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September 2, 2005

It’s Finally Here


I hope the post-session activities don’t besmirch the conference…

The thing I hate about the convention the most? The fact that my site hits plummet for 3 days… sigh.



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  1. Anonymous permalink

    me and KR baby… 2nd floor… YEAAAH  WHOOO

  2. Anonymous permalink

    dude forget besmirch
    think of all the honies that will be be-smooching me. My CB skills will be in FULL EFFECT

  3. Anonymous permalink

    and i get to put comments like: everyone attend kr’s speech at isna and ask him ‘how much did you pay for the haircut?’

  4. That’s a hard-core plug.

  5. HAHAHA FITNA Convention… that is such a true T-shirt… haha. I wonder if those will really be sold lol. I think not, but that would really be something hahah. By the way nice moustache… looking FOBULOUS and I’m sure the ladies will love it… haha. Imma go grow one too now… haha. Aeet bro, keep up the nice entries, and if ur at ISNA, enjoy (the halal way)! lol, ws. one.

  6. you are such a fag

  7. Anonymous permalink

    whoo fitnah!

  8. whoa, pk, watch the language

  9. Anonymous permalink

    is isna really that bad?? ehh kinda scary. have fun anyway. salam

  10. Anonymous permalink

    can i just tell u that i saw the guy in your profile pic in reeeal life yesterday….he’s a waiter at italian express! — no jokes!
    and i want a shirttt

  11. assalamu alaikum! ur post makes me feel a lot better…read my post and u’ll find out why! hehe, take care, wsalam

  12. hey hey!!! pk… a little too comfortable in here aren’t we?
    hahaha. dude, awesome shirt, but I have to actually look up besmirch… judging by the context, does it mean “to make a mockery of”….. merriam websters….. flipping…. i hope you spelled it right…. awesome…
    1. to make dirty, soil2. to bring dishonor to, sullycool… I not only realize your tremendous vocabulary, but now also the meaning of “sully” awesome.
    salaamalaikumwarahmatullahiwabarakatu. take care… I want you to represent for all the hardcore bro’s out there, and no matter what, if you see something shiesty going on… jump in there and anhi an al MUNKAR!!! AHHHH!!
    lol, sorry.

  13. can i get one?

  14. Thank Allah it finally went.

  15. Anonymous permalink

    i took a pic of a boy with that shirt on..

  16. Anonymous permalink

    asalamualaikum,i would like to first begin by saying i am not making this comment directly at you br kamran, i have a lotta respect for you and wouldnt diss you, but since you put this up on your xanga, i may as well address it here. Instead of coming up with some more constructive solutions to get rid of the lobby problem at isna, people are making “fitna” shirts and wearing them around. i do not support the lobby scene, however, i have grown up within the ISNA family…i know that my family, along with many many other families have made many sacrifices and poured many hours and efforts into making ISNA (organization and convention) something wonderful for muslims in the US. You yourself were once a huge part of MYNA. I have gained such a numerous amount of things from MYNA and ISNA (by the grace of Allah SWT). I cannot even begin to express the pain it causes me to see people walking around with these fitna shirts. Instead of emphasizing the good ISNA does, we are dwelling on the not so good things that could be addressed in a more constructive manner instead of in such a disrespectful one. I understand that people are trying to make a statement with these shirts, but can you imagine what sort of hurt and offense is created to those who have spent their lives after making ISNA good for us? the youth…? If you feel so strongly about the problems, then step up and do something about it instead of promoting these shirts which wont make any difference.

  17. to habeejan:
    thank you for the comment, but actually, i think im in total agreement with you, which is why i wrote “i hope the lobby activities don’t besmirch the conference”, since there is much good that comes out of the conference. in fact,  i will be posting an article in the next few days in the defense of the ISNA convention. the point of posting the picture of those shirts was not to bash on the convention; i agree, im sick and tired of people simply bashing on the convention. my point wasn’t to bash on ISNA (considering that i was a part of the convention over the years as a speaker and participant, it would be downright wrong for me to do so) since i know that they’ve acknowledged the lobby problem and are sincerely working on ways to remedy it. i think they took a huge leap in the right direction this year with all the cops walking around on saturday night at the hyatt telling people to go to their rooms.
    as for the shirts, they actually had a beneficial effect as i had a conversation with the originator of the shirts, asim saeed, on saturday. while im not sure if his goal was to bash on the fitna (which im assuming) or ISNA as an organization (which i dont think he was doing), the shirts made a statement in that ISNA officials met with him and the hyatt management to devise a plan on saturday night with security walking around and kicking people out/back to their rooms.
    anyway, in the end then, i completely agree with what you wrote. my point wasnt to bash on ISNA or the convention, and i apologize if it came out that way. hopefully, my stance on ISNA and the convention will be made more clear in the next post, inshallah.

  18. The fact that Nur Abdullah spoke about it in the Jummah Khutbah shows that alhumdulilah ISNA is now confronting the issues at hand. Every year I would fill out my ISNA Convention Eval form online and complain and complain. Dr. Ingrid did speak about this issue in the past on stage. And Imam Suhaib Webb maybe two years ago gave a talk after leading prayers about the issue. ISNA did a bball tourney all three nights trying to curb the hotel activity. I think these are all good steps in a positive direction. With a huge crowd of 30K+people its really not easy. I saw Faisal Hamouda chasing a group of kids walking in front of the Hyatt sipping on a 40! There has to be as many strong consious youth in the lobbies giving dawah, as there are freemixers. When Arif gave that impropmtu talk, at least a hundred brothers and sisters stopped to listen to what he was saying. And I think that shows that the youth have much khair in them. I hope those who listened were motivated to make new friends (of the same gender) who they could influence in a positive manner. Also if you check out the size of the rooms for the MSA/MYNA sessions they seat over 1,000 people. And some of the sessions do get filled up. Another indication that there are many good people who go there.

  19. salaam kr…question….you record the last 2 sunday classes? i didnt get a chance to attend…was hoping you had it…if so…lemme know if you can send em over? thanks bro.

  20. What do you guys think of this statement?:ISNA is no longer an “islamic” conference. Its a conference of muslims, good and bad, where Allah is also mentioned.

  21. to farooqalikhan: nope, sorry man, i missed out on the last two sunday classes myself
    to qidas: “islamic”… im not sure what that word means or ever meant. i agree with the second sentence because i think that represents the Muslim ummah currently all across the world: we’ve got some good people, and some bad, and alhamdulillah, at least everyone still mentions Allah still.

  22. kr being PC. no surprise there. haha.

  23. Anonymous permalink


  24. hahah.
    i STILL try to be cool.  and for that reason…i want one of those shirts! asalamu alaikum.

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