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July 31, 2005

“I’m Back”

First off, jazakallah khayr for everyone who made du`a for my boards… we’ll see how it turns out a month or so from now. As for how they went… well, all I can say is that alhamdulillah, they’re done and are nothing more than a memory that I’m trying to forget.

On March 18th, 1995, Michael Jordan sent a fax to the rest of the world with those above two words to announce his second coming.

On July 31st, 2005, kr too is announcing the second coming of his xanga.

For the past month or so, I’ve looked at the quality of material I’ve posted and I’m disappointed in myself for purveying such shoddy material. It seems that Salman single-handedly was able to drive away all the visitors that would regularly stop by:

k r 1 5 6 (2:28:54 AM): anyway, like i said, i gotta restore the balance here
k r 1 5 6 (2:29:00 AM): my website hits have plummeted
kwkkz (2:29:10 AM): mine are non existent
k r 1 5 6 (2:29:11 AM): i must restore my xanga to its glory
kwkkz (2:29:19 AM): blame it on Salman
k r 1 5 6 (2:29:23 AM): hahahahhaha

k r 1 5 6 (2:30:31 AM): its like he single-handedly was able to drive the masses away like a one-man plague
k r 1 5 6 (2:30:47 AM): that is mighty impressive

Either its the “Salman Effect” or this xanga has lost a thing or two during my absence; I must restore it back to the glory days by regularly posting my inane thoughts on various matters. During my exile, I jotted down many ideas for posts that Inshallah will be posted shortly–see below for previews. But seeing as how this may or may not be a watershed moment, I figure that I should get some feedback on certain matters. In no particular order, these are:

1. Should the site tagline/header be changed… i.e., is it not obvious to the average reader that it’s being said in jest?

2. Should I stop posting satire posts wherein if someone who reads it with a cursory glance will only laugh and fail to see the deeper message that underlies said post?

3. I’ve tried to maintain somewhat of a balance between enlightenment and entertainment. Should this balance be shifted more in the direction of one or the other–specifically, should I do more religious posts or more satire/social commentary posts?

4. Should the chatterbox be maintained so that those without a xanga may offer their opinions?

5. Should I even continue this xanga… meaning, at the end of the day, is this xanga doing more good or more harm?

6. Any other suggestions or advice on where you’d like to see this site headed.

Use the comments/chatterbox/email me (whichever you prefer) for your feedback.

As for proposed posts that I’ve been thinking of over this past month, in addition to the usual stories and interesting people in the life of kr and such…

  • Life lessons learnt from Star Wars

  • The evolution of Imam Abdur-Rahman al-Sudais’s recitation over the years

  • Outlandish yet seemingly plausible fatwas

  • How Chicago is the SA node for the rest of the American Muslim community; the future of Islam in America depends on how the Chicago Muslims respond

  • The necessity for the ISNA convention

  • What American Muslim scholars need to do in terms of developing a “CME-like” (continuing medical education) system… this based on a conversation last night with Hammad Saudye and Junaid Mansuri last night… the former best known for his quote, “You’re only allowed one look… so don’t blink.

  • My thoughts on Dr. Jackson’s new book

  • A few other things that I had written down somewhere but I can’t think of right now at the moment

I think that’s about it for now. We’ll see how this xanga evolves in the next few weeks based on the feedback.

As for right now, it just feels good to be back.

(it also feels good to be reading something besides First Aid.)


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  1. Anonymous permalink

    whoo first commenter!
    haha dude ur gay…dont ask people what they want…sell out…you should do what you want man…shoot my xanga is GARBAGE…GARBAGE…its crap…but some people still show up…but then again…NUH has this sort of magic to him…
    dua’as for my M-kuttas now that ur done with your SMILES….
    just 20 days left :-

  2. Anonymous permalink

    asalaamu alaykum wrwb,
    mubarak. star wars topic kind of interesting…you know like those pop-culture philosophy books…and the topic of the necessity of the ISNA convention…please do post, there are so many haters out there.
    p.s.-please make duaa for the mcat’ers 😦

  3. keep on writing…little kamkam, you amuse me during the slow hours of call…

  4. whatever u write, its always interesting. hence the fact that im subcribed to u….good luck on the mcats chacha

  5. i think a second coming warrants a new look… color changes do wonders on the eyes…i wanna hear why Chi is the center of the universe… i mean i already know, but validation is nice…-IJB

  6. Anonymous permalink

    it’s true. i’ve dealt a furious blow to the KRapscallion scoundrel want to see both funny and deen-oriented posts, BUT there should be a strong separation between the two.

  7. I think you should do what you want instead of doing what we think we want.

  8. because, lol, I dunno what to say. Meaning I don’t know what I want your site to be like. So if I made up an answer right here on the spot it wouldn’t be a good answer.

  9. Anonymous permalink

    Welcome back…how about life lessons learned from LOTR? hehheh…

  10. do I smell as sellout?

  11. what you should do is just have a HUGE link to my xanga.

  12. i already did star wars, so you can’t do it.
    go for the fatwas

  13. Anonymous permalink

    random ? : do u drive a navy blue car?
    * The necessity for the ISNA convention … cause I don’t see it

  14. alti: yeah, i should do what i want… but it seems some people are seriously developing the wrong idea about me… im wondering if i should care or let them be content with their notions of me.
    who’s PK powerhouse?
    to ishiwud: any suggested color scheme would be welcome
    to salman: youre banned from my site, take your kryptonite and destroy someone else’s blog… hehe.
    to chikita: nope, i drive a silver/gray maxima

  15. Anonymous permalink

    Nice site, good reads.

  16. Welcome back, Kamran. Don’t talk about quitting xanga. Every now and then you act like you’re going to shut the thing down, but you never do. Stop playing. So some people don’t get you; it’s their loss. Enough people understand you to make the blog worthwhile. Out of the ideas mentioned the most intriguing one to me is outlandish yet plausible fatwas. I’d also like to hear more about Dr. Jackson’s new book.

  17. Color change hombre. The gray is too, well, grey. And seeing how fruity you are, it seems to clash with your true nature. ;)And tell us why Chicago is responsible for America’s muslims…though I’m a firm believer of that already. We are hardcore.

  18. you need to do a post about me.
    if that doesn’t get you more hits, nothing will.

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