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July 20, 2005

Guest Post #2

Salman “Hindustan” Faiz is back at it… I pretty much left the content (and length…) of the original submission and added scant commentary (in italics).


caption1: left screen is the operating room, middle screen is an audience(maybe residents), and right screen is larger view of surgery. Wait! So why are these idiots wearing scrubs and those shoe covers?
caption2: a cartoon

Well, I guess it’s getting kind of lonely here since Dr. Piaz (the next person to call me that is going to get punched in the face…) has stopped writing posts. Anyhow, Please make dua that he does extremely well in his U.S.GEDs. (awww, thanks dude, everyone reading this take 30 seconds right now to make du’a for me please…)

Anyways, I noticed there has been a steady stream of posts committed by Dr. Riaz which expose people to the world of medicine. That is his major (my majors were economics and Middle Eastern history Salman Pahelwan… you don’t have a “major” in medical school… stupid IT people…) and I would naturally expect that. Personally, I do find them to be very interesting. Actually, Im thinking of leaving my current sector and switching over to either the Education or Healthcare sector (hey, why not just switch over to washing dishes at Ghareeb Nawaz… you’d be benefiting people much more than if you stayed in IT…) . I find it to be SO much more rewarding than working at a place that revolves around profit, profit, and more profit.

Since the window of opportunity has been given to me, I want to expose people to something that is a bit different. It’ll make you think. It is a complete paradigm shift (Mashallah on correctly spelling “paradigm”) . It is completely revolutionizing the way the medical field functions.

DISCLAIMER: Although I’ve always wanted to actually experiment on it, it is not my intent to boil your boogers (what is the boiling point of boogers, I wonder?

It’s medical informatics. There are MANY definitions to this term. My own definition: The collision between Healthcare and IT (isn’t this combining all that is sacred and pure–healthcare–with all that is unholy and vile–IT…) . And yes, it is a collision.

No matter what area of medicine you’re in or are interested in, your lives are subject to change with the penetration of IT within Medicine. And, Im not talking about setting up a computer in the doctors’ office. Whether you like it or not, it’s coming to you. Our professor was telling us a story where all the doctors/residents at UC received palm pilots. After 2 weeks, the trial organizers wanted to know what they thought of the devices and almost half(I think it was more) actally misplaced/lost their (well, the fact that it was UC explains a lot…)

Now remember, Im not trying to scare you. But, I feel as though it is imperitive (imperative… I just propped you for spelling paradigm and you let me down…) for every person who is in Medicine or is thinking about it as a major(whether it be forced or not by your parents) to take this into consideration.

If you actually do challenge and test me(view DISCLAIMER), I would say to take it as a threat (and you’re gonna do what about it?). And for all you people who are stern in believing that people will ALWAYS want the touch of a human hand over a robotic one, believe you me, there’s a strong decrease in that percentage. But, trust me, I’m not trying to scare you. I just want to make you aware.

I can write a 30 page article (this is already like 16 pages, right?) on this. But, here are just 2 examples:

-Offshore Medicine?
Yes, it’s already occuring at such a high rate. The whole idea lies around getting all the work done by low-paid, overworked, people in 3rd world countries (hmm, some would call this ‘exploitation’… but you didn’t hear that from me…). You hear it on the news all the time on how all of these IT/business companies are laying off people and setting up shop overseas. Think of it this way: They’d rather lay off a person getting paid 80K a year and get a person who gets paid 30k a year and works 60-80 hours a WEEK. Anyways, back to the medical field. So, do recognize that the medical field is being hit with this concept as well now. Since I don’t have the energy to tell you all my findings, I’ll give you just one solid example: A Radiologist (hehe, they’re not even real doctors to begin with…)

I’ll make it short: patient comes in with broken arm, doctor says he needs an x-ray, sets appointment, patient has to wait a day for appointment, gets x-ray, then has to wait
DAYS for diagnosis/explanation from radiologist, and so on. I know there’s more involved. Now, this is what’s happening with respect to offshore: patient comes in with broken arm, doctor says needs x-ray, sets appointment, waits a day for x-ray machine opening or whatever, gets x-ray, xray gets sent to india, they do the write-up/diagnosis/explantion or whatever and send it back. By the time it’s MORNING in the U.S., your doctor has everything. So, while you’re here sleeping, it’s morning over there and they’re the ones spending hours doing everything. I don’t know how much radiologists get paid here, but Im pretty sure they can get 2-3 radiologists in India for that much. It’s already happening. It’s just a matter of you doing your research and finding out. I know I’ve heard of situations where hospitals just hire x-ray machine technicians and have all their radiologists outsourced.

-Dr. R2D2?
Anyhow, I gave a presentation for my masters class(I’ve been stagnant for a while with my Masters ever since), which is appropriately labeled Medical Informatics (wow, how long did it take you to come up with that title…). The MS Powerpoint presentation is only 16 slides, but the presentation, as a whole, lasted at least 2 hours (did all 3 people attending fall asleep?). It deals with Telesurgery.

I was completely tripped out  when I heard of this concept. And, it’s already happening. Moreso, Im surprised a lot of doctors/surgeons HAVENT heard about these systems. If you view my powerpoint slides below, you’ll see how sometimes the surgeon doesn’t even have to be in the same ROOM as the patient. And even MORE: sometimes the surgeon doesn’t even have to be in the same CONTINENT as the
patient! Hence, a paradigm shift.

When you read the info on the link below, you can clearly see that this definetly lessens a lot of issues with current surgery. Also, if you view my slides, it’s completely MIND-BOGGLING to see that slide which shows ALL the surgeries which are being done with the use of robotic surgeons. I put an asterisk near the cardiac surgeries because it’s still not 100% FDA approved.

Get this: my professor was telling us how our university is investing in this new enhancement to the robotic system where a heart doesn’t have to stop beating while in surgery. The robotic arm ENTERS the heart and performs the surgery while the heart beats. The sensors make the robotic instrument move in unphathomable (unfathomable… man, after getting paradigm right, the spelling accuracy has tailed off… maybe if you had a robot or a dude in India type this you could’ve avoided the spelling errors.) ways to avoid disrupting other parts of the heart. To my surprise, I’ve heard it’s been going VERY successfully. They’re even developing algorithm-based EKGs which can actually bring a great deal of accuracy to the surgery room. Can you imagine if these enhanced EKGs are used with this robotic system? Im sure it’s been mentioned.

-Can you see people liking the idea of less hospital stay due to accuracy?(wow…)
-Can you see surgeries being done in remote areas? (yay…)
-Can you see offshore SURGEONS being used? Okay. Fine. We’ll pay them 50,000 USD this time. (whuptee doo, hurry up and finish…)

You can view my thesis, sources, and MS Powerpoint presentation online. The sources are too long so don’t bother. But do check out the slides. Also, make sure you click on the ‘surgery example’ and ‘telecompanionship/scenario’ links on the slides:

Read about DaVinci in detail:
A lot of bigtime university hospitals and stand-alone hospitals are investing in these…robotic surgeons. Even in Illinois:

(yawn, is this article finished yet?)In conclusion, don’t be scurred youngens. I just find it to be a very interesting field and you should all keep it in mind. That’s all.


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  2. Anonymous permalink

    hey kamrrrraaan.. Did you notice that the two characters are Kumar Riaz.. somewhat similiar to Kamran Riaz? MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAI only figured that out til AFTER i hit submit

  3. hmm… thats interesting, the dude in the middle is actually performing some sort of surgery… word up.
    globilization, imagine what they do to war with this sort of thing… sheesh.
    next thing you know, youll have an entire army on the ground without a human in site, and some coward can practically play command and conquer from the comfort of his home… alhamdullilah for EMP bombs… =D
    salaamalaikum… but this is cool too in a way, I mean, also that tangent about cutting expensive american employees out of the loop and hiring desi’s-sweeeeeet!!!

  4. Yet, another reason why IT ppl need to stick it out with tech and not jump “sectors” (education isn’t a sector, nor an industry for that matter; closest you can validate it with is by calling it a “field”) 
    Telesurgery (orginally called Remote Robotic Surgery) was performed in 2001 and occurs with no exact consistency.  They would rather fly in a doctor than perform the surgery remotely because 1) lawsuits, 2) the instruments used have to be very exact and the surgery is actually longer than if the surgeon was in the room.  Although, the radiologist example was dead-on.  My uncle’s MRIs were sent to india in the middle of the night.  5 hours later, a detailed write up was sent back written up by who else?……… Dr. Patel!  [I doubt they have plain simple x-rays sent over, what decent american hospital doesn’t have a freakin radiologist on-call, at least a resident that can read clear radiographs?]
    But, in light of KR’s absence, good job shorty— just promise you don’t jump ships into medtech.

  5. Anonymous permalink

    yeah, sorry about all the errors.thanks for pointing out the fact that I dont proof read my XANGA material(OR my comments).lol. piaz has 2 meanings: one is thirst(a need for kamrans dumb comments) and two is onion(smelly vegetable w/ pungent odor that makes me wanna cry). kamran = rapscallion scoundrel.
    Servant_of_Allah: Find manuscripts of Donald Rumsfeld’s talks. He mentioned very recently that within 10-15 years(i think), he would like to see unmanned fighting vehicles. The use of robotics in the battlefield is right around the corner.
    zts761: good points you presented.
    concerning your ‘1)’, what makes you think that doctors without robotics are better off on the legal side? why do you think all the doctors/specialists are moving out of certain counties/cities? with or without robotics, you’ll always have medical lawsuits. read this:
    MEDICAL MALPRACTICE AWARDS SOAR. Shannon Reilly and Keith Simmons. USA Today. 2004/08/04. Page A1
    concerning your ‘2)’,  NO SH*T! of course those instruments have to be very exact. you’re right though. the surgery is longer but wouldnt you want that? or would you rather want a longer hospital stay or more pain killers for post-surgery issues?let me give you an example(hopefully it doesnt apply to you): there is a procedure called a prostatectomy. With standard surgery, there are always minor complications which might seem major to a lot of men. But, when done using Da Vinci(to the heezy), it results in a more complete eradication of cancer AND fuller retention of bladder control AND (definitely not least) potency.booyah.
    And currently, I am trying to jump ships into medtech. iz cool no?

  6. I like the commentary better than the article

  7. this pretty much sums up the post for me: whuptee doo, hurry up and finish…too much like something for The University of Chicago Magazine…but two props for reppin in true UC nerdiness,IJB

  8. (hey, why not just switch over to washing dishes at Ghareeb Nawaz… you’d be benefiting people much more than if you stayed in IT…

  9. the comments definitely rocked.

  10. Anonymous permalink

    u guys are all rascals you know that?lol. official name: KRapscallions!
    hey ishi-do-wudu(ishiwud), i still consider myself a UICer as those are my true roots. and im not a nerd although i havent cut my hair in like a month and a half and same goes for my mustache. as mentioned before, im starting to look like kr’s xanga pic.
    and i would be honored to wash dishes at ghareeb nawaz, anything for a 3 dollar bucket of biryani. and id be drinking the watered-down dahi ki chutni like sprite, nikka!
    pk, dont you have some UIC-MSA girls to hit on or something? OUCH!
    i kid, i kid.

  11. interesting read…seriously….
    i can tell…kr is scared…. 🙂

  12. salman, you’re just jealous.

  13. why are we continuing to eprop– kr didn’t write this!!!

  14. Anonymous permalink

    kr hasnt been REALLY scared yet. the infamous faiz twins have yet to scare kr with their many tactics. Our favorite: sock-rolled-up mouse and rabid-dog-from-a-dark-door. We’re still working on curtain-closed bathtub anaconda, but it takes too much time.speaking of socks, put a sock in it merely trying to keep the eprop generator going on my favorite, im opening up time for kr so he doesnt have to prepare a post by taking it to his high school english department to have it proofread.duh!i watched a movie which ties into this post: The Island. AWESOME movie, but sad ending: they shoot a bullet into the Cadillac

  15. nice xanga

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