look into it in more detail, and we’ll see where that leads us

  42. I finally got around to reading this poem. It lived up to the hype, Masha’Allah.Its really a disease in our community that we don’t smile anymore. Yet the Sahabah’s report that they rarely ever saw the Prophet(S) not smiling. Oh the irony.

  43. Anonymous permalink

    we humans are so flawed…May Allah help us all to become better Muslims Inshallah.
    beautiful poetry, and yes, you did manage to get your point across.

  44. subhan’Allah, very nice poem…but for some reason, i was thinking it was going to be only about Rasulullah (saaws)…anyway, it always warms my heart to hear beautiful words being said about our beloved (saaws)…so may Allah reward you for that Kamran =)

  45. Anonymous permalink

    Asslamu Alaikium warahamatulahi wabarakathahu–i have to greet you with the best form of greeting…Subhan’Allah, Subhan’Allah I can feel the essence of love, peace, and most of all the humbility that lies in this poem, insh’Allah I will be sharing this poem with others I u write any urdu poetry? 
    Asslamu Alaikium

  46. Nice job 😉

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