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June 5, 2005

Shnaps, It’s Hot Outside

(edit: Monday, 1:23 AM): I have to send a fist in the air and crazy respect to the one and only PKPowerhouse for making my new AIM buddy icon:

It’s freakin hot in Chicagoland this weekend; as my boy Kazim would say, “it’s garam kutta outside”. The thermometer alleges (yaz`umu) that it’s 87 degrees… that liar, it feels like much more than that. I went to a barbecue graduation party and I was utterly restless throughout the event, even though I was sitting in the shade of a tree.

So hot that the one and only Omar Ashrafi comments in his Sharh al-Harr (“Explanation on the Heat”… it’s not a real book, I’m making this up, so don’t go looking for it…):

da rt hs mu rf (5:32:38 PM): its so hot
da rt hs mu rf (5:32:45 PM): i went to work just because it had AC

While I could take many angles about the hot weather, I’ll instead choose the following two:

1. Mad props and respect to all the hijabis out there for enduring the weather and jeering eyes of people. I’m jealous of all the good deeds y’all are earning in this weather.

2. A short story comes to mind:

One day in the midst of the summer in Baghdad, the illustrious Caliph, Harun al-Rashid, was sitting in his court when the great scholar Ibn al-Sammak entered. The Caliph felt thirsty and ordered for water. A goblet of water was brought to him. When the Caliph took hold of it, Ibn al-Sammak said gently, “O Prince of the Believers, if you were forbidden this drink, at what price would you purchase this drink?”. The Caliph replied, “With half of my kingdom.” After he had finished drinking, Ibn al-Sammak asked Harun al-Rashid, “I ask you, if the emission of this water from your body were to become forbidden to you, at what price would you purchase this emission?” The Caliph replied, “With half of my kingdom.”

Ibn al-Sammak said: “O Prince of the Believers, a kingdom that weighs not in the balance against a goblet of water and its emission is not worth contending for.”

Harun al-Rashid burst into tears.

–from Tariq al-Khulafa (History of the Caliphs), Jalaluddin al-Suyuti (rahmatullahi `alayh)

Currently Eating:
(what else would kr eat in the summer…?)
Purchased from: Dominick’s
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  1. Anonymous permalink

    “Mad props and respect to all the hijabis out there for enduring the weather and jeering eyes of people. I’m jealous of all the good deeds y’all are earning in this weather.”
    as if you’re marriage stock wasnt high enough…
    its too damn hot…i must resort to nigger-ul-haq’s methods of “cooling down” hehe
    stay cool

  2. we need long beards.. so they stay wet for like hours after wudhu..
    and yes props to them hijabi’s.

  3. respect is given where it is earned…to all the lovely hijabi’s out there, these 2 eProps are for you…lol

  4. That story is excellent, MashAllah
    Definite props to the hijabi sisters out there

  5. props to all the hijabi/niqabi sisters out there and also props to you for currently eating cherries…..

  6. Anonymous permalink

    asalamualaikum,good story. thanks for the hijabi props. you get props back for that :). its not too bad though, u wud be surprised…

  7. I’m jealous of the hijabis too

  8. Lame icon. Hot hijabis (because of weather).

  9. Squirrels have fur…they get even more eprops because, unlike hijab, they cannot take off thier fur. 

  10. saqib, youre only saying that cause youre jealous of PK’s mad skills with photoshop… to the point that i think youre replaceable and thus youre feeling bitter.
    that squirrel comment was hilarious, hahaha.
    what gives with all the “widowed” eprops… ie eprops with no comments =). thanks nonetheless.

  11. Anonymous permalink

    Friggin I post the same damn thing only earlier and everyone is barking down my throat about how hisham is this and that. You do the same thing and all of a sudden all these props.
    Heres to making up for yorue widowed props, a widowed comment

  12. lol looks like someone woke up on the wrong side of the taqat (wooden bed). sooo yeah, kr’s the shiznasty of the xangazoners…GO PIstoNS!!! w00t w00t

  13. Anonymous permalink

    You would have gotten 2 eprops if you didn’t give me 0 eprops..However, I must give you credit for mentioning hijabis…you’re a slave to eprops kamran 😦 I though I would have never seen this day..tsk tsk 🙂

  14. I appreciate ur recognition of the plight of hijabis’… keep up the good work!

  15. Anonymous permalink

    lol relax buddy its not exactly the PLIGHT of the hijaabi’s. There are far greater plights out there, so however much they do deserve props, its not plight status worthy.
    Count our blessings. Seriously

  16. in this heat it is!  but sometimes it works in our favor cause if we forget our sunglasses we can just pull our hijabs forward and shade our eyes from the sun…

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