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May 20, 2005

Road Trip

Nothing really insightful to post today as I’m currently in Michigan for the weekend, accompanying Suhaib Quadri for his NAIT (North American Islamic Trust) business trip and attending the Shifa Conference on Saturday. I probably should be studying for Step 1’s instead of going on a weekend vacation… but sometimes–well most of the times–I do stupid things like this.

Case in point, I have to post about what happened last night as a way to stick it to M. Hasan Ali, current University of Chicago MSA president and royal buffoon extraordinaire.

Alti and Hasan.

We had bought tickets last week to the 10:15 showing of Star Wars Episode III and were planning on meeting up in the suburbs for Maghrib, dinner, and then the movie. A few days later, Hasan becomes all MSA lackey-ish and says that he has to stay behind and organize an iftar. He comes up with the amazingly moronic idea of asking kr to speak after food, answer a few questions, and be out of Hyde Park by 9:30 to make it to the 10:15 showing in Woodridge (Loews Cineplex 18). Of course, I was late (as usual) and the talk started at 9… and I didn’t shut up until 9:30. Factoring in questions (and even that was cutting the discussion short), it was 9:45 by the time we ran to the car. At 10 pm, we get onto the highway, and this whole time, I’m hearing Hasan whine and complain about how we’re going to miss the opening scenes, why I had to take so long, how he didn’t eat, how if I had finished earlier we could’ve stopped off at his dorm room and changed into Chewbacca (him) and Yoda (me… that scene where Yoda walks through the doors and just kills those two guards at the door using the force is so damn cool…), how his life sucks, blah blah blah… and then, in an act of profound sacriledge, he blamed my car for being too slow and unable to get us there in time. Wow, that would be the equivalent of insulting my child, if I had one. Anyway, during this time, I’m driving like a madman, getting frustrated with all these Sunday drivers who are out driving on a Thursday night. So now it’s getting late, Hasan is whining that we should see if they’ll refund our tickets and try to catch a later show… I told him that we’ll get there, Inshallah, and to have faith in the force. When we finally arrived at the theater, we ran to the Fandango machine, got our tickets (its 10:30 now), and walk into the theater… and as soon as we walk in, we see:

In the wake of this, I think we’ve all learnt a valuable lesson: I own Hasan. So let it be written, so let it be done.

The best part about Michigan is the food. Chicago is still the greatest city in the Western Hemisphere, but unfortunately, we’re horribly deprived when it comes to quality zabiha food… this explains why Italian Express can continue to raise its prices, make its gyros smaller, and yet still continue to enjoy the monopoly they have over the Chicago Muslim community. A shoutout is in order here to Muhi for making a list of great places to eat in Michigan at my request, a guide which is a definite must-have for any visitor to this state where everything is “30 minutes from here.” Anyway, the 4 1/2 hr drive after waking up at 4:30 am was made worthwhile when we went to Ahmo’s and our taste buds experienced culinary fana’ (annihilation):

The famous Ahmo’s philly cheesesteak (on left) and Ahmo’s grinder (on right). Click on the pics for a bigger view and to see how great zabiha food is… and how we Chicagoans are missing out. If only some Michigan restaurant were to expand to Chicago and maintain its standards (unlike every other Muslim restaurant in Chicago), they’d bank… cash money records style.

Wow, did I just post about what I had for lunch… hmm, I guess I did.

Finally, I think this audio poetry/speech set to beat is definitely something that is worth checking out. While he’s speaking from the perspective of the African American and Latino communities, most of what is being said definitely has meaning for the American Muslim community as well. You can download the song directly from the server by right-clicking here (to save bandwidth) or listen to it below. A note to those who may be offended: the track does have many uses of profanity in it–just wanted to let that be known. The lyrics can be accessed in a separate pop-up window.

Immortal Technique – “The Philosophy of Poverty”


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  1. Anonymous permalink

    props for puttin a picture of the sexiest nigga on the planet on your xanga….
    yknow…that cat in the orange knicks jersey with the backwards hat…

  2. hasan owns you.

  3. At Ahmo’s (FKA Big Market) I recommend the chicken fries as an excellent “side” if you’re in an extremely disgusting mood, hehe.
    And if you plan on going to Ann Arbor again I suggest you go to Pizza House off of N.University.  It isn’t zabiha, but the pizza subs are phenomenal.
    Trust me, you won’t regret it.

  4. Anonymous permalink

    After watching episode III, I almost cried.  I hate Anakin, but when he blames Obi-Wan for turning Padme against him, you feel pity for him.  The movie was amazing.  Yoda and Mace Hindu, my new favorite Jedi’s.(Obi Wan is not included because he is a stud by default).

  5. first of all…in the car KR said: “hey…u wanna just forget the movie and see it later? (implying that it wasnt worth it to even try)” to which I responded by saying: “no…lets try our best and if it doesnt work out we will see”.
    second, “Wow, that would be the equivalent of insulting my child, if I had one”….KR, you have 11 little bastard children running up all over the chicago area. Dont deny it. I know. I have seen the alimony checks. worse than elijiah mohammad….damn….
    third, KR’s car sucks. I couldnt even turn on the AC cuz he wasnt “getting enough power”. watta piece of crap.
    fourth, i am an MSA stud…mashallah.
    fifth, because KR likes to hear the sound of his own voice we didnt have time to go back to my place and change into the Star War costumes that i laid out. HOW CAN U SEE A STAR WARS MOVIE AND NOT DRESS UP!!??? ITS JUST WRONG AND UNNATURAL!! …i even ironed my chewbacca outift, but this loser decides to go into the scholarly debate revolving around ‘wiping over leather socks’ (i am not making this up, he actually talked about this). watta loser.
    sixth… PK, i will not hook up with you. i am sorry. please stop aiming and calling. i dont even know you. at this point *I* am embarassed for you.

  6. Dang.  you’re missing out.
    even if i do make an ugly hijabi.
    but i can cook dammit

  7. props for using the word fana

  8. i must give you two props for giving me a shout out.  who knows…maybe i’m one day closer to a rishta just because of that…haha, cuz i’ve heard, kr’s site is where matches are made.
    peace,the one and the only, Muhi…

  9. Props for being like almusafir and travelling.
    And that song was simply incredible.

  10. salam alaikum,
    muhi…calm down man, haha you got some ways to go =>
    KR, jazakAllah for hanging hanging out at lunch time…good times for sure…
    I think I understand why Chitown people are raving about Ahmo’s (aka Big Market) so much, while us Michiganders keep hypin’ up Italian Express…whatever we don’t get a lot of, we will obviously cherish it more. I know, for a fact, that i’m craving that gyro pizza from Italian Express and no amount of Ahmos gyros will fulfill that craving…haha
    Anyways, jazakAllah khair once again. InshaAllah we’ll get a chance to hang out again soon…All the best in studying for Step1 out of 100..Wassalam Alaikum

  11. Alti is such an adorable squirrel….sigh ;()

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