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September 13, 2005

Is He Muslim?

Dude, I didn’t know Vlade Divac became Muslim….

Wow, and already featured on The Message magazine…

Finally, as a follow-up to my last post… to learn about social commentary mixed with satire. As with all my posts, there IS a point (actually many points) that one may understand by reading slightly deeper into it. Finally,  to all those who get a kick out of bashing me anonymously or to their friends: thank you, I wish I knew who you all were so I could give you gifts for the service(s) you’ve rendered towards me. May God bless and preserve you all.

Finally, I didn’t actually buy this book that I’m currently reading… I borrowed it from the library… I’d never financially support this person, but I did want to know exactly what her ludicrous arguments were so I could dismantle them more effectively.

PS: the whole vlade being muslim was a joke…. heheh too many people thought this was serious. i just found it hilarious that the magazine cover guy looked like vlade.


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  1. Anonymous permalink

    vlade will go down in my book as the greatest Muslim NBA flopper of all time…
    and damn son slow down on the posts…you’re posting more than hisham…

  2. sigh, vlade vlade vlade. he’s always held a special place in my heart… and now, what with his conversion and all, that space has just blossomed in size… i first saw Manji’s book at a women’s history conference i attended last year to rep this feministy activist group on campus … this was the same conference in which one of the featured speakers brought up islam’s ‘oppression of women’ and i flipped out in a public denouncement to disabuse her… man, i love disabusing…long live feminazis,IJB

  3. Wow, good luck reading the book.  I couldn’t even get through half of her website.  She just sounds like she really wants people to accept her, so bashing Islam is the way to fit in.  And the onion is great.

  4. ROFLThank you for that laugh man. I almost fell outta my chair =-)

  5. I hope Peja becomes Muslim too.

  6. Anonymous permalink


  7. who died and made hisham the official judge on everything?
    what a loooooooooooooooooooser

  8. Anonymous permalink

    i cant believe ur readin’ irshad manji’s book..
    oh by the way.. Asra Nomani (i’m mentioning her because I think Irshad Manji and Asra Nomani are both the same..) used to be my baby sitter (her family and my family are tight friends)..

  9. i hope you didnt buy that trash. I hope you just picked it up off the corner of the street where a hobo, who used the pages of the book as a ready supply of toilet paper, decided it wasnt good enough to wipe his ___ with.
    and…I hope you are using more than the picture as a source for vlade being muslim.
    “I put my makeup on a saturday nite/ I try to make it happen/ try to make it alright/ i know i make mistakes but i live life day to day/ its never really easy/ but its ok.”

  10. Ishiwud: hasan! that song is soooooooooo dumbKingMo3: dont hateKingMo3: the rhymes blow my mindIshiwud: she says the same words a million times in the first verse aloneIshiwud: ARE U KIDDINGKingMo3: they are soo laced with gloriousnessKingMo3: that is part of hte charmKingMo3: she takes easy thingsKingMo3: and makes them amazingIshiwud: dude, what is she even sayin in that song??  its the most freakin redundant riduculous thing ever Ishiwud: freakin she puts make up on every freakin night so i dont get why saturday is so specialIshiwud: and what’s she tryin to make ‘happen’ here exactly?KingMo3: she is trying to sayKingMo3: that while have so much hate towards her (ahem); they dont even know herKingMo3: and all she can doKingMo3: is go outKingMo3: and have a good timeKingMo3: cuz those people dont make a differenceKingMo3: and that she makes mistakes sometimes, but she is just trying to live her lifeKingMo3: and in the endKingMo3: everything will be okKingMo3: its a unique pyschological commentary reallyKingMo3: very profoundKingMo3: wowTHIS IS A SAD SAD DAY. but i cant say that i am surprised.

  11. Anonymous permalink

    haha back off hasan…he’s a stud!
    even if he is the only one who LISTENS to hillary duff…

  12. Hahahaha, that is awesome

  13. The resemblance there is scary.

  14.  “…but I did want to know exactly what her ludicrous arguments were so I could dismantle them more effectively.”
    *stands, and hands the sig sauer p22 stainless to Kamran, proudly acknowledging, “You are ready to take on this battle my son…”*
    Dude, did you notice something about the way the author of that book and that other weird kama sutra lovin Islam basher Asra Noumani look?  There is something in their faces that wreaks of “I just need to get married, and get —-“RoFl…   Seriously though, its sad isn’t it?

  15. i saw that book several times at the book store.  i picked it up once, read a few pages, and put it back. i keep seeing it though…i like to stand around the religion section , its interesting.. the book any good?.asalamu alaikum!

  16. Random props, funny and educational site you got here

  17. that book should be titled “the trouble with irshad Manji”Vlade Divac a muslim ? wowpeace out

  18. Anonymous permalink

    sorry about the “jumping to the conclusion” thing
    i think its just my age working against me
    after all the sarcasm of ur article did come through
    i just chose to ignore it

  19. it doesn’t appear that Divac became Muslim. I tried googling “vlade divac Muslim” and mostly came up with stuff that discussed the controversiality of Divac’s use of the 3-finger salute and all the political/religious baggage that comes with its symbolism. (check out and and ) The articles seem to assert that he’s Christian. He may not be anti-Muslim, but he’s not pro-Muslim either.
    oh and ali_Z’s comment (“the trouble with Irshad manji”) deserves props too. funnnny. 

  20. to datubelite: heheh yeah, it was a joke… cause the dude on the magazine cover looked like vlade divac

  21. Hehe, people thought it was real??

  22. Anonymous permalink

    this post blows. Vlade Divac is a fat non moslem – serbian?
    But I love KR and we have a united Cause.

  23. Anonymous permalink

    i guarantee that half the people who commented truly did believe vlade became muslim.and personally, i like hillary duff. so does that guy on good charlotte. dont hate u frickers. so yesterday, so yesterday.

  24. havent you heard? its all gonna be ok.

  25. chappal slaps? I get them everyday…jk 🙂

  26. Yo homies…
    I didn’t read Irshad Manji’s book…from a review of her book by the economist, even they were bashing it, calling it childish and immature and full of profanity.  Her biggest thing against Islam is that Islam does not accept homosexuals, and she is a lesbian. 
    Asra Nomani, on the other hand, I genuinely feel sorry for.  In the introduction to her book, she talks about falling in love with a Pakistani guy, him leading her on, she giving him sex, and she having her baby while the Paki guy dumped her.  But the rest of the book is about finding Islam and going to hajj…come on people, give her some credit…

  27. to queenrooji: i think the moral of the story is… all pakistanis are trouble =)… i do sympathize for the lousy hand that asra was dealt in life, but that’s no excuse for her to don the hat of mujaddid of the century and call for reforms such as mixed gender prayer and essentially bash islam to become famous. i also dont sympathize for a writer that wrote sex stories for playboy (i found this out from her biography ok!)… however, since im a fair guy, i think after im down muddling my way through manji’s book, i’ll see if my local library has nomani’s book.

  28. Allah! I …am … such… a tubelight!
    reading over the post, now, i’m noticing all those hints of mockery. God, kr why can’t you just write “this post is a joke” on the top of the entry from now on so fools like me don’t fall pray to not seeing your humor? ugh! oh well… if i wasn’t so gullible i’d probably have a different xanga username…

  29. why must you play with my feelings like this kr.

  30. Anonymous permalink

    asalaamu alaykum,
    vlade divac?! ew. that is an insult to the nice a3mo on the cover of the magazine. becharay
    hilarious though
    and irshad means order. interesting how many people strive to cause the opposite of what they are named

  31. HAHAH… poor Vlade! haha… and as for this blasphemous lady, she’s been smokin’ some crazy ish… well Allah (swt) will deal with her, as He delivers justice to all, insha’Allah, haha so no worries… I think she’s probably an undercover Jew… hmmmm! Enough badmouthing… *thoba thoba astaghfar* haha. salams bro, loving the entries! strength and honor! =)

  32. vlade looks like Hesham Hasaballah. I guess its the beard. 🙂

  33. salam alaikum
    just to clarify…
    I too feel that loss of life is a tragedy in general but i just feel that there is so much tragedy in the world and there are soo many people who have been hit harder than those affected by katrina…
    there is only so much a heart can take…you know? 
    maybe im wrong…Allah help me.
    “for those who’ve been sloganing that this is a punishment from God for all the people the united states killed in iraq and afghanistan… ”
    wow i don’t ascribe myself with that philosophy at all…if you wrote that in response to the Ayah i put up, that wasnt the message i was trying to get across. it isnt for us to say what is a punishment from Allah and what isnt. But, we can all learn from natural disasters like hurricanes…67:17 Or have ye taken security from Him Who is in the heaven that He will not let loose on you a hurricane?… and that is something we can all reflect on…
    really i could go on forever…who knows maybe hurricane katrina was a mercy in a way…cuz i’ve realized that sometimes things that may seem like disasters to us end up being the things that make us better people…and jolts us and puts us on the right path, so we can achieve the Ultimate Success…
    take care & thanks for stoppin by.

  34. oh wait it was a joke, har har har har

  35. Anonymous permalink

    omg i knew it was a joke… yay i’m not gullible after all.

  36. Let the rain fall down and wake my dreams.

  37. Anonymous permalink


  38. haha…vlade does have an uncanny resemblence to the guy on the cover. I’ve never heard of this Irshad chick before…..but it doesn’t seem like i should care about her…

  39. Salaam. JazakAllah for the msa documents that you sent.. they really helped a lot! and i’ve been mad at vlade ever since he rejoined the lakers. yuck.

  40. Doesnt Vlade look like Hesham Hasaballah? I think it might be the beard.

  41. Assalam alaikum
    Where abouts is that magazine from? and who is the picture of on the front page? Im just asking coz he looks ver familiar.

  42. i say the following with NO PRIDE AT ALL FOLKS…but seriously…Irshad Manji lives on the same street I grew up in Toronto, Canada.  My parents still live on that street 🙂  I think I’ll let the TJ brothers know where she lives so they can visit her house for Gusht….lol

  43. btw…DaTubelite….props for Googling Vlade…….you can always count on Mufti Google to help you out in times of need….
    After reading the post a few days ago, I also thought he became Muslim….thanks for the clarification….

  44. Anonymous permalink

    lol oh i was confused at first that he became muslim…yay for the clairification.

  45. to qidas: hahaha, maybe a little bit…
    to islamourwayoflife: it’s from june/july 2005… i had meant to post this a while back but i had forgotten… only recently while cleaning my room out did i find the magazine again.
    to shaykh nazim: i blame toronto… this is what growing up in toronto does… im surprised you’re still half-sane =)
    to everyone who got confused: hehehehe… gotcha.

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