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June 3, 2005

Spelling Bee Pictures

(kr edit, 10:58 pm: make a note of the new blogring I joined at the bottom of the list of blogrings… this oughta be entertaining and amusing…)

Though I probably should have been studying a little more seriously today, I ended up spending a good portion of my morning and afternoon watching the Scripps-Howard National Spelling Bee on ESPN while trying to memorize all those lousy CNS drugs. Watching these kids brought back great memories of back in the day when I was a little kid and used to study for and get all hyped up about the school spelling bee. These kids, though, were pretty amazing, to know that much at such a young age. As usual, there was a significant number of desi kids (some Muslims, but mostly Hindu) that knew their stuff. For some of these words, these kids would ask the definition and I’m thinking, “You staller, you don’t know the meaning for that word…”–but then as soon as the definition was given, the kid would smile and spell it… telling me that I’m an idiot for doubting him/her for not knowing it. The competition was pretty intense throughout the day, and in the end, Anurag Kayshap prevailed by correctly spelling “appoggiatura”.

What a stud… he might get beat up and made fun of now, but in 20 years, this guy’s gonna be rollin in cash money records…

appoggiatura: An embellishing note, usually one step above or below the note it precedes and indicated by a small note or special sign.

An example of an appoggiatura:

The Scripps-Howard Spelling Bee is like the big leagues with its TV contracts, sponsors, and national attention. The spelling bee that we held back on April 23rd is like a fledgling class A minor league event. I recently got the pictures that we had taken from the event; there were over 150 pics, but I decided to upload only about 30 of them to Yahoo! photos to share with everyone. Click on the link below to view the pictures

2005 Spelling Bee Pictures: Yahoo! Photos Album
(special thanks to Sarah Saeed for taking the pictures)


While our spelling bee was certainly a universe away from the caliber of the Scripps-Howard, alhamdulillah, I think it’s a tiny step in the right direction. I hope and pray that our spelling bee will continue to grow like the minor leagues and produce Muslim talent that can go to the big leagues and win the Scripps-Howard.

We need ballers. We need Muslims in the Big Leagues of the world.


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  1. Anonymous permalink

    Wow I posted about the same thing. Sorta different angle. But yeah. Good stuff man. Honestly resulsts like that make me wonder why I’m not as hardworking and dedicated.

  2. We need ballers. We need Muslims in the Big Leagues of the world.
    well said my friend.

  3. i think the 2 runner ups were moslem.
    Anurag sailed through “prosciutto,” an Italian dry-cured ham, and “sphygmomanometer,” an instrument for measuring blood pressure (,1280,-5049800,00.html) -i knew there was a reason why we wanted that word in 4/23 spelling beed
    p.s. where did you get the 4/23 bee pix???

  4. i pray for its continued growth…..

  5. (with regard to your last sentence) ameen to that

  6. i think aliya (3rd place) might be muslim, but “samir sudhir patel”(2nd place)…. dont think he’s muslim.

  7. Anonymous permalink

    they should add nigger-ul-haq into the spelling bee…to spell atleast…
    definition….leader of the NFL…HNIC…
    ameen to the spelling bee…

  8. nice coverage of the Spelling Bee. Did anyone else notice that the National Geography Bee was yesterday? It was good television. The kid from Minnesota won.

  9. Man, I’m missing out on all these great shows: spelling bees and whatnot. How happy the boy looks in that picture…it is so sweet…BTW, Is that ur real pic? The profile one.

  10. These are the kids who study the dictionary….Something I never did but but the way i spell lol I should have……But the winner being desi kid I bet got whipped and forced to memorize words so the parents can show off his trophy….bhol kiya hai “appoggiatura” keh spelling, muje nahi maloom, kiya!!!! le dictionary par!! or 10 minute akay bholna “appoggiatura” ke spelling…lol excuse my transliteration

  11. to bluejai: nope, not my profile pic, its the picture of some fob indian actor. i put it up there cause it makes all my site visitors crack a smile. thanks for stopping by and the eprops.
    to xpika1x: the kid who took second place is home schooled, so im sure that kid was definitely whipped. the kid who won got 47th place last year… im sure his parents must’ve whipped that kid over this past year into that finely-tuned spelling machine that he is. if only Muslim parents would whip their kids into shape into being better kiddies, instead of dropping them off at Sunday school so that they can make it to their bollywood movie on time… sigh.

  12. kr i love you haha

  13. MashAllah, looks like it was a good event KR. InshAllah it continues to grow bigger and bigger in the future.

  14. Anonymous permalink

    Alhamdullilah, we watched this intelligent and humble young man win First Place and were so happy for him. What a gracious little fellow.

  15. We were at the garbage too when your mom stopped us.

  16. Anonymous permalink

    Yeah spelling bee woohoo. But yeah kr, here’re ur eProps. Now dont mess up the Saudis’ chances of reaching next year’s World Cup. They’re this close ( ) and it’s in their control. You said ud pray for ’em (and at the very least not against them) if i gave u eProps — chop chop, hit the prayer rug already!
    Can’t wait for World Cup Germany 2006, especially with the Saudi national team probably making their presence felt….

  17. Yeah I’m one of those people that like to watch the national spelling bee, too. Last year there was this little desi in 3rd grade (or maybe it was fourth) who made it all the way up to 4th place. It was crazy, those kids have some amazing talent, Mashallah. Inshallah one day it’ll be a Muslim kid up there holding that trophy high.

  18. Awww…baby squirrels!

  19. What’s a chappal slap?

  20. its what i renamed “eprops” as… a “chappal” in urdu means “sandal”…

  21. Anonymous permalink

    sup people…hows life?

  22. Hehehehe, they almost threw you in the garbage?
    Props on the event

  23. aren’t the USMLE’s for fobs…mwuahahaha. Great job with the spelling bee.

  24. Wa ayaakum…but I didnt take most of the pictures (thanks Rabeah!), as I was busy slaving away under the watchful eye of the Kitchen Nazi Iram, who kept assuring me that she was just “imparting knowledge” as she straightened the bagels for the 7th time. Alls I did was burn the cd..and pilfer hummus…mmmm

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