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May 31, 2005

Random Pictures

Preliminary note: After six months of the Ocean’s 12 music, it was time for a change… the new music is from the final scene of Episode VI: Return of the Jedi … the scene that I like to title as “Anakin’s Redemption” (even if Lucas did doctor that scene later…), when Luke sees the jedi spirits of Yoda and Obi-Wan Kenobi joined by the spirit of Anakin Skywalker.

Since some of you complain that my posts are too long, I’ve limited myself to a post of pictures and one-line commentary. Click on the pictures if the text is too difficult to read, especially for the second picture.

I think the best part is how he slept for 2 days after all this happened…

I dedicate this one to Kazim and all the other IT people out there…

Finally, a classic:



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  1. Anonymous permalink

    haha…sooty’s a pimp….

  2. kr = wannabe sooty

  3. Anonymous permalink

    so does sooty get 70 lashes and go to jahannam OR does sooty have a lot of duas coming his way after his passing? thanks A LOT kr! im going to lose SO much sleep over this!

  4. pk = used to be sooty

  5. Sooty is my new hero.
    That car crash picture is awesome too

  6. Hehehee, where do you find this stuff?

  7. Sooty makes me smile in a special way…both of these eprops are for him…

  8. the middle one is hilarious

  9. I am Sooty.

  10. you wish

  11. lol….sooty= player

  12. my nephew stared at the pictures of the car for 1/2 an hour saying ‘garee garee garee’
    this is what happens when you have no television

  13. Anonymous permalink

    salams,that last pic is quite entertaining. my fellow women are gonna beat me up for saying this, but this could quite possibly be somewhat true. i used to think of myself as a good driver, never got in a car accident or anything for 3 years and then baaaaam, two within two months. i guess that says something?

  14. haha sooty is CHAMBOO, just like other males.

  15. Anonymous permalink

    wow cool post, im a student at CPSA, u may not know me i know u cool zanga man

  16. I second Gill…

  17. lol at king sooty

  18. ditto what sannashine said

  19. Anonymous permalink

    lol bro I actually read this entry a while back. but I’ve been busy with work.
    Good stuff with the pics. Let the women bashing continue.

  20. Shut up, coon.

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