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May 29, 2005

Questions That Keep kr Awake at Night

(feel free to offer answers or add your own)

1. How did they come up with the term “Chicken 65”? Was it invented in 1965 or are there 65 ways of making it or…?


2. Why do people immediately look around as soon as they’re finished praying? It seems that no matter which masjid you go to (even internationally), as soon as the Imam is finished saying the salaams, everyone is looking to the sides and behind them, communicating with other people through eye contact and telepathy:

Guy A: “Did you see me pray, I had so much khushu` during the prayer.

Guy B: “Yes, yes I had so much khushu` as well and I did notice that. Did you see me?

Guy A: “No, you were behind me.

Guy B: “Damnit, ok, I’m going to see if someone else saw me and noticed me during the prayer” (starts looking around to make eye contact with someone else)


3. Why is Hisham so gay? I mean, the signs were there all along, but then I saw him at Jumu’ah yesterday, and well… I think the picture speaks for itself:

Who the hell wears a turquoise blue shirt to Jumu’ah?

On a side note, I saw PK at jumu’ah as well, and he was looking as studly as ever. So studly, that it’s getting to be a problem for him to maintain his inherently modest ways:

PK Powerhouse (12:19:52 AM): Why do girls always IM PK?


4. Why do we act like jerks only at the masjid and Muslim related events? We always act like jerks to Muslims but we’re the very soul of politeness when it comes to non-Muslims. Nothing wrong with the latter, but since we’ve shown we know how to be polite to people in general…


5. Why are there explosions in Star Wars if there’s no oxygen in space? There has to be air to allow for combustion, but I guess if someone says, “There’s no air in space”, the wisdom of Homer Simpson can be found in:“But there’s an air and space museum…”


6. What was so funny about Napoleon Dynamite? Everyone was raving how this was the funniest movie since Office Space… it was the biggest waste of time ever. I think I laughed only once, when his uncle Rico threw a steak at him and hit him in the face, knocking him off the bike.


7. How come a rescue crew hasn’t found the people on Lost yet?


8. How did Padme come up with the names of Luke and Leia, considering everyone else in the Star Wars universe has uncommon names?


9. How can I become as studly as the guy in my profile pic? I mean, just look at this, how can I be like this:


10. What sort of intelligent and/or amusing response can I come up with when people ask me what’s the significance of kr156 as opposed to the anti-climactic explanation that I have right now?


11. Who figured out when the first January 1st was? And was there some sort of legislative council that decided that such and such a day would be agreed upon as this January 1st and thus decide the order of the rest of the Gregorian calendar?


12. Why is it called 7/11? Shouldn’t it be 7/24?


13. Why won’t Ahmo’s open a Chicago branch so I can have a philly cheesesteak everyday for lunch?


14. Why are people late to their own weddings? Lately, it’s getting ridiculous, with some weddings wherein the bride and groom have shown up 3-4 hours after the stated time on the invitation. Isn’t that one time in your life when you actually want to be on time?

15. Finally, the most important question that keeps me awake at night: “What am I going to post on my xanga next?”





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  1. I figured it was the air inside those ships that would cause a limited explosion. My question for sci-fi flicks and space operas was always “why are there sounds of laser shots in space?”

  2. Anonymous permalink

    I always wonder how I end up reading youre xanga posts over and again after vowing not to.
    Oh thats right cuz of the studly picture of me.
    I dedicate those 2 eprops to my blue tee. Yup in my blue tee

  3. i am sooooo photoshoping that image.

  4. Why is IFS’s donation box worth more than some masajid in the Chicagoland area? Why?

  5. as the (most widely accepted) legend goes, chicken 65 gained noteriety at a college comissary or dhaba near bombay.  much like the value meals at mcdonalds have numbers (a number 7 is the filet o fish i think) the meals at the cafeteria were also numbered.  thus, to order the dish, one would request dish 65, which was chicken, hence it became known as chicken 65.  there ARE other variations, (chicken 66 etc) but they are really too similar to deserve a seperate title.
    One other theory was that the 65 stands for the number of different spices needed to prepare the dish.  however that can be shot down.  most variations of the recipe call for between 7 and 12 different spices.
    An even longer shot theory says that “In the 1950s a Punjabi cook was traveling through the American South where he experienced the awesome flavor of Southern Fried Chicken. His Fried Chicken travels took him along the famous American roadway called Route 66. Upon arriving back home the Punjabi dude attempted to make the fried chicken himself, this creation he meant to call Chicken 66, in honor of Route 66. He got the name wrong and accidentally called it Chicken 65.  ” 
    The problem with this theory being:  1) Immigration in the 1950s would put a severe quota on people coming from india, and with that, it is hard to see how a punjabi cook would make the cut.  Besides…Chicken 65 is hardly anyting like southern fried chicken.  It is closer to the batterd chicken preparations in chinese cuisine (such as orange chicken).  So unless route 66 is the reoad that connects Bejing and Shanghi we can put this in the “I dont think so” pile.
    Go to sleep Kamran.

  6. when there is a survey about “9 out of 10 doctors recommend..” how come they never tell you why the last dr. did NOT recommend? they always tell you why the 9 DID recommend….

  7. props to the amusing questions…
    For question #12: you’re right; seeing as 7-eleven is a seven day a week, 24 hour  operation, you’d think they’d call it 7/24. But anyways, this is how the store’s name orginated as according to the FAQ section from the company’s website: “The first convenience store was born in 1927 in Texas, when Southland Ice Company (now called 7-Eleven, Inc.) started to sell eggs, milk, cigarettes, and a small assortment of canned goods, as well as ice. The name “Seven-Eleven” was adopted in 1946, when Southland Ice Company expanded hours of operation from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. Since then, the name has been used.”
    oh, and with regard to Napoleon Dynamite: you must have just been in a bad mood when you saw it because, honestly, … you only laughed when “uncle Rico threw a steak at [Napoleon] and hit him in the face, knocking him off the bike”? Come on … what’s not funny about teen angst? oh well…

  8. yah dont rip on napoleon dynamite…ur just pissed cuz u know u look like him but u cant dance like him…

  9. That violin guy is too funny, thanks for cracking me up =-)

  10. I want to pet the violin fellow on the head…for being a good squirrel…

  11. Anonymous permalink

    kamran you crack me up 🙂

  12. Anonymous permalink

    I had a few free moments on my hands…
    1. Why Chicken 65 is called Chicken 65. (
    2. People make eye contact because you think someone broke their wudhu during salaat, and you’re seeing if anyone else noticed?
    7. Those people aren’t worth being found.
    11. The story behind the first January first. (
    12. Why 7/11 is called 7/11. ( )
    …all the rest, only Allah knows…

  13. N. Dynamite is overrated.  It’s like throwing dozens of random oneliners into a movie and a few come out ok but because the rest are crap the whole movie leaves a bad taste behind.  So basically it’s like a YMMA movie.

  14. hahaha. very amusing. random props ; )
    oh, why do ppl say ATM machine and VIN number? …it is redundent, duh.

  15. Anonymous permalink

    2 questions that bother me:
    1.  The first guy ever to drink milk…what was he thinking?  “Hey…I’ll go squeeze those things hanging down from that animal, and whatever comes out…I’ll drink it”
    2.  What about the first guy to eat an egg?  “Hmm…I’m going to eat the next thing that comes out of that bird’s butt”
    I feel your pain KR.

  16. 14. Why are people late to their own weddings? Lately, it’s getting ridiculous, with some weddings wherein the bride and groom have shown up 3-4 hours after the stated time on the invitation. Isn’t that one time in your life when you actually want to be on time?
    Well said bro… I’ve wondered that too.
    Now that you said that, you better not be late for your own wedding….

  17. Anonymous permalink

    ayesha.. (attempt) boo on you!!you write comments to Kamran but not me?Ouch.. You cut me and put salt in my wounds :(Kamran.. I’m officially jealous that 1) you get more visitors and 2) your entry was prop worthy in Ayesha’s eyes..

  18. im still jealous that you get more eprops than me… all my visitors are so kanjoos… they get entertained or enlightened and yet can’t take the 10 seconds to say thank you.
    be thankful that you have non-kanjoos visitors… 

  19. oh, and thanks to everyone for those links, i can sleep much more peacefully now

  20. Anonymous permalink

    salams :). lol thank you for your post. ws.

  21. wa `alaykum as salaam… you’re very welcome. thanks for showing thanks =)

  22. The only question that keeps me from sleeping is How can I complete my quest for Total World Domination?

  23. i think we need to combine our clone armies.
    plus we need some cool flyers

  24. this is a hillarious post. hahaha people turning around after every prayer is so true…hehe

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