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July 16, 2005

Guest Post #1

Of course, before that, the correct answer to the previous post… looks like only about 15% of you guys got it right…

Now for the guest post written by Salman “Get Off Me!” Faiz. Note that I left his lack of grammatical skills in the post… I’ve left my commentary to a bare minimum (in italics)

as salam alaikum kamran –
you’re probably getting GAGILLIONS of proposals (for my xanga, right…)
Hopefully, this is a worthy one. If not, that’s cool. just hear the clip! I’ve already added it to my site so you dont have to do anything. path is below. Maybe just add the picture.
as salam alaikum –

For all you folks who can step up and find ANYTHING better than this soundclip, bring it on.

This artist will put you (with your Tupac, Biggie, Jay-Z and any other public enemy #1 for that matter) in such a state that you’ll be brought down to yo KNEES. ya heard?

In all seriousness, this artist is just incredible, mashallah. The muslim world has recognized him as THE best (nuh-uh, I still think Sudais owns…). NO ONE can come closer, although there are very FEW critics. Many have copied, and ALL have failed.

By the way, this clip you’re about to hear is, by far, THE BEST clip. Well, this is my own personal favorite. Certain things come to mind when I hear this clip:
-Rememberance of Allah
-A thick boulder is formed in the middle part of the throat
-Eyes sometimes feel like they’re about to fall off from their respected sockets.
-My back/neck hair(no, I dont have a hairy back) shoot up like I just saw a jinn while coming out of the pooper.
-Thought of breaking my personal record of hearing JUST this clip over and over: 23 or something. But who’s keeping count? Me.
-I remember the story conveyed to me by someone where they handed a soundbite of this ONE artist to another. The next day, the person came back and told this person that he liked it. The reason I mentioned ‘ONE’ above is because the person later asked, ‘Who are these guys again’? Too bad this person didnt know it was the SAME person. This artist can change his voice viciously, and his voice can be as different as night and day.

Go online and read about all the stories told about him, all the lives he has touched, all the hearts that he melted, all the eyes that leaked till the sun came up, all the mouths that dropped(like a bad David Hasselhoff (hahah, did you just compare Qari Abdul-Basit to David Hassellhoff…) album) after hearing him, and hear the ‘ALLAHU AKBARS’ running rampant in the clip.

I wont do justice if I wrote about him. Maybe Kamran Piaz(onion) (har har, whoever came up with that nickname is an idiot and deserves to be shot) might be able to shoot a good post about this artist…after his US-GRE exam (it’s the USMLE… and they let you into University of Chicago’s grad program?)

In this clip, just notice his voice fluctuations WHILE reciting ONE ayah in ONE breath. I saved the best for last. One breath recitation: 30+ seconds. got one thing to say: Biggie’s too fat and Tupac’s nose ring obstructs his breathing pattern.

Hur he is:

Dont hate.


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  1. this man is a stud and a half.
    currently: looking for the perfect minshawi (abdul baset’s teacher) clip to leave as a comment. i just cant decide!

  2. -My back/neck hair(no, I dont have a hairy back) shoot up like I just saw a jinn while coming out of the pooper.
    thats a great mental picture.

  3. Anonymous permalink

    it’s US-GRE. trust muslim.

  4. Anonymous permalink


  5. that was wonderfully refreshing, mA.-IJB

  6. Anonymous permalink


  7. Thats BS man… and yeah err1 already knows Qari Basit (frustrated).

  8. Mohammad Siddiq Manshawi all the way bro…Way better than Abdul Basit….

  9. hey kamran u kno how the xplanation sed we’re being prejudiced? well thats not true. The woman wasn’t making any connection to the doctor at all. That in itself is a sign that somethings wrong…

  10. to fudge: i think thats the whole point. since the woman is making no efforts at communication, there’s probably more going on here that needs to be explored. the only way the doctor allows himself a chance to explore this is to get the husband out of the room and let the woman talk freely. remember, the woman can refuse this and insist that the husband stays if she wants, but the doctor has to do his part in creating an environment wherein the woman feels comfortable to open up so that a correct diagnosis and treatment can be made.

  11. yeah i guess

  12. Anonymous permalink

    dang it 😦 i wanted to write an entry 😦

  13. Anonymous permalink

    still waiting on that minshawi clip…dont bail now.

  14. Anonymous permalink

    oh wow subhanallah

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