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August 26, 2005

Another Moment of “Tell ‘Em Like It Is”

When complaining to Shaykh Amin that the 2nd person plural and 3rd person plural feminine forms of verb conjugations (especially for irregular verbs) are quite confusing and complicated–a real pain in the neck to remember:

(again, must be read in his classic British accent)

“Yes, the Arabs wanted to have even their language reflect the realities of life. One or two females is ok and don’t cause any problems, but when you get more than that many females in one place, things get too complicated and you’re left with a pain in the neck.”



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  1. Anonymous permalink

    Haha….true…so true.

  2. That’s too awesome. More props to Hafiz Amin. No Props for KR156.

  3. haha…funny

  4. Anonymous permalink

    pimp pimp…hooray…

  5. Hahahahahaha, truer words were never spoken.May Allah bless Shaykh Amin.

  6. classssic.

  7. awwwesoommmmee

  8. sallam, tats funny ws

  9. haha… I like how this entry acted as a comment gender seperator… amazing.
    hahha… dude… I think I love that guy, rofl.*
    *doesnt necessarily mean that servant_of_allah (TM) and associates agree with all of Hafiz Amin’s statements, rather we feel it is safe to say that from our present knowledge of the person known as Hafiz Amin that he rocks.

  10. i agree. arab women. rowdiest during the khutba. hehhhh.
    asalamu alaikum.

  11. ::fist in the air::Sh. Amin = uberstud

  12. Anonymous permalink

    lol good stuff as usual

  13. haha 😛

  14. Salaams… that’s greaaat… lol, very amusing… ^_^
    Aww, thank you so much for the permission!  I will definitely let you know before I post it.. and the link will be up, of course… to tell you the truth, I have indeed earmarked a couple that I know I wanna put up. 😛

  15. Anonymous permalink

    umm wheres my ebrobs you fool. You take but you do not return the favor.

  16. If this comment happened during a one on one or private session, it would probably not be appropriate to put it on a xanga. For he knew you would consider it a joke and not put much weight in it, where other people may not take it in the same manner.

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